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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Does NetBackup Require an On-Prem Storage Device?

Does NetBackup support direct cloud-to-cloud backups?  ie:  can one backup directly from Azure instances to another cloud storage provider?Also, can the management console be run in the cloud without being installed inhouse?Thanks in advance!

About NetBackup AIR Configuration in case of Multi-NIC

I would like to ask about NetBackup domain configuration when NetBackup server has multiple NICs.NetBackup 8.1.1Winodws Server 2016The NBU server has multiple NICs, and data packets are designed to flow in each segment.Front Segment :Control PacketBa...

Resolved! Restore from a different copy

Hi all, I need your help because I can't perform a restore because the media on which the file to restore is located is in use in a duplication job that I can't stop. I would like to restore the file from a different copy but I don't how to do it.Tha...

Intore by Level 4
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Netbackup and Vmware compatibility

Hi dear all, based on Netbackup documents Netbackup support for Vmware 6.7 starting at version 8.1. I have 10 esx servers and vcenters. one of them upgraded to 6.7 and vmware policies working fine with NBU 7.7.2, is it safe to upgrade all vceneters a...

Resolved! Netbackup policyies reports

Would like to generate a  report of all active polices  showing selection list and retention information.Does anyone know how to do that.  have tried oprcenter and not able to generate reports like that. 

Compatibility vSphere (vCenter) and NetBackup 8.0

Hello, I have a question about compatiblity between NetBackup version and vSphere version.I see, vSphere 6.7 is supported by netbackup 8.1 minimun...But I have a question, if I update only vcenter to 6.7 with esxi in 6.5u2, NetBackup 8.0 is it suppor...

JeremyP by Level 2
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Hundreds of VMware snapshot childs with only Tens of Backup Childs

Hello,I have a NetBackup Domain consisting of one Master Server and two media servers. The environment is set to backup VMware virtual machines and we have hundreds of policies with vCloud Director Integration enabled. We have thousands of VMs to be ...

Alaa1 by Level 2
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Load Balancing VMware Parent Jobs between Media Servers

Hello,I have a NetBackup Domain consisting of one Master Server and two media servers. The environment is set to backup VMware virtual machines and we have hundreds of policies with vCloud Director Integration enabled. Now all the parent jobs is usin...

Alaa1 by Level 2
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Netbackup Catalog

Does anyone know if you can restore a Netbackup Catalog 6.5 to a new server with 6.0. Server crashed and need to rebuild but only have the 6.0 installation disk. Can't find 6.5 media anywhere. Thank you for your help

AIR and network interface configuration

Hello everyone.We want to realize AIR with NetBackup 8.1.1 (Windows environment).Please give us your opinion.The environment is as follows.----------------------------------------(Source Site)NBU Master Server (8.1.1)NBU Media Server (8.1.1)NBU Clien...

atoyoda by Level 3
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Diskpool using Azure GRS storage replicatiom

Hi AllIn my environment, we have diskpool created using Azure GRS storage. Azure GRS data used to get replicated to another location.How can we recover backup images if we lost on primary disk pool but data is replicated to other Geo location using A...

Mounting ESXi snapshot and LUN to backup

We have a case where we need to ensure that a Postgres DB, NFS presented file system and virtual machine (currently centos) are backed up in a consistent state.Our plan is to stop the application, take a VM snapshot of the server and the DB server (a...

nbreplicate not working Windows NBU 7.7.3 to RHEL 8.1.2

I'm trying to use nbreplicate to copy a customer's backup images from MSDP on a Windows 7.7.3 Master to MSDP on a new RHEL 8.1.2 Master as part of a backup refresh; however it is failing with "NB image database contains no image fragments for request...

andrew_mcc1 by Level 6
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MS-Windows file backup returned error 156

Hi dear all, MS-Windows file backup returned 156 error. based on document its related to VSS configuration on client but I have checked with OS admin and VSS is not configured on the server05/07/2019 10:46:55 - Error bpbrm (pid=18803) from client cli...

Backup errors code 84

Hi. I have a Netbackup environment with 2 media servers. The backups uses 3 LTO4 drive tapesRecently, Many errors were detected on these backups. The message is  (84) media write error. The backups which are displaying these message errors are for DB...