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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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NETBACKUP COPIES are not showing in the JAVA or WEB console

Some years ago (Jan/23/2023 we create a backup and copy1 was created to disk with short of retention  and copy2 was created to tape with long retention. Actually the copy2 is the primary copy.Now we created from the copy2 a new copy to ADVANCED DISK ...

PureDisk disk volume constantly going DOWN

Hello,I have a PureDisk disk volume on Hitachi HCP for Cloud S3 appliance.Suddenly the disk volume went down. I changed its status to UP:nbdevconfig -changestate  -stype PureDisk -dp disk_pool_name -dv volume_name -state UPHowever when NetBackup trie...

500 SQL instance best practice to improve backup time

Hello we have 500 SQL instances that we are running more than 20 hours.We want to shorten the backup time for this SQL backup but not sure how we can improve it. I saw some technote that we will increase the BATCHSIZE however is there any bad effect ...

Post Backup Image Cleanup

Hello,Please support me on the following topic.We need to run a command (bpimage -cleanup -allclients) when finishing a specific backup. It is possible to perform this configuration using the scripts that are under /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodiesIf ...

rafanto by Level 4
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Support for OST in a Windows Primary Server

Can a Windows Primary Server use directly an OST Storage Server? A Media Server is not required nor recommended for that purpose? I'm asking because I learned the hard way that MSDP is not supported in a Primary Server when it's Windows (https://www....

Alexis_Jeldrez by Level 6
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Hard Disk Amber light

Hi all, We had been having failed backup jobs every alternate date. We tried to reboot the NBU media server.Today, we checked that all our 12 hard disks are showing amber light. Is this some hardware failure? In the master server, we can see these er...

Amel2 by Level 3
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good morning;I need to automate the recovery of several Nutanix mvs. My master server is at version 10.1.1. I would be grateful if you could guide me as to which way would be correct. Thank you so much

Netbackup Oracle Intelligent Policy Windows client hang

Hi,i have a backup Oracle on windows client configured with intelligent policy and for few time it's ok. Now the backup write but after some hour it remain in writing status and not fail.Please someone had same problem?Thanks & Regards,

Media Server in Offline status

HiI have a problem with our MediaServer, that shows Offline(instead of Active for Disk).We have two media servers, one with master server and the other one(MediaServer2) was added later.Everything was good while the Master and new MediaServer were in...

JP8 by Level 3
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Resolved! Email notification

Hi All. Please tell me if I can set up email notifications for different people?. For example Policy1 - email1 Policy2 - email2 Policy3 - email3

Batch file doesn't run as i scheduled on Admin Console

Hi, i'm trying to schedule Postgresql backup with batch file for windows.When i run batch file manually in the client server, it runs successfully and default-Application-Backup job appears on activity monitor.But when i run a scheduled job on Admin ...

Creating an alias using an existing client

Hi Guys, We have an RAC Environment and we have to create aliases, So far is working fine; today we needed to add an alias using an existing client (folder created with images inside). When we run this command:  bpclient - client racname - add_alias ...

AndresV by VIP
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AntiMalware can't connect to host

Hello, i'm working on NBU 10.1.1 and i've installed two scan hosts with the relative agents, on Windows. I've defined the scan pool and the credentials in the webui, installed OpenSSH on the hosts and extracted the ssh-keys for the credentials.When i...

Netbackup Windows Disaster Recovery to new server

HelloWe are wanting to perform a Hardware Refresh for our Windows 2012R2 Dell server which we have our Netbackup environment (this server serves as both master/media). We have 2 quantum LT06 libraries in the environment.We have bought a new d...

bc1410 by Level 5
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Migrate images in tape to a new primary server

Hello,is there a way to migrate the catalog infos about the images on tape to a new primary server?We would like to change the hostname of the new backup server (primary and media server) and also the OS from Windows to RH Linux. I don’t have to move...

Lumpi by Level 4
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