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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Step Upgrade from Ver 6.0MP7 to Ver 7.1

Hi, I have master server (not supported NBU ver 7.1) and size HOT catalog backup more than 1,3 TB. We need upgrade cause any server just only support runing backup in NBU ver 7.1. Could we run bprecover from NBU ver 7.1 but HOT catalog backup ver 6.0...

Zailar by Level 5
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Resolved! Just upgrade to NB 7.0.1 from 6.5.6 - now have poor/no deduplication

We were on NB 6.5.6, with Puredisk - and I upgraded to NB 7.0.1 today. Everything seems to be running fine except I am getting virtually NO deduplication on jobs. It's as if it has no history to refer to and is having to essentially start ove...

Geminix by Not applicable
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Application connection failed for servername\. Please select a different SQL Server host and instance, or press 'cancel' to exit the NetbAckup for SQL Server Graphical User Interface.

I have seen this topic before, but I am not resolving with the resolutions I have seen on-line. Running NetBackup 6.5.5 and trying to set up the SQL agent for MS SQL 2008 on a Windows 2008R2 server. I have checked UAC, using an account with sysadmin ...

mmichael by Level 2
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Backing up Windows 2008 AD with NetBackup V6

Hello,   I was wondering if NetBackup V6 is about to backup Windows 2008 AD. I had is working before with a Windows 2003 server. I had created a Policy and was backing up the Shadow Copy Components :\ on that server. Now we upgraded to Windows 2008. ...

Resolved! Total size of data backed up

  Hi, Netbackup 7.0 Windows 2008 enterprise 64bit   I use capacity based license for netbackup 7.0, is there any way i can view the total size of data that has been backed up, so i would be able to know when to upgrade my license. I have about 50 ser...

Chukwuemeka by Level 6
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NBU 7.01 and vSphere 4.0.1 issue

We are creating a new NetBackup environment from the ground up to replace our old one. We are having an issue getting NBU to list the clients in a VMware policy. Whenever we try to add a client and select "Browse and select Virtual Machine" option in...

jmjudge by Level 3
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Netbackup 7 Client Deduplication tape copy

I read that you cannot configure Netbackup Client deduplication backup job to do mutliple copies.  I would like to do client deduplication from a remote office server  to disk at the Data Center and then at the Data Center do a copy of this backup to...

sab10 by Level 1
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Resolved! Services on NBU Clients

All, I've recently upgraded my Windows NBU clients to NBU 7.0.1 and i see a lot of services, some of them are started automatically and enabled, some others are not . The services are Netbackup bare metal restore boot server Netbackup BMR MTFTP S...

r1 by Level 5
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Desktop and Laptop Option

Dears, Can you please answer the below? 1) Where can I download the DLO configuration documents? 2) Is DLO 6.1 is for both BE and NBU? 3) In NBU, do I need NBU server installed to have DLO? Do I need the Operating System Windows? 4) How can I set the...

Error 24 during Windows jobs backup

I notice occasionally NetBackup error 24 (socket write failed).  This error comming only from MS Windows backuping. I tried to disable Offload Checksum and Offload TCP LargeSend in NIC properties some Windows hosts (like in


Hi, All. Netbackup 7.0.1, Oracle (SAP), RHEL 5.4, rman script for backup I tried to backup oracle to netbackup and there were no problems on SLES 11 with default oracle configuration. On the production servers i can do success backup, bu...

Resolved! NetBackup 6.5 licensing question

The question is short and maybe stupid. Can an organization buy NetBackup 6.5 or only current version is available for purchase? And if so - what will be conditions for support?

UFO by Level 6
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Resolved! Issue in Taking Backup

Hi all, I tried to backup using command line. Here is my command line. bpbackup -i -p <Policy Name> -s full -t 0 -S <Maser server>  I ran this command in HP-UX 11iV2. Here in my uname -a output of the unix server. HP-UX HPtestsv B.11.23 U 9000/800 77...

Resolved! Enterprise Vault Backup Fails with Status Code 2

Hi, Our setup Enterprise Vault 8.0 SP5 used for Exchange Mailbox and Journal Archiving. Exchange 2007 SP3 Netbackup 7.1 I am setting up the Netbackup to backup Enterprise Vault. I am using the Policy Type = Enterprise Vault but the backup fails with ...

ISyed by Level 3
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netbackup old version with dedup

i have netbackup 6.5.4 and i need to get the dedup feature in my site what best solution do i get and i need correct architecture with the new solutions ASAP

zidanski by Level 3
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bmr and zfs / disaster recovery

hi   since i now know tha bmr doesnt support zfs can you provide me a solution to achive similar funcionality in netbackup without bmr?   tia kamilnew

Resolved! Netbackup encryption error #9

Hi all experts, We have netbackup 6.5.5 on Solaris sparc 10 in 64 bit machine. I installed the encryption for my policies and the installation went well. Today , i selected encryption option in GUI by clicking POLICIES. I started backup after wards a...