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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Workaround in NOM 6.5.4 data retention

Hello, I was informed that the retention of data in NOM 6.5.4 is only 30days. Is it possible to change the settings and have the retention longer than 30days? Any workaround? Thanks to all in advance.

njba123 by Level 3
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NetBackup for VMWare - BLIB and defrag?

Just started using the Netbackup for VMware and we're backing up VMs using block level incrementals (BLIB). If we have Diskeeper running with automatic defrag enabled, would the VDAP flag all MOVED blocks as changed and then NetBackup will include th...

melotech by Not applicable
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Resolved! Migration of Master and media servers

Hi All,  We are having two backup location EDC & GPT. We are going to shut down GPT  location which consist of 1 master server (W2K3-32BIT) & 2media server’s (W2K3-32BIT) 1 tape library with 4 tape drive’s. And the backup images resides in GPT locati...

ram619 by Level 5
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Hyper-V and NetBackup

Is anyone using Hyper-V for virtualization and if so, how are the VMs being backed up?  I am interested as we might be going towards Hyper-V for virtualization.

Resolved! Assigning media to a host

Prior to 6.x, NBU Enterprise offered a command for assigning media to a host via the vmquery -assignbyid interface. This useful tool appears to have been disabled as we are now using the EMM. Is there an equivalent command in the post 6.x world that ...

Resolved! FC Mediaserver performance

Hi, We are facing  performance issue of newly setup backup infrastructure..Our infrastructure is Master Server-Windows 2008 R2 VM (All servers usingNetbackup7.1) Mediserver1-Windows 2008 R2 physical Mediaserver2-RHEL 5.6 Physical Mediaserver3-HP-UX A...

seban by Level 2
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Resolved! unable to open /dev/sctl/c22t0l0, No such device or address

Hi Folks -  This maybe more of a unix issue than Netbackup but posting this anyway to seek assistance since OS/App goes hand in hand.   Tape drives were working find till few days back. Noticed that now they are offline since past few days and backup...

ESM_Admin by Level 4
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Resolved! Do I have a failing tape drive?

Environment: NetBackup 6.5.6 running on Windows 2003 32 bit.  IBM 3584 robot with six LTO2 drives. Drive 0 is occationally being downed by NetBackup and the only thing I can see in any logs is an entry in the Event Log saying that the drive is being ...

D_Flood by Level 6
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NetBackup 7.0.1 backing up VMs on ESXi 4.1 on NFS

Hey guys, I am a newbie yet on NetBackup and have runto some issues with backup performance in our environment, and wonder what some of you are doing or seeing. I can't believe I am the only one trying to run flashbackup-windows of my VMs running on ...

mike14 by Not applicable
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Errors restoring from Windows hosts

Hi, I'm experiencing some issues restoring data from windows hosts in NB, and can't see anything particularly relevant when searching the forums so thought I'd see if anyone has any ideas  here. When attempting to restore a directory and its contents...

pdixon by Level 2
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Resolved! Compatibility: NBU 6.5.6 / Oracle 11gR2 RAC ASM / SG 11.20

Hi all, we have HP Metrocluster built on the HP ServiceGuard version 11.20. There are two 2-node DB clusters located in two data centers, running Oracle DB SE 11g R2 (11.2.02) RAC/ASM on HP-UX 11.31. Our backup environment is NBU Enterprise 6.5.6 and...

Restore Oracle using Netbackup

Hi all,   I have backup Oracle in linux, but I can't restore this database. Can you show me some way to restore Oracle database (as data file, control file, ...)   Thanks,

khanhb by Level 4
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Capacity Management

Does anyone know of any good capacity management software to use with Netbackup (6.5.4)? Or if Netbackup has it's own capacity management features?

j083418 by Level 5
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NBU 7.0.1 Expired Media not moving back to scratch pool

Since upgrading to NBU 7.0.1 my customer's expired media are not moving back to the scratch pool. (NBU Master Server: Windows 2008) I checked the emm database config using "C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admincmd>nbemmcmd -listsettings -machi...

Jenni by Level 2
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Netbackup 7 concurrent jobs issue

Hi all, I've got an issue I'm trying to figure out on NB 7.0.1.  I've got one media server that has both a tape library and a large storage array attached to it.  The storage array is configured as a PureDisk disk pool.  The maximum concurrent jobs s...

replication from remote sites backup to head quarter site

Hello  netbackup 7 i have define policies for region sites ,my backup is finished now my customer want to replicate all his backup to the HQ site please let me know what is the way to use it and how ? Regards

JJ58 by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Encryption

Good day   I'm running Netbackup 6.5.2A on Windows 2003 SP2, 64 bit. I would like to enable client side encryption, what is needed in order to do this, besides turning it on in the policy?   Also, is it possible to encrypt VM backups, as the option i...

NetB_User by Level 4
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Reuse of Frozen tapes

Hello Friends. Netbackup 6.5.5 on Solaris 10; I have around 100 plus LTO2 tapes in frozen state; I unfrozen to reuse, although the tape status is showing in SCRATCH pool with active state; However after the tape is mounted, the tapes are back to FROZ...