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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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[NBU] - Preinstall Netbackup client on VM Template

Hi everyone,We want to integrate NBU client 8.1.2 in a vmWare VM template.We have found these topics :- preinstall Netbackup client on an VM Template- Preinstall Netbackup client in a VM template (Windows / Linux)Do you know if this method is support...

ymichal by Level 3
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GUI misreporting Current and Estimated Kb

I am running 8.1.1 on Linux.On certain duplications jobs (via SLP), the last copy, when it is running, shows an Estimated Kb, that is different to the Current Kb.Example - Estimated 561,615,152Kb, and Current is 1,552,359,468Kb.When I check the copie...

Resolved! Retention Period

Hi all!Just want to ask if there's any possible way to recover our data which is already reached the retention last December 27?The data stored in MSDP.Thank you in advance!

J_Huggins by Level 6
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Resolved! Advice on using NDMP Accelerated backup or not

Hello Everyone, I am seeking for some advice on what should i be using to backup an emc Isilon using NDMP protocol. On this isilon i have millions of small files that i need to backup. About 70 % of those files are "cold files" but need to retain for...

Resolved! Poor Performance on VmWare

Hi,we are experiencing a very bad backup performmance on our vmware environment. We are using NB 8.0 on virt. Masterserver and a 5240 Appliance as Media Server. The Media Server and vmware are connected via 20Gbit to our network. External hosts out o...

Kai2209 by Level 4
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Re: SCCM automation using silentclient.cmd 8.1.1

**** Moved to new post from: @X2i tried what you suggested and its failed but this time its not installed only below is the logs 01-04-2019,18:40:45 : Command...

Ranjit1 by Level 4
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Reclaim space puredisk pool

We have mapped many volume group in RHEL to create large size of puredisk pool. so far we have utilized only 20% of space to store backup image and remaining are no use at all.We want to reclaim some of the space lets say 50% space from puredisk pool...

Resolved! Failed to configure AIR on NBU 8.1.2

Hi!My setup is,MasterServerA (8.1.2; RH Linux) with 5240 Appliance (3.1.1)MasterServerB (8.1.2 RH Linux) with 5240 Appliance (3.1.1)Trust relationship has been setup from Host Properties>Server of each Master Server.I failed configuring on Replicatio...

Yet by Level 5
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Netbackup Tape written report

Hello All,We require a list of tapes that have been written to in the last 24 hours alonwith the retention period.I see that the command mentioned below gives me this output, but without the retention period. \Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin\admi...

jayhal by Level 3
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GRT restore from a Full DAG Exchange Backup

Hello,I have to do a TEST GRT restore from a Full DAG Exchange Backup.the Full backup working normally and GRT option enabled.the Backup destination to disk located on master server.the source and destination same server. "DAG01".Master server and CA...

Resolved! Not all resources are utilized in my SUG

Hi all,I have a storage unit group that has two storage units (one is LTO5 tape library with two drives, and the other is LTO6 library with two drives).the duplication to tape jobs write to the SUG, so it should utilize the 4 drives. and this is what...

FayezIT by Level 3
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VMware snapshot backup: nbd transport error Status 23

Hello,VMware snasphot backup is failing with error, ERR - Error opening the snapshot disks using given transport mode: nbd Status 23. We are using NBD,connectivity to vcenter (port 443) and esxi host (port 902) is working and master/media server can ...

Resolved! more than one tape in stand alone drive

Hi guys,I´ve been trying to find some information but is kinda confussion, I still have some questions I hope you can help me.My enviroment is like thisA) Windows server 2012 (physical) - Master Server - 8.1.1B) Windows server 2012 (physical) - Media...

AndresV by VIP
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Resolved! NetBackup and OpsCenter Analytics Custom Reporting

Hi all, good day!Just want to ask for your help regarding on your knowledge or thougts about NetBackup and OpsCenter Analytics.Here is the Scenario:1. We have NetBackup 8.1 which has a Backup Data for our Email for the last October.2. We have OpsCent...

J_Huggins by Level 6
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