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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Clustered Master Server High Availability?

Hi All, Is it possible to have a Master server in High availability mode? This is the scenario: We have 2 data centres, one data centre is hosting a Master server and a media server, the other data centre is hosting a media server. When data centre o...

Resolved! netbackup Vault for duplication

Hello i have installed netbackup vault 6, i went through the documentations to install and configure the vault option. now some confused points attacked me. What i have: 1 robot with 2 drives What I want to accomplish. 1- Take 3 copies of the image. ...

karmel by Level 4
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Support for MediaServer Deduplication on Solaris x86/x64

Hi, Does anybody know if there will be a support for MediaServer Deduplication on Solaris x86/x64? At the moment only SPARC is supported ... If no support for this combination is planned I will use Redhat 5 instead. Many thanks in advance! Br, Harry

hkreuz by Not applicable
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ISCSI use of a wrong NetWork path

I have a Windows 2003 backup server and NetBackup 7.0.1, which is connected in iSCSI to a virtual tape library. There is two nic on the server. nic1 is  "LAN Public" and has IP netmask nic2 is "LAN storage" and hasIP 10....

Gdd by Level 6
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Resolved! backup failed with error: files read failed

we are using netbackup 6.5 on Redhat Linux server. backup a client host was keep failing with error of 'files read failed'. How can I find out which or what are the files was failed to read by netbackup from commandline or management GUI ?

system state backup of Windows 2008 Domain Controller

Hi all, We are running NetBackup Enterprise Server 6.5.3 on one master server (Windows 2003 Server SP2) and the Windows 2008 Domain Controller we are trying to get the system state backup on is running the 6.5.4 client and is running Windows 2008 Ser...

bgibson by Level 4
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Netbackup 7.0.1 & Lotus Notes DB Agent

I have an NBU 7.0.1 installation, and want to start using the Notes DB Agent to enable me to perform 'intelligent' backups from the large Notes environment - including Incrementals. I have limited knowledge of Notes however - best to point this out n...

SYMAJB by Level 5
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RMAN backup fails with status code 6 in NBU

Hi, I am getting intermittent failures of backups with status code 6, sometimes these are filesystem backups and occasionally RMAN Oracle backups Setup is following: NBU 6.5.6 on Sun T2000 Solaris 10 master and 4 media servers NBU 6.5.6 on Sun x4275 ...

Got_Tape by Level 3
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Resolved! enabling bptm.log for NBU 6.5.4 for Windows

Hey all; I am a new user to NBU and I am under the gun to do some QA testing. I need to change the buffer size of the media servers. I found an article telling me how to do it. It states that you need to verify the change with the bptm.log I did a de...

Resolved! Training

Just looking for some feedback on the Netbackup 7.0 Training. Is it worth taking? Or will the forums be good enough? I currently have a 6.5.5 environment that I inherited. So far I have been able to fumble through with the occasional help from everyo...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.01 and Exchange 2010

We are just in the process of setting up a test environment for our new Exchange 2010 systems. As such we need to upgrade to Netbackup 7.01 (currently on 6.5.5). I have spun up a test server (Windows 2K8) and successfully installed NBU 7.01, but that...

Resolved! Netbackup 7 Exchange 2010 GRT failed

Dear All   We have a NBU 7 enviornment and we are using to backup Exchange 2010 DAG databses we have created 6 policices each for one database so that the full backups will run for db1 on mon db2 on tesuday and so on   The backups are suppose to be G...

Resolved! files file missing from /db/images

Hi All,   We have 5.1 master server in solaris (soon going to upgrade to 7),i went to db/images/<clientname>/<backupid number>/ directory and to my amazement i could only find file ending with _FULL , there is no files file and no catstore dir, i hav...

Exchange 2007 backup

Dear all, we have implemented Netbackup 7 for our environment with Veritas cluster, we are taking backup separetely for Exchange Database and Mailbox but we have issues that backups will be queue for long time and gets failed and Netbackup unable to ...

Resolved! Backup jobs strcked on mounting

Hi , backup job strucked on mounting the tape could anyone help me out bptm log says   22:43:24.538 [14034] <2> db_byid: search for media id OBP897 22:43:24.566 [14034] <2> bptm media_id_to_monitor: pDstMediaId = OBP897 22:43:24.566 [14034] <2> mou...

koya by Level 4
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Resolved! vault 7 installation

hello   I need to use netbackup vault 7 in my current netbacklup server 6 MP4 installation, i applied the license, but unfortunatily i cannot find the vault installation in the master server, how to install it as vault is by default comes with netbac...

karmel by Level 4
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Resolved! Brand new to Netbackup - configuration question

I have Windows clients, and Linux clients.  I want to have one server setup as the master server, and the media server, with a drive array and tape library attached.   Is it possible for this one server to backup from the different OSes?  Or do I nee...

JHeaton by Level 6
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Resolved! Currently in a dr....

I'm currently in a DR test....   master = HPUX 11.11  NBU 6.5.4 Media = HPUX 11.11 NBU 6.5.4   Getting the following errors..... 1295897185 1 2 16 fisms01 41 0 0 *NULL* nbjm NBU status: 830, EMM status: No drives are available 1295897185 1 2 16 fism...