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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Media frozen, but that was not the media in tape drive...

Hi to all, This night, my backup policies ran and terminated, 3 policies, starting a the same time (23:30) but with a strange thing in logs :   log1 : 9/10/2010 23:40:36 - requesting resource bsfe20163-LTO4 19/10/2010 23:40:36 - requesting resource...

Resolved! Exchange GRT Backup ( NBU 7.0 )

I have exchange server O.S. Win2003 ENT. SP2. And we installed and configured NFS service (server and client) for GTR Backup . Can this environment work with NBU 7.0?

vinods by Level 5
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Netbackup java ui Activity monitor failed and must be restarted

Hi I get this error "activity monitor failed and must be restarted. To recover, first correct the problem in the log and then select refresh" I am not sure which log i need to look for the error. I have this issue only on one netbackup server where a...

vrrajesh by Not applicable
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Resolved! "Recovering Catalog" window is not showing any progress..

Hi there... I am trying to Recover a  Catalog on our DR Server but window is not showing any progress. I have left this last night and this morning, same window/no progress appeared. db/images not being populated by backup images.. need help...     ...

Resolved! How to activate security logs on Netbackup Console

People I need to create or view the logs file for see what happend in my Netbackup Console. Who is changed something on my servers, Edit policies etc... Where or how can I read this logs files? Thanks

HEMANPR by Level 6
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How to keep just last version of a file

We received a request from management to determine if there is a way to save the last backed-up version of a file for a longer retention period. For instance, we run a monthly full and daily incrementals.  The fulls get sent offsite for infinity, and...

Activity Monitor info

I'm new to netbackup and thus far I do not see a place where I can view the excluded files, job size, status, etc. in Netbackup aside from the activity monitor.  Status backup report has more backups listed, but does not display the necessary informa...

Meg_G by Level 4
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Resolved! RMAN backup is failing in netbackup 6.5.3

Hi All, We are facinfg the problem with netbackup rman in our main server. The error is as follows: RMAN-00571: =========================================================== RMAN-00569: =============== ERROR MESSAGE STACK FOLLOWS =============== RMAN...

how to extend the e-mail notification content

Goog day! I have NetBackup 7 installed on win2k3 r2 x32 with configured e-mail notifications (blat+nbmail.cmd) i`ve recive notifications like that: ___________________________________________ Backup on client srv for user admin by server netbackup wa...

Resolved! I can't read a shadow copy

dear,   i have a problem and i can't solve it.   i update veritas 6.5 to 6.5.4 and every thing is ok. but when i trying to backup a shadow copy give my Status code 40 "Network Broken", and i can ping to server and client in the same time.   what this...

muhanad_daher by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup v7.0 and HP-UX11.23 IA64

Hi, I am planning an upgrade from NBU6.5.5 to NBU7.0.1 but have come across a problem, we currentky have an HP-UX11.23 IA64 Master Server and Media Server, we are planning to move the Master Server onto RedHat which I know is supported on v7.0(1); ho...

How to check client Oracle images in netbackup

Hi,   Please help me about how to check client  Oracle images in netbackup master server (6.0).In catalog i am able to find Backup id only.  In activity monitor we used keep the jobs 3 days and able to find file list.if the job's expired in netbackup...

challa_007 by Level 3
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Duplication is failing with Err # 800

I have a master server (Solaris 10) with NBU 6.5.4 I also have NETAPP filer for which the backup is taken using NDMP type. In the process of duplication, when i try to duplicate a specific backup image, the duplication is failing with Err # 800. Erro...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Symantec Technical Specilist ( STS) certification ..........

   I have a little bit confusion i have a symantec partnernet is  my company is a symantec buisness partner through partnernet id given exam code name Symantec Technical Specialist ( STS ) also exam cost is Low price and if i given direct  exam ( W...

vinods by Level 5
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Resolved! How to do a client restore from the master server....

Hello,   Each time I try to launch any client restore from the master server, I get an error message "server (masterserver name) does not contain any backup for client (client name) using the specify policy type (MS Windows) as requested by client (m...

Resolved! Type drive problem

Hi   i have a problem on one of the backup type drive. this is a backup robot with 2 drives. when i start a backup job i see one of the two drive is in red and down status. i cant find why or when it happened . is there a log that can give me the rea...

O-a by Level 4
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