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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup 7 problem restore from x86 to x64

I had a fileserver running win 2003 32-bit, with netbackup client 7.0, When it crashed I wanted to restore all files to a different fileserver running 2008 R2 x64, netbackup client 7.0. Instead of restoring 600 GB, I tried to restore only one folder ...

Aron by Level 2
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Problems with Media IDs using NDMP version.

Wondering if someone with experience with this can help me out. I am using Netbackup 6.5 NDMP option. My HP 1/8 G2 Autoloader is connected directly to a NetApp filer. Configuration was not a problem. My devices and volumes all came in without issues....

bperror: what is the longest text message?

I wonder: what is the longest text message (its' LENGTH) that can be printed into log? Ex.: bperror -media -L -M masterserver01 Look at the 3rd line of each record. Thanks in advance.

Netbackup 7.0 licensing

we are about to purchase netbackup 7.0 for our backup solution. we have oracle apps, oracle db, exchange 2010 mailbox, dc win 2008r2, citrix, sql server to be backed up. please let me know the licesning required for these servers. if symantec provide...

Process Flow

Could anybody guide me about the processflow in netbackup Thanks Ven..

Resolved! bpduplicating any images on a tape

I have been trying automate duplication of unencrypted images to encrypted media. I am using the bpduplicate command to select the images my media id. As I do some of the duplications, I've run into the following issue: Some of the tapes have copy ...

LAToro by Level 4
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NetBackup 6.5 Certification Practice Test

Hello,   Please check out our beta test, NetBackup 6.5, as we are validating it to be used as a pre-employment assessment for candidates who use NetBackup in a significant portion of their job role.  You can determine if the content is applicable or ...

BB_test by Not applicable
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Resolved! Backup and restore through command line NBU 6.5.5

Hi guys, I know easily the way to backup datas from command line.... But some "Unix guys" here, do not want to launch an export display, and the jbpSA. They exclude totaly the normal way to restore by the graphical console... What a pitty... They j...

Resolved! altpath query

Hi all, i have a query relating to altpath, when it's been used to move the image database for a particular client. In our situation, for some reason, netbackup was installed to the C:\, and when it started to fill up, instead of moving netbackup ...

richs24 by Level 4
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Resolved! LTO-4 Media question

Good Morning,        It might be a crazy questions, so forgive me.  Our tape library takes 98 LTO4 tape medias.  I see the media used under Media and Device Management > Media > ... How do I know that a tape is full and need to be replaced?  I'm aski...

Resolved! netbackup agent

Hello forum i have some questions please, 1-does the client software installation is the only agent in use for all kind of servers (oracle,exchange .... ) ? 2-does installing master server will also install media server or i need to install media ser...

JJ58 by Level 4
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fssnap backup using Netbackup

Unfortunate, I don't have netbackup snapshot license. In solaris 10 , is it possible to take backup of fssnap (snapshot data) using netbackup ??  

licencing NBU

dear all, I have some question about the licencing of Netbackup : what is the différence between licence netbackup "serveur entreprise tier 1" and "serveur entreprise tier 2"? does the number of clients change? is these licences are limited t...

Resolved! Wants To Expire Backup And Reuse Media

Friends! I am working on Veritas Netbackup 6.0 MP4 on windows environment. Just now i have found a problem regarding backup. Actually, one of my policy is taking oracle backup through RMAN. Last week, last backup channel fail due to unavailability of...

Oracle:Net Backup:Backup:Backup Time discrepancy

Guys, My server has netbackup client installed and i'm trying to backup Oracle DB archive logs. I've found that at times, the job runs for 25 minutes for backing up 100 archives in which the filesperset is 10 and file size being 400MB and the same j...

Resolved! Lack of connectivity between media server and master server.

Hi, I have just added another media server but it don’t seem to do what it is supposed to. We run Windows 2003 on the master server and on one media server. The new media server is Windows 2008 R2. They all have Netbackup 7 installed. When I try t...

b82klo by Level 3
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Resolved! SQL DB Restoration to alternate server fails

I am trying to restore SQL DB from one prodn. server to a development server. I am able to browse the images of the backup of the source server from the destination server. But when i initiate the backup it is failing with Err # 5. LOG : Error bpbr...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Resolved! /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config directory does not exist

I'm trying to set buffer configurations for 3 media servers. The first 2 work fine but the 3rd media server does not have the config directory in /usr/openv/netbackup/db. [root@lmnc1nbum02 db]# pwd /usr/openv/netbackup/db [root@lmnc1nbum02 db]# ls e...

Monda by Level 3
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