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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Upgrade from NetBackup 8.1 to 8.1.1 is failing

When upgrading from NetBackup 8.1 to 8.1.1, upgrade is failing when trying to upgrade the database. I get the following error:+ 05-22-2018,13:59:00 : ERROR: NetBackup Database Creation Failed!+ 05-22-2018,13:59:00 : Review the log file in NetBackup\l...

iot333 by Level 2
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NetBackup 8.0 huge duplication jobs

Hello,This is a request for explanation that doesn't correspond to a technical issue (only for clarification).Giving a cycle of audits being performed on our backup infrastructure I'm asked to justify a (seemingly) odd behavior happening on NetBackup...

Migrate master server from Linux to Windows

I have seen the documentation for moving master server with like OS to new hardware but not standing up a new master server on a different OS. I am looking to stand up a new Windows 2016 master server and decommission the current Linux master server ...

Resolved! know recorded media_id in drive

hello,i want to know the recorded media_id of specifique drive in cmd.the goal is to be able via a script to indicate the media which is in the drivefor then indicated its status and the size used."vmoprcmd -d ds -h"  give me something really hard to...

OST upgrade

Hi,I need to upgrade OST plugin on Linux Media servers 7.7.2 because we have Data Domain OS upgrade lined up. Current OST version is 2.6.x and plan is to upgrade it to As per DD Documentation i just need to stop NBU service on media server a...

Download Netbackup

Hi all,I have Netbackup installed on Solaris 10 server.Currently the only way that I am able to connect is from the X server (JAVA).Now , I would like to install windows client on my PC  version Windows 7.Anyone can send me please the link fo...

Drives keep going down

Hi,Drive paths keep going down daily, i just UP them again. need to find a solution soon. Ive read that if i Enable automatic path correction it should solve my problem. Any ideas? Just add the following to vm.conf file?Add the following AUTO_PATH_CO...

simz123 by Level 4
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Resolved! SLP configuration

hi everybody   I have created a SLP , with "retention type" attribute  set to Fixed .  and duplication operation to copy data to tape with retention time .I am sure that all data are copied to tape  but while I am trying to restore the data  when I c...

NBU Restore.jpg

Resolved! NBU - unable to find backup image in BAR

Hi Team,Require help to find the cause on when we try to search the older backup images (2011) in BAR window , we are unable to view it.

SLP configuration

Hi Everybody     Question : What is the exact configuration of SLP in my scenario     My scenario : we have one EMC datadomain and one HP tape library , I've planned to copy all the backups to datadomain then duplicate them to tapes .I want that data...

slp-1.PNG slp-2.PNG slp-3.PNG

Media Server Netbackup Device Manager stop after sometime

Dear all,I have 2 Media Server which attached to the IBM TS3200 Tape Library through SAN, recently we replace the tape library enclosure with the same tape drive installed.After replcement, the service "Netbackup Device Manager" on media server start...

Resolved! basic disk retention level

I have created a BasicDisk (no license to do anything else). Policy created to backup to the basic disk with infinite retention period. From the basic disk I have staging schedule to copy the backups on the disk to tape. This works, however the reten...

LeeSony by Level 3
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Resolved! nbu new connect to FC tape library how to

Hi My current version is 6.0 MP 4 , the original configuration connect to C4 storage with SCSI interface, now I insert the disk to another same model server to boot up it successful, I do this as I want to configure the netbackup to connect with the ...

Home_224 by Level 6
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Netbackup replace the drive

Hi My current version is 6.0 MP 4 , the original configuration connect to C4 storage with SCSI interface, now I insert the disk to another same model server to boot up it successful, I do this as I want to configure the netbackup to connect with the ...

Resolved! Media Server connectivity to setup AIR

Hi All, I have query regarding the AIR, Do i need to have my Media Server connected via ethernet for AIR ?I have site A and Site B and there isEthernet connectivity between Master Server A (Site A) and Master server B (Site B)FC link connectivity bet...

NAYAB by Level 4
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Resolved! SAP backup is failing

**** Moved to new post from ****Hi,Please let me know what is changes has been made to Resolve this backint priblem.@mb_jedsv wrote:Thanks a lot for your helpful and quick respon...

Vltrun.exe is crashing

Using just one Master Server on Windows 2012 with NBU 8.1. Using this server to duplicate some old images which are on disk to tape library. This was working fine till 3-4 weeks back. Now all the vault jobs are failling with error. client/server hand...

sksujeet by Level 6
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