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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Netbackup v7.0 and HP-UX11.23 IA64

Hi, I am planning an upgrade from NBU6.5.5 to NBU7.0.1 but have come across a problem, we currentky have an HP-UX11.23 IA64 Master Server and Media Server, we are planning to move the Master Server onto RedHat which I know is supported on v7.0(1); ho...

How to check client Oracle images in netbackup

Hi,   Please help me about how to check client  Oracle images in netbackup master server (6.0).In catalog i am able to find Backup id only.  In activity monitor we used keep the jobs 3 days and able to find file list.if the job's expired in netbackup...

challa_007 by Level 3
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Duplication is failing with Err # 800

I have a master server (Solaris 10) with NBU 6.5.4 I also have NETAPP filer for which the backup is taken using NDMP type. In the process of duplication, when i try to duplicate a specific backup image, the duplication is failing with Err # 800. Erro...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Symantec Technical Specilist ( STS) certification ..........

   I have a little bit confusion i have a symantec partnernet is  my company is a symantec buisness partner through partnernet id given exam code name Symantec Technical Specialist ( STS ) also exam cost is Low price and if i given direct  exam ( W...

vinods by Level 5
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Resolved! How to do a client restore from the master server....

Hello,   Each time I try to launch any client restore from the master server, I get an error message "server (masterserver name) does not contain any backup for client (client name) using the specify policy type (MS Windows) as requested by client (m...

Resolved! Type drive problem

Hi   i have a problem on one of the backup type drive. this is a backup robot with 2 drives. when i start a backup job i see one of the two drive is in red and down status. i cant find why or when it happened . is there a log that can give me the rea...

O-a by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup logs got 100%

Hi team, For every two 2 three days, the NetBackup /logs mount point in Master server got 100% filled. But even after moving the  /logs mount to storage  it getting almost more than 95%. So please give me the solution to dealt with it.   Than...

Resolved! Need help with NDMP backups

Master = Solaris 10  x86, NetBackup 6.5.6 Filer = os version "NetApp Release 7.3.2"   Having several issues with backups on 1 NetApp filer out of 2.... 1  ::--->  Jobs hanging on mounting a tape... 2  ::--->  Jobs hanging with the following error(s) ...

Concurrent Backups and Duplication Jobs Fails

People I need a little help on this: I have a Vault job for duplicated images from disk to tape. The issue its when I have 2 jobs running concurrenly from Disk to Tape. The jobs stop reading from disk but never end or present any error (Is like still...

HEMANPR by Level 6
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Netbackup Tape Usage

Netbackup 7 Seems to be using a tape per policy which is strange - not appending from one job to the next onto a tape. All retention periods look ok also... any ideas?

111 by Level 3
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vmware snapshot problems

i have been using netbackup 7 to backup my vm's for almost 7 months now, everything was working fine backup&restores. then all of a sudden my vm backups stopped working, at first i thought it was related to my vcenter running out of disk space due to...

mo_ali by Level 4
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NBU 6.5.6 VCB integration

Hi, Does anyone please help to provide steps for configuring the netbackup 6.5 integration? Here are the setup version, VMware proxy server 4.0 update2VM ESX 3.5VM Conosolidated Backup 1.5 updateVMware vCenter Converter 3.0.3 (Standalone Enterprise E...

Jeffn3u by Level 3
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Resolved! Manual duplicate from disk to tape

Hi all, we have been backing up to disk (NBU 7.0) now we are running a little low on disk space and would like to duplicate some of the longer retention images to tape than manually expiring those images to free up space. Been running through searche...

ixat by Level 4
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NBU 6.x - SQL Express Compability

Hello All, Does anyone know that whether NBU 6.x does have a support of the SQL Express? As I see in updated DB agent compability guide, it is not supported.. I couldn't be sure! Do you have exact information about this?

Servet by Level 4
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How to add storage unit with the new robot?

Hi All,   Currently our Netbackup server (6.5.4) conisist of 2 tape library, 1 master server and 3 media server. One tape library let say ESL1 is an old one we are in the process to move to the new tape library let say ESL2. For the media server lets...

systems hangs after enabling swap space Red Hat 6.5

sirs, good day i would just want to ask for help. im doing BMR on a Red Hat 4.2 OS using a NBU 6.5. the problem is it always HANGS after the "enabling swap space [ok]" i dont know what's wrong because there are no errors found in the admin console. h...

RJay by Level 3
Partner Accredited
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Status Code 14

Hello all, I currently have several clients All Windows 2008 x64 and 2008 R2. All jobs get part way through a backup and fail with that status code 14, cant find much on the searches if anyone can help me out that would be good. My Configuration is...