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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Re-provision an Appliance 5230 storage shelf

Hi I'm planning on removing a storage shelf from an old NetBackup 5230 appliance we have and to add it to another 5230 appliance we have to expand the MSDP on the second appliance. Veritas have confirmed this is ok and I don't see any issues in addin...

CadenL by Moderator
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NBU Policy Reporter

i'm on 7.7.3 and we don't have a backup policy reporter tool. i found this old link anyone know if a policy reporter is in the works for NBU? can'...

Resolved! Need to use all 8 characters for media ID

We are getting a new robot which will use LTO6 tapes, but will be able to read LTO4. On our old one we are using LTO3 and LTO4.So can I use all 8 barcode chars as media ID? I do not want to create conflict between for example: 000001L4 and 000001L6.O...

Resolved! Pause backup jobs

I found replies to similar questions but none of the answers aligned with what I have, honest.I am upgrading the OS on two servers with the netbackup client running on them. Installing to a new box, renameing to original, installing the client, tweak...

Expired Tapes list

Hello, Is there a way to get list of tape ID's of expired backup images which are from Dec1st 2018 or so ?as per retention these images are expired due to which im unable to get a list of tapes. If there is anyway kindly let me know procedure.Master ...

Overhead created by true image with move detection

HI,We are considering implementing synthetic backups on a Red Had machine with a 5TB GPFS mount point containing millions of small files. As the backups are quite large, "normal" Full backups will cause the machine to consume of 95% of memory and the...

TomKlar by Level 0
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Protecting MSDP deduplication database

Can you tell me if i take backup of dedup catalog, will it be able to retrieve the data in case of an disaster, I am talking about below link :-

Missing Drive in VM snapshot backup

Hello All,Quick question regarding Netbackup VM snapshot backupIs there a way I can detect or verify that a drive or drives that was part of yesterday successful VM snapshot backup is no longer part of today's successful backup. I do understand netba...

Dollypee by Moderator
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Resolved! Netbackup track logs movement

Hi Everyone,We are trying to standarize our netbackup policies naming convention in doing so we have to create new policies with the different/new name than previous one's. Now the problem is that old policies were configured with the accelerator ena...

shubh120 by Level 4
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Error in REST API calls to get Policy List and Catalog Images

 Dear Fiends, I am getting correct data in REST API calls while calling for JOB List (admin/jobs) or host list (/config/hosts) however receving below error while trying to get policy list(config/policies) or catalog images(catalog/images).{"errorCode...

Rman / image cleanup

Hi,      NBU 8.1 RHEL7Is there a way to get RMAN to use the -notimmediate switch on bpexpdate when cleaning up images ?We have migrated all our tape based backups to disk and now when RMAN does a tidy up, we get an image cleanup for each image that i...

CloudCatalyst cache size

Hi,   Let say we have a Cloud Catalyst virtual Appliance, The virtual CC appliance uses 1TB of cache disk. Let say I have a backup image that is 1,5TB large after dedupe.So my MSDP Media server will send 1,5TB over the LAN to my CC virtual Appliance....

ElGringo by Level 6
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Backup failing with error code 42

Backup is failing of al the servr with erro code 42 even after retriger its failing with error 42 but after reboot of master and media server its working fibe  its happening atleast once in a montherror code: network read failed  (42)

Ranjit1 by Level 4
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Resolved! Basic agent install question

Sorry for the basic question.I've installed a netbackup agent on a windows server. I expected to see the backup, archive and restore app but instead the only option i have is the netbackup ms sql client.I know that there are some apps on there with d...

dunno by Level 4
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