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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Disk Storage server is down

Hi EveryoneToday I get this error : (2016) Disk Storage server is down.We hade no change in our systems, and everything was working fine, but suddenly Today I got this error on all policies which their " policy Storage " Setting is configured to " SL...

Resolved! problems while install Cluster Netbackup

HII could not install Netbackup ClusterPlease  how to create netbackup cluster group i faced that errorAny one have clear steps to create Netbackup cluster Regards

shafei by Level 3
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NDMP Restore failing: Error : Bad header block

Hello,I tried to restore some very old files, but the restore is failing. The tapes where the data lies are LTO3 tapes. Below are the logs from activity monitor. Can someone please me troubleshoot this issue.  10 Aug, 2018 10:48:45 AM - begin Restore...

Ankit7 by Level 2
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netbackup client OpenVMS file locking issue

We are running into an issue with file locking while backing up data on openvms v8.4-2 systems. Files which are being backed up by netbackup are locked by the bpcd process (during the duration of the backup of that file). So during that duration appl...

sm2 by Level 1
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Bakcups running very slow with KB/sec

Server size is less than 10Gb. Where backups running very slow. Running on 1GBPS with seprate backup LAN. Buffer size of the client has been change to 256 but still backups running slow. Please suggest.

sa01985 by Level 3
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netbackup service layer i got error 1053

Hi After installation of netbackup v8.1.1 clustercould not log to console it gave that error NBSL need to start and when i try to start netbackup service layer it gaves  error 1053 please how to fix

shafei by Level 3
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Status 47

*** Moved to new post from:  *** We have Same issue. Please find the below Output for the command :  Bptestbpcd -client -verbose -debug ----------------...

Resolved! First Mount date changed in netbackup

In Veritas NetBackup, for a single media first mount date has been changed, while other media date is still same. For Example , I take two media. Media A has first mount date 07/07/2015 and media B has 10/06/2018, while first time backup on both medi...

Resolved! Adding a new network circuit for Netbackup replications

Hello, We use SLP policies to replicate NetBackup backup images, stored on EMC Data Domains, from one site to another on a daily basis without problem.  Now ATT is installing a new network circuit between the sites. Mgmt wanted to get any recommendat...

what are all these bid_files in my netbackup directory?

I am on NBU 7.7.3 on a RHEL6 server.What are all the files in my netbackup directory?   (enybakalb004 is a media server and enybakalb004-disk is the name of a basic disk storage unit that I use for disk staging prior to tape copies...)   but I do not...

Catalog Backup keeps "mounting" indefinitely

Hi all,I got a problem with this job. It can't run properly since few days. Even I stop and restart it, it stay blocked at "Mounting" step.Type : Catalog BackupState : ActiveOperation : MountingJob Policy : NBU_CatalogActive Elapsed : 24:20:53Job det...

Can I disable web services in NetBackup 8.1.1

Hi We are planning an update from NetBackup 7.7.3 to 8.1.1 and read that version 8.0 and up uses a web server for critical backup operations.We have security concerns about creating new web services on our system, can this be disabled or not installe...

kymbo by Level 2
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status: 26: client/server handshaking failed

I am trying to restore a single DB instance from Exchange in NBU 7.6.1 the problem is that I dont have support, So I have it difficult. Everytime I try to restore I keep getting the "handshake" error then 2810 error. The output:  "06/08/2018 21:31:01...

manol4ik by Level 5
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Resolved! Unable to inventory tape in second magazine

Hello,I have a scalar i40 with 2 magazine of 20 tapes and 25 licences to use it.In netbackup (7.7.2) when I do an inventory on the robot I have only 20 tapes.I do inventory with "update volume configuration" and "empty media access port prior update"...

Mat7532 by Level 2
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