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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Backup failing with status 58

Hi All, One of my clinet's backup is failing with status 58,please see some of my findings and suggest what to be done to resolve the issue. Master Server Details - (OS - Solaris 5.10,Netbackup Version - Media Server Details - (OS - Solari...

Resolved! Netbackup 5.1 DR

Hi, i will be recovering  netbackup 5.1 mp1 Solaris Master to an AIX box.  Im not sure if there are any issues with doing this? Thoughts

whoknows by Level 3
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Old Media not working after new server install

hello, How old backup server and HP Ultrium 960 tape autoload died. We had to get a new one of each. Server was re-install with Netbackup V6 and the new tape autoloader Ultrium 960 was connected and detected. After the Netbackup install I ran the wi...

Resolved! Error 200 on Sharepoint Backup

Hello I have a error 200 on my Sharepoint 2007 Client backup. This backup was working perfect, but this week all the backup jobs finalice with a status 200 My policy was set for Backup Microsoft SharePoint Resources:\* Here the job details log: 8/27...

HEMANPR by Level 6
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Resolved! Job failing with 58 error can't figure out why

We have a client that was running fine, but started failing a couple days ago. I logged in and created bpbkar, vnetd and bpcd folders on the client and bpbrm on the media server. We fail to connect no file is created on the client. That would tell me...

Resolved! Vault picking lists

Please can someone help with this? Hello again Netbackup Enterpise 7.0 Windows 2003 Server Currently we are using Vault to automatically duplicate images from VTL to physical tape.  This was originally put in place by a contractor.   I've looked ...

AlGon by Level 6
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Resolved! Client hangs in Host Properties

I have a Solaris master server and W2K3 client I can ping both FQDN and IP of client from master I can telnet on port 13782 to client I can telnet back to the master I can ping the master from the client also and traceroute works for both of these in...

How many SRT for 32 and 64 bit clients?

Goodmorning, I'm preparing for protecting client with Bare Metal Restore. Some are 32 bit clients (Win srv2003 R2), others are 64 bit (Win srv 2008). From Netbackup BMR manual, for windows system, needs only one SRT for all clients. Is it true? Wh...

Media Mounts

Hi All, I am trying to find Media mount option in Netbackup. The reason behind is that we want to set policy where I can discard the medias as per no of times it is being used. We are using HP LTO3 tapes for full backup. When i read documents prov...

Anish by Level 4
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Puzzled with FlashBackup-Windows behaviour

Hello, While playing with Flashbackup on Wintel-based SAN media server, I tried to flashbackup a nearly-empty volume (985 free space). As the FlashBackup job was active, I traced Performance Minotor counters on the SAN media server. It turned out t...

Resolved! Determining tapes for BMR recovery

Hello, We had a disaster recently where I have needed to recover 8-10 servers using BMR.  The BMR has worked well, and almost all servers are now recovered. However it has taken longer than I had hoped as we needed to recover tapes from offsite, an...

mich2w by Level 3
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Netbackup Jobs Hang in Active State

Hi All We recently moved from Netbackup 6.5.4 running on a Windows 2003 32-Bit system to Netbackup 7 running on a Windows 2008 64-bit system. The upgrade went fine but we are now noticing a few odd problems. A lot of jobs just seem to hang in the ...

Jawad_Butt_2 by Level 3
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NetBackup 7.0.1 up on the FTP site

NetBackup 7.0.1 has been posted to Enjoy! > dir *7.0.1* -rw-r--r-- 1 30024 30024 1255902528 Aug 25 17:05 NBLU_7.0.1.UNIX_1of3_358320.z...

Exchange restore from old server not working

All, I am trying to restore a mail store on Netbackup 7 to an exchange server with NB6 client. The backup was taken from a server that is no longer in production but the SG's and mail stores are all named the same. I can restore anything backed up ...

Resolved! Can't delete storage pool after media server deleted

Hello all.     I have a PureDisk disk pool that I am unable to delete.  I expired all images and deleted all fragments but it still would not delete.  I then deleted the media server that hosted the pool as that was it's only function, thinking that ...

PF1 by Level 2
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Does anyone else get 71's first try

After the upgrade to 6.5.5 I have had an issue and just cannot figure out why. So I thought I would ask to see if anybody else on 6.5.5 or 7.0(1) have the issue. I have unix master, unix media windows clients. the backup of the C drive will get a 7...

Resolved! NB_65_ICS_Win32_1.4.37.3 package

Good day All Does anyone know where I can download the following package please? "NB_65_ICS_Win32_1.4.37.3 package" Kind regards

NetB_User by Level 4
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Resolved! Data block curruption in DB backup

Hi All, I am having Netbackup 6.5 environment and daily we are taking file system level backup of Oracle 10g DB which is installed Solaris 10 OS environment. My query is that if there is some data block corruption in DB (Database) , can Netbackup r...

Anish by Level 4
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