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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Slow EMM data base loading in GUI

Hi,    While I try to configure a policy through my netbackup GUI its taking 45 min to load EMM database. Can any one help me resolve this.

Resolved! ErrorCodes

Hi, In my environment,i am very frequently facing the following error codes. Error code 13,14,23,24,83& 84. Whenever i refstarted the failed jobs, most of them are completed successfully. Can any one help me to find out the solution for these EC?

Resolved! issue while Importing of NDMP images in DR site

Hi, We are facing issue while importing NDMP tapes at DR loaction . 1st phase of importing is happening fine , but at the second phase it's failing inbetween with the below mentioned error, Error bptm(pid=3232) received error code 220 from db_end(...

Rajesh_s1 by Level 6
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Migrate catalogs form NBU5.1 (Unix) to NBU7 (windows)

Hi, We currently have an old installation of NBU5.1 on a solaris 8 server. We have implemented a new NBU7 environemnt on widows 64bit. Is there a way to import the 5.1 catalogs into the 7 environment? Fro  the forums I've read we need professional ...

Resolved! Backup got fired without schedule

Hi All, I am using NetBackup I have configired the Yearly FULL Backup to run every 1st saturday of year (means 1st saturday of January). But Backup got fired in july without any schedule. Any reasons?? I checked the POLICY & it is configur...

Storage Lifecycle Policy question

In NBU 7.0, my storage life cycle properties window has a Left and Right arrow. I can use them to offset line items in my life cycle policy example: Backup Test somestorageunit -> Duplication Test somestorageunit what does that do? I cannot find an...

Resolved! merging catalogs from multiple NBU domains

Hi, Has anyone got any ideas on how to merge 4 NBU domains into one domain (all from company acquisitions). We have used Symantec Consulting in the past to do this type of work, but the demise of Symantec Consulting has now left us with the option o...

milty99 by Level 4
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Resolved! Report tapes that have become scratch

I am trying to find that command that will let me get a list of tapes that have had all images expired on them (thus becoing a scratch tape) with in a time frame. ( I do NOT have vault) As image clean up runs, it will expired images and if all ...

Cannot find thread on DFSR

There was a thread (I believe this year) that had a screen shot of the BAR for a windows server with DFSR. The screen shot showed DFS with in the Shadow Copy Components backup job. My search is not finding me this thread. Can anybody else find it, ...

Resolved! Netbackup policy

Guys, What does a netbackup policy have. What information does it basically stores in it.  And If i have to find out as a DBA what is the info in the backup policy .. how do i do that ? I'm just aware that the policy has backup type and backup sche...

Resolved! Multiple Tape Drive Question

Hi All, I have two LTO4 drives in a Library controlled by one robot using NB 7 and both drives are seen as up. I have never seen both tape drives active at one time, only one tape drive is used then the robot changes the tape and continues using the ...

jc23 by Level 3
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Resolved! command to add multiple path in the policy selection list

Hi All, I need to add around 52 file lists in the selection list of a unix backup policy.Doing so from the gui is quite time consuming. i was wondering what would be the command line equivalent of the gui method. i checked out the options of bppolic...

Kisad by Level 5
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Resolved! Error when running Bpexpdate -calculate

Hello all Im tring to extend the expiration of my backup images(datefiles/mailbox and so on) i run the command(windows mode): bpexpdate -recalculate -backupid 1257548645 -ret 24 i get this massage are you SURE you want to recalculate exp...

O-a by Level 4
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Resolved! NetBackup 7, LDAP integration & general inquiries.

For NetBackup 7, some inquiries I have:   1. LDAP integration for sign-on. Can we assign a user/group to very granular security access ? Eg. Function - backup, restore, change configuration, create report, etc… Area - single server, group of se...

Resolved! nbemmcmd

Hi, What is the use of nbemmcmd? While googling, i got an informationthat it will add the hostname in the emm server when we add a new media server into a master. FYI: - But i have never execute...

Resolved! SQL Backups

Is it possible to do sql database backups using vss in Netbackup 6.5.5 Can someone please direct me to setup guide. Thanks MK

MohitK by Level 4
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VM Snapshot speed issues

Hi Guys, I've currenty got a policy doing a snapshot backup over NBD, which is backing up to disk and tape at the same time. The problem i'm having is with the write speed. I'm lucky if it gets to 1000 KBps it usually averages at about 700KBps. Qui...