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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Compression of catalogs not occurring

Hi, I am in a pickle because I have nearly run out of space on /usr/openv on my Red Hat NetBackup 6.0 master/media server. I have tried to implement catalog compression by updating the "Compress catalog interval" in global attributes but it is not ...

Adding a Drive

I am currently running Netbackup 6 MP7 on a single Master/Media server which is connected to an IBM TS3310 tape library holding 2 LTO3 drives. A spare external LTO4 drive has become available which I would like to employ as an additional drive for ...

Resolved! Netbackup 7.0 System Requirements

Hi People,        Can someone here provide me with information regarding Netbackup 7's System/Hardware Requirements. I downloaded several pdf's about NBU 7 but to no avail.     I was only able to see hardware compatibilities, but I'm currently look...

detits by Level 3
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NB Master geographic cluster?

Planning a net new NB7 implementation - looking at High Availability/Disaster Recovery for the NB Master (EMM, Image and config databases).  Plan on clustering the NB Masters with a two-node cluster at minimum - looking into the feasibility of a thre...

How to deploy agent for the Hyper-V in Netbackup 7.0

Dear All, Please guide me in order to deploy the agent for the Hyper-V in Netbackup 7.0. We have the license for this. Is there any specific consideration or recommendation in order to deploy the Agent for Hyper-V in Netbackup 7.0. Waiting for your...

Resolved! in which circumstances we use FT server

Dear All, We have nearly 15 SAN Servers. Please guide me either we will use the 15 media servers for taking the backup of these 15 Servers through SAN OR we need the FT(Fiber Transport) Server for taking the backup of these 15 Server through SAN. P...

Can we read the Backup Exec media tapes in Netabackup 7.0

Dear All, Is there any way to use the Media tapes having the backup using the Backup Exec, as the Media Tapes for the Netbackup 7.0. so that we can read these tapes for the Netbackup 7.0. In fact we are using the BACKUP EXEC, but now we are going fo...

Resolved! Pricing out Netbackup 6.5 encryption

A Security Test and Evaluation at my office pointed out that I need to encrypt my off site backups.  I skimmed the pdf on encryption and it looks like I can do it but I don't have the license key or the hardware.  I need to get in contact with a Veri...

Netbackup 6.5 BMR restore does not boot

I am new to BMR.  After successfully running a Bare Metal Restore of a server, the server does not boot with a bad boot file.  I have recreated the boot image on CD and tried again.  Same result.  This is a Solaris 10 Master, media, boot servers and...

Fail to open BAR in NBU 6.5 AIX

 I am trying to open the Java console on the client wherein oracle db agent is installed, I ran "./jbaSA" below was the message:   # ./jbpSA         Starting user console version 6.5.         The log file for this execution instance is         /usr/o...

Resolved! Switching Tape Volume Pool

I need to clean my drives.  I have read that the Cleaning tape has to be in the NONE volume pool.  It is currently in the NetBackup volume pool, so I need to move it. I get the below error when I try to clean the drive. http://seer.entsupport.syman...

msmylie by Level 2
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Java GUI installer NBU 6.5 for UNIX

Hi,    Can soemone tell me where I can locate java backup archive and restore for Netbackup 6.5 client on UNIX. Is the installer also included in the NBU Master/Media server installer for UNIX?  The client to be installed is running on AIX 5.3 OS. N...

Resolved! restore of folder on unix server failing

Hi Guys.   I'm trying to restore a directory from HP-UX server to another HP-UX server  but am getting the error (WIN32 123: The filename, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect).I have selected the below options   restore ever...

Kisad by Level 5
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slow backup on W2k8

Hi everyone, Noticed something weird and I hope someone has an idea whats going on: NetBackup 7 master solaris 10 media solaris 10 and windows 2003 (32 bits) Here's what I got: backup of windows 2003 clients works just fine, got speed up to 15000...

davidbe by Level 4
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Resolved! STATUS CODE: 6 " the backup failed to back up the requested files"

Hi Everyone, I am using netbackup 7.0 and try to backing up SAP. i create a new template about SAP backup. i was add  the host names both servers. i check the tns names and password. and l was done the oracle_link. but finally i get this error mes...

emret by Level 6
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data in NOM report not up to date!

hello, since a week i've configured NOM. We have  Veritas netbackup 6.5.x and NOM 6.5.6 I've created a report about the last Becked up data / server. The problem is that the data i  receive in the reports are not the actual data. (in some cases) The...

loko32 by Level 5
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