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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Client Not able to ping Master in windows cluster environment

Hi, I have my new backup Master server running Netbackup 6.5 on SOlaris 10. I have few Windows based stand alone clients and cluster clients. After installing Netbackup client 6.5 on the cluster nodes, am not able ping the Master Server from any o...

naphind by Level 2
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SAP backup issue

I have SAP backup issue with bellow error...can anyone able to help to resolve this issue? Password: BR0051I BRBACKUP 6.40 (35) BR0055I Start of database backup: bedayqtf.anf 2010-04-20 15.12.51 BR0477I Oracle pfile /oracle/PC2/920_64/dbs/initPC2.or...

Restore from a new master server to a new client

Hi, We have taken a backup from production envirionment and planning to restore it in a new environment (new master server and new client). Q. 1) what is the best practice to achive this? I have done both the phase 1 and phase 2 import of the cat...

naphind by Level 2
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client/server handshaking failed (26)

Master: Windows 2k3 Ent SP2 Media: Windows 2k3 Ent SP2 Netbackup 6.5.4 Client is the media server.  Data Movement: Disk Staging 4/19/2010 4:40:05 AM - requesting resource dcnetbackup.NBU_CLIENT.MAXJOBS.hqbackups 4/19/2010 4:40:05 AM - ...

Mixing Ultrium LTO 2 tapes 200/400 & 400/800

Good Morning - I used to be able to use my 200/400 and my 400/800 tapes in my 3584 IBM Tape Library, that is until the drive firmware was updated a couple months ago.  Now all my 200/400 tapes show as frozen and when I unfreeze them, they just g...

Denda by Level 5
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Resolved! Retentions are being mixed on the same tape

I have the "Allow multiple retentions per media" option unset under "Media" for the master server host properties, yet I was spot checking my offsite tapes, and noticed that I have 3 year and 1 month retentions on the same tape.  Any ideas? Do only ...

Resolved! VM backup fail in Netbackup 7

Hi All Need help on this issue, recently we upgraded Netbackup from 6.5.5 to 7, after that the VM backup failed if the option is "Full VM bakcup" or "Mapped Full VM backup", however the old style VCB backup was ok (Full backup with file level increm...

New Media Id's Can't Secure

Friends, I am working on Netbackup 6.0 in windows 2003-AS. Last friday, i have inserted new media into TL and also register it. Unfortunately, my system restrart and i didn't secure these medias id. Now, please guide me any solution through which i c...

get back data from tape if fragment 1 deleted

NetBackup 6.5: Phase 2 import stops as fragment 1 is no more available: INF - Skipping backup id (backup_id), there is no fragment 1 INF - Found no images matching the selection criteria that were ready for phase 2 import. Is there any way to get d...

VNETD issue

hi all, i have Netbackup installed on /usr/openv mount point on one machine. now a requirement is that i have to move Netbackup from one machine to another. i did a ufsdump on a Solaris machine and then did a ufsrestore ... althought the restore w...

Resolved! NBU Proxy server

i have a Netbackup 6.5.4 Master/Media/Emm installed on SUN ultra 25, Solaris 5.10 having 6.5.4 BMR Master Server for LINUX and WINDOWS. Now i want to do backup of virtual machines running ESX 3.5. i was reading a doucment that i should have a Prox...

Resolved! Error when installing client on Win 2008 x64 Core server

Hello Have an Windows 2008 x64 core server that I want to install NetBackup client. Went to Fileconnect and downloaded client x64 for 2008. When I run Setup.exe from the core server, enter Master server, it seems to start the install. But the instal...

Resolved! NBU6.5.5,when do the restoration,it always show error code 5

We install the NBU Client on our Project's VSS Server(Win2003R2,hostname:VSSServer), and install NBU Master/Media on VeritasServer(Win2003R2,hostname:VeritasServer). When I do the restoration on VeritasServer, it will show the message:     2010-4-16...

Resolved! Client host properties showing status 25,46, 58......etc

Hi, In Netbackup Client host properties, click some clients showing status 25,46, 58... etc. Is there any issue. Rarely some clients showing like this, but backups are successing. Eg: Connection requested by invalid server. Check to make sure th...

Baski by Level 5
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Resolved! Netbackup Synthetic Full backups

Hello All, One small and good question, I am planning for Synthetic backups, I know the process how it works but one thing I am unable to understand is as Synthetic backup is nothing to do with the client, For example sunday regular full backup t...

anasser by Level 4
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Resolved! How to take a Oracle Database through NetBackup

I need to take a Oracle Database Backup through Netbackup i got a license and i added the license in my Master Server also. Can any one help me where i need to download the Oracle Agent for Windows 2003 and please guide me how to take a backup. Than...

Hemanth by Level 2
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Support for SharePoint 2010

Has anyone found information on when NetBackup will support SharePoint 2010?  It doesn't come out till May, but our SharePoint guy is ordering is now and wants it backed up as soon as possible.

pdreyer by Level 3
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Which log to see scheduled jobs start?

I know that nbpem builds a work list of due jobs on the master server.  It builds the list of scheduled jobs from data provided by bpdbm.  When a job is due nbpem sends a job try for each due job to the nbjm process.  nbjm notifies bpjobd to add th...