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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Stable Netbackup Version

This is just a general query regarding the most stable Netbackup version currently available. I have already heard about the release of NB 7.0 but I feel like its a little too early before I decide to move that version. I am currently running versio...

Resolved! NetBackup 7.0 with Oracle 11g r1 on HP-UX issue

Now, I on the way to configure backup Oracle on HP-UX server. I had NetBackup 7.0 master server on Windows 2003 server R2 (Service pack 2). --> cisrpt is master server Oracle 11g R1 (11.1.6) run on cluster with HP Service Guard. (HP-UX v11.3) node1...

Apitha by Level 4
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Check the status of a duplication job

My duplication jobs sometime gets triggered automatically and some time I trigger manually. I know to check the duplication status of a backupID. This can be done once the duplication job is completed. IS THERE A WAY IN WHICH I CAN CHECK WHET...

Deepak_G by Level 6
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Recovering deleted policy

Using netbackup 6.5.5 is it possible to restore a policy if the corresponding folder in veritas\netbackup\db\class directory cant be found/restored?? I could recreate the policy but I dont remember all the policy specific settings.. Thanks

MohitK by Level 4
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Problem reading BE 10.0.5520 images with NBU 7.0

Is anyone else having problems with the BackupExec support in NetBackup?  I'm a new NetBackup user (we're migrating from BackupExec). Scenario: Windows Server 2008 SP2 x64 Standard Edition NetBackup 7.0 NBAC IBM TS3500, single frame, 4 L...

TROE by Level 4
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Netbackup 7 and SCOM

Hi: According to this document there is a way to integrate NBU 6.5 (via NOM) and SCOM/MOM. There is a management pack to do this. Is there a similar way to integrate Ops Center (NBU 7 monitoring platform) with...

Pappo by Level 3
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Resolved! A quick question

There was an eject error in our library , Adic Scaler I2k, during a drive cleaning. Now one of our drives is down because of that. I need to get it out of there, but there are jobs running that are going to that library. Now if I open the door, the r...

Error code 196

In our setup we have about 400 policies all have same job priority as 500 same time window as 8pm to 4am every weekend we have flood of error code 196. Is there any method or netbackup script to change job priority and time window of 200 policies at ...

rookie11 by Moderator
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file read failed (13)

Master Server 6.5.5  windows 2003  Media server 6.5 on AIX 5.3L  i am getting error file read failed (13) while taking backup from aix server it takes backup of 11586176 kb and shows 66000 files written after that it gives this error  which log file...

NBU Partial backups

Dear All, i have a query, my NBU 6.5.4 backups are backing up with staus =1 Partial. does this partial have any effect when i would perform the BMR.? or how can i reduce this Partial beheaviour ?

FCP Share backup using NDMP

Hi, I have got my library connected directly to the san filer. Can i take the FCP luns backup through NDMP in this scenario. Regards, Hamza

Net backup 7.0 advantages over IBM TSM 6.2?

Hi, I need to get some of the advantages of net backup 7.0 over ibm tsm 6.2. Can anybody help me in finding out with some points as per experience or documentation on this if any? Any help would be appreciated. Thanks and Regards, Randeep Singh

Resolved! A simple SSO question

Hello again    If three media severs are sharing a robot, (with two drives inside) and each media severs is backing up a number of clients.     I understand that a media server can multi stream\multiplex to a single drive but can two media servers wr...

AlGon by Level 6
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NOM instalation

Hi,        In our environment we are using solaris as master server and client. Remote administration consle installed in windows pc. I need to configure NOM. I have studied the guide,It's stating nom mustinstalled in the clinet were netbackup cilen...

Catalog backup-Disaster Recovery

Hi, In Netbackup 7.0 the Offline catalog backup has been removed and only hotline (online) catalog backup is available, i have not configured the hot catalog backup option in my old Netbackup 6.5 server. Now i have few questions, 1. In disaster Re...

Resolved! SSO Robot control host question

Hello   I’m just trying to clarify something and hoping someone can help.   My understanding is that if you have a number of Netbackup servers, all connecting to a SAN with one robotic tape library attached, in order to share the library’s drives bet...

AlGon by Level 6
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