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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! Vmware machine quiescing and non quiescing

Hi Champs,I have around 1000 VM being backed up in the environment with NBU 8.1.With some VM we have policy being set to "Virtual Machine quiescing equals Enabled" and in some policies it is set to "Disabled".I need to know by means of any command or...

noazara by Level 6
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NBSTSERV (SLP manager process) keeps crashing

I have a situation at one of my customers where periodically (a few times a week) the nbstsserv process crashes.They have a clustered master server (with VCS) and this then causes the nbu_group resource to fail its monitoring process, which in turn b...

Rob_Abrams by Level 3
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Resolved! oracle 11.4 w/acsls or infoscale - not working

Oracle has deprecieated the ucb libraries with 11.4, which causes issues with NetBackup using acsls to control the library: From support: The issue you are facing is that Oracle has removed these libraries. There is not a way in NetBackup to work aro...

Genericus by Moderator
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[NBU] - Silent install failed.

Hello team,we try to deploy Netbackup client silently with Bladelogic automation.We have always this :+ 01-09-2019,19:38:25 : Action ended 19:38:25: INSTALL. Return value 8. 01-09-2019,19:38:25 : The following processes are currently running ...

ymichal by Level 3
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AIR image imports on target NBU lag behind

We have 2 NetBackup master servers (8.0 on Solaris 11, ddboost version 3.3) and 2 data domains (DDOS 6.1.x) in 2 data centers. They are using SLP and AIR to replicate backup images. The backups and replications from source NBU are running fine. The i...

xliang8 by Level 2
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Failed to get host security certificate, BMR 8.1.2

Hello,My env:NBU Server: 8.1.2 on windows 2k8Source Client: 8.1.2 on windows 2k8Des Client: 8.1.2i am getting "Failed to get host security certificate" at the startup screen when host PXE boots.Here is what i did:Added new host name ,IP in hosts file...

Resolved! none of the requested files were backed up (2)

Hi all, good day!Anyone can help me regarding on my issue in Backing up SQL Batch file.I created test Database and Batch file and the issue persist when I'm going to run the policy in the NBU Master Server.But when I tried to run the Backup in NBU MS...

J_Huggins by Level 6
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Informix onbar fails with errors (156)(6)

Hello teamI am trying to backup Informix with NetBackup but got errors (156)(6).I have configured NBU remote agent and ran the script to link NBU Agent with Informix instance, ran a File System backup (policy type=Standard) to RHEL Host that contains...

DR-file in case of Appliance

HI All, You can't send DR file to basic storage unit in case of appliance.If CIFS share is not working then what is best way to store DR file? NBU appliance is not allowing to send DR file to basic storage unit. Regards,  

Mallek by Level 4
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Resolved! How To Cancel SLP 1000 Images nbstlutil cancel using script in windows

HiOur Mission  is to cancel a list of more than 1000 images called in SLP.I Found one post atatched below of Marraine. calling script in linux, to delete images from txt file.Can any one help me to change this script in Windowsi have made this script...

inn_kam by Level 6
Partner Accredited
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Backup on FC using SAN Switch

Hi,We have Two Brocade 24 port SAN Switch and 12 Clients and One tape Library ,One Master Server with Media Server.In Current Schenarion,Tape library is connected to master Server(Media Server) and all clinets are communicating over LAN.Now I want to...

Netbackup Licensing

Hi, i'm looking for an up-to-date Netbackup Licensing Guide. If this one doesn't exist anymore, where can i find information about licensing Netbackup apart from the Volume License ? Regards Frank

fpa by Level 1
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[NBU] - Preinstall Netbackup client on VM Template

Hi everyone,We want to integrate NBU client 8.1.2 in a vmWare VM template.We have found these topics :- preinstall Netbackup client on an VM Template- Preinstall Netbackup client in a VM template (Windows / Linux)Do you know if this method is support...

ymichal by Level 3
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GUI misreporting Current and Estimated Kb

I am running 8.1.1 on Linux.On certain duplications jobs (via SLP), the last copy, when it is running, shows an Estimated Kb, that is different to the Current Kb.Example - Estimated 561,615,152Kb, and Current is 1,552,359,468Kb.When I check the copie...