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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Netbackup BMR shared disk access

Dear all, we have a two node microsoft cluster, node 2 went off. nad node 1 had a hardware failure. what we did, we performed a netbackup bmr restore on node 1. Node 1 came up sucessfully, but our application is running on SAN voulumes. Those SAN...

Resolved! Transaction Log Policy is not running.

I am using Net Backup 6.5.2A i need to take Transaction Logs backup for a MS SQL Database. I tried a bch file for the same, while running that it is giving me a error. Please fine the error message and help how to resolve this issue. OPERATION BAC...

Hemanth by Level 2
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Q: Actual NBU NDMP Tiering List

Hi, does anyone know where to find an actual NBU NDMP tiering definition list.  It seems, the current Server Tier Definition List from March 2010 doesn´t contain NDMP tiering definitions. thanks  -attila

amethehun by Level 2
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Resolved! Design question about adding second robot for restores

Hey all, I'm running NetBackup 6.5.3, and I have a requirement to modify our backup environment in such a way, that backups go to one tape robot (LTO drives, TLD(0)), whereas restores come from a second tape robot (also LTO drives, TLD(1))   (long ...

Resolved! Netbackup virtual setup

Hi All, Can you plz tell me know that is there any application exist, like VMware exist for Netbackup, through which i can setup a Virtual Netbackup Environment. Thanks & Regards Ravinder Singh

K_R by Level 4
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Drive usage

Hello, I was wondering if there was an easy way to tell which jobs are using which tape drives in a library?  I know I can go through job details to get the information, but it is rather time consuming.  Is there an easier way? Thanks. NetBacku...

jawaner by Level 3
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Sharepoint 2007 and Netbackup 6.5.5 settings

Hi, I had a question and I can't find the answer anywhere. We have server test servers that are running Sharepoint 2007.  We are also running Netbackup 6.5.5. We were trying to set up a backup policy for the servers, but when we go to the Master ser...

bperror issues

Hello All, Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light/resolution to our problem... we've been using bperror.exe to extract the status of the backup of all clients (syntax: bperror.exe -U -t backstat -columns 160 -d %2 05:00:00 > %3) ...however, ...

Extracting Start/End Times of particular jobs

Hello All,     I'm fairly new to Veritas Netback support and kinda been dropped on my head with this.  I have been asked to extract start and end times for 2 particular jobs. Within netbackup 6.5, I can easily get this information, but I'm not used t...

Peazo by Level 2
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SAP Backup after upgrading client

Hi All, We have netbackup 6.5.5 master server(HP Unix) and windows 2003 client with SAP DB..client 6.0 we took backup of onlinedb script and archive script , upgrade client to 6.5 and put the script back to original location.. and also changed locat...

Resolved! SAP restore fails with " dbc_get_string: Output = EXIT STATUS 135"

Hi We have a NetBackup 6.5MP5 environment running on Solaris 10 system. the  SAP restore fails withth " dbc_get_string: Output = EXIT STATUS 135" Here is an excerpt of the backint  log: 10:29:29.202 [7485] <2> bsa_bplist: end_date = Tue Mar 23 03:...

Anth105 by Level 4
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Resolved! NBU BMR fails elxstor.sys file is corrupted

Dear All, i need some one to assist me on the case, i have an issue while try to restore via NBU BMR 6.5.4 it performs sucessfully "Prepare to restore" but after we create the ISO image and tries to boot it. it fails by giving following error " T...

Resolved! Synthetic backup on Netbackup5.1 MP2 error

Dear All, I have tested systhetic backup on netbakcup 5.1 mp2.While doing UAT we found that there are known bugs in netbackup 5.1 mp2 1)Synthetic backup fails with status 665, when source bpdm failed with status 175.  2) Synthetic backup on the ma...

Backups to fail with a “71” error

 Is there a way to add a selection to a Windows policy to select the “My Documents” directory for multiple users? From what I have read so far the wildcards “*” and “?” can only be used within a filename and not for a directory name. “C:\Documents an...

XJ37 by Level 3
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Resolved! Netbackup 7- Throttling Duplication Bandwidth

Does anyone know how I can throttle the bandwidth for duplication using storage life cycle policies? Don't want to throttle down backups locally. Just my deduped data that is replicated (via IP) to a second datacenter. Can't seem to find the syntax ...

Resolved! Root filesystem filling up

I have a few clients whose root filesystem is filling up...... I few files have been identified in the following directories: /usr/openv/netbackup/tir_info /usr/openv/netbackup/tir_info/export Can I delete these files? Thanks Joe Despres

NB7 Dedupe to Worm Disk

I was wondering if it was possible with NB7 to dedupe to worm disk.  I see that you can store the dedupe DB to a different disk than the actual data it's self. as a precaution against a (potential) malicious admin user from deleting all of our backup...