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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backing up filer data via NFS mount on 5230 appliance

Currently running a 5230 appliance as media server. Have been successful in the past grabbing data that is exported from a NetApp filer and mounted NFS to appliance. This obviously works for backing up volumes/qtrees given ACL's and permissions are a...

dnaflr2 by Level 3
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NetBackup 8.1 on NetBackup Appliance - SAP Integration

Hello,At the moment we're testing a DEMO NetBackup Appliance and I have some questions I couldn't find any answer in the guides.1. Client Deduplication: if I add a policy for a simple filesystem backup and set the client in the master server properti...

Appliance 5240 new configuration issue

Hello All, My compagny has bought a new backup appliance. It is a 5240. I am now busy running the initial setup. I get an error when I want to set the role of the appliance. new.Appliance> Media <MY master server>- [Info] Checking for connectivity to...

How to Backup from VTL to Tapes

Hi VOX Experts,We have a netback up version my colleague have taken the backup to VTL.What we need to accomplish is to backup the content of /db/backup to external quantum tapes.May we know how can we do that using the netbackup al...

szewent by Level 2
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Resolved! Number of jobs running not following configuration - HyperV

When we lunch a backup for our VMs from our Hyper-V, we configure it to run only one per time, but it launches several snapshot and backup jobs (and they all are running at the same time).We have this configured, please tell if we are missing somethi...

pmendez by Level 3
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New media server and opitmized duplication

Hi all,I've a client on a remote site, with poor (very poor) bandwith. I've added a new media server. I've change the media server for this client, and despite duplicate image from old media to new media, next backup will do a full backup.Do you any ...

Resolved! size on media after copy1 on msdp

Hello, I have a copy1 backup on msdp with a compression ratio of 98%.Then I have a copy 2 on LTO6 tape.My question is: when sending data to tape, what size is set to tape?Real size or compressed size?This would allow me to know how much tape per week...

Resolved! Upgrade NBU 7.1 to NBCC

Hello, I have a master server with nbu 7.1 and need to upgrade to version on company request. When running nbcc it was confirmed that the catalog is inconsistent but the company does not support veritas, how should I proceed in this case to u...

Resolved! Fiber Channel not working on Netbackup

We are trying to enable fiber transport to use our SAN, but when we do we get the following error:NBU status: 2075, EMM status: Fibre Transport resources are not availableHow can we fix this?Thanks

pmendez by Level 3
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Oracle Backup Error 13

Hi,I have a Netbackup environment which do Oracle BD backups from an Oracle Exadata X5 appliance. The Master Server is a Solaris SPARC Server with Netbackup Enterprise Server v 7.7.3. The Exadata nodes have Netbackup 7.7.3 version, too.The Master Ser...

nbrmms keeps crashing and restarting after upgrade

I upgraded NBU from 7.7.3 to 8.1.1, and all appeared to be fine, apart from nbrmms which crashes and restarts, around twice a minute, generating a 200Mb core file each time.I see the following 2 errors: -Apr 11 08:21:15 abrt[6613]: Saved core dump of...

Upgrading media server operation system

Hi guys,I have a 8.0 media server installed on Windows 2008 R2, I´m planing to upgrade this server to Windows 2012. Does anyone know if I going to have a problem with my media server??According microsoft support all registry entries will not be modif...

AndresV by Level 6
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Resolved! What each of SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_xxx exactly do?

Greetings!I would like to understand how does all SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_xxx get implemented.Let me first explain how my enviroment looks like:I have a media server (server for NDMP) , 5 filers connected to it via LAN and a library (which is VTL) with 50 ...

AlChie by Level 4
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