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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! How to make a tape copies in netbackup 7 for DR purpose

Hello, Please help me to find a way to make a copy of daily incremental / weekly full backup tape to another tape in the same STK C2 library and take it out. I am using netbackup 7 on Solaris 10. Your help is highly appreciated...

unixlife by Level 4
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Resolved! Error bpbrm(pid=41708) BMRERR: Received BMR error: The driver for Broadcom BCM5708S NetXtreme II GigE is not compatible with Windows PE. You may need to create a driver package that is Windows PE compatible

i am using Netbackup for Windows 6.5 on Win2003 and facing the below problem while takeing the BMR backup ACTIVITY MONITOR LOG 2/13/2010 12:23:32 PM - requesting resource Veritas_BMR_Backup 2/13/2010 12:23:32 PM - requesting resource veritas-netbk...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Hello, Just trying to download Netbackup 6.5.5 for all Unix clients however I am receiving "connection failure". Just wondering if anyone is having the same issues with the link? Thanks link

cus by Level 4
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Resolved! command to find DRIVE used in backup for each job

Hi Team, Is there a way to find the the which drive is used in the backup through a command line. I am trying to prepare a report which will capure some the the details like Job-id , Client name , Status Code , State,  Master server , media server , ...

Raja007 by Level 2
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Resolved! Oracle RMAN backup on HP_UNIX

Hi, We have Netbackup Enterprise Server 6.5.2A on Windows 2003 server and Netbackup client 6.5.2 installed on HP_PARISC server with HP_UNIX 11.21 v2. Now we are planning for RMAN backup on tape. We had gone through  NBU for Oracle manual it is sa...

Errors installing Admin console on Win7 64bit

I upgraded my master server with no issues (Windows 2003 32bit box) and went to install the 64 Bit admin console on my Windows 7 64bit Pro desktop. Its a fairly new build but everything is up to date. No other issues with the computer. When I go to...

Resolved! Long running or Hung jobs script

Hi All, We have 5 netbackup master server and more than 6000 clients configured in it. I am looking for a UNIX sccript that can identify the long running , hung jobs or jobs with very less throughput. Its very difficult to manually find the long run...

Sunny04 by Level 3
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Backup policies guide lines

Hi Please help me out in creating backup policies in netbackup.  We already have some policies running in our SSO environment,  we are going to create some more new policies, please do let me know on how avoid resource contention, time over lap for ...

Overlapping calendar schedules

This seems like a pretty basic thing people might want to do. I want to schedule a full backup to be sent offsite on the last Saturday of each month, but I want weekly full backups taken every other Saturday.  I was thinking about using Calendar bas...

New Tape Robot/Drive - Cannot Backup

Greetings, Due to a hardware failure, I have recently replaced our Dell PowerVault 122T (LTO2) with a PowerVault 124T (LTO3). I then removed all instances of the LTO2 drive/robot from Netbackup and configured for the new robot/drive. So, here are th...

jkois by Level 2
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Status 42 errors

I have quite a few servers all on the same LUN that are all getting status 42 errors after backing up about 3 gigs and then they fail.  We are running netbackup 6.5.4 on all of them and they are all windows 2008 r2.  They are all VMs and I have no cl...

bpcatarc algorithm

Hi, Can some please help me just understand the bpcatarc algorithm. I have a 50 GB Catalog,  and when I do a period of 12 months archive, what it is doing is breaking up the catarc jobs. Is this common practice? If someone has the bpcatarc algori...

Resolved! NetBackup Operations Manager

We are running nbu 6.5.5.  I've tried to install NOM on both a media 2003 server and a 2008 server, with the NBU client installed. The NOM software i have is NB_NOM_6.5.4.winnt.x86_326412.exe, which appears to be the upgrade rather than the full sof...

mpjubb by Level 3
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RMAN scripts

Dear Team, We are new to RMAN backups. could some one please send the the RMAN script templates and Netbackup integration steps.. Regards, Ashok

ashokb by Level 3
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New Media Server Failing to backup System State

I just stood up a new media server and the system state and shadow copy components are failing to backup on it.  They are failing with a status code 63.  The backup of the local disk drives is functioning correctly. Any ideas?? I could really use ...

pmcjury by Level 3
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e-mail notification of backup results

Guys, hi. i've got a a small issue with the email notifications coming from Netbackup. i'm not getting any. recently i had to move the database from one drive to another (netbackup 6.5.5) because of space issues. now, blat 2.6.2 was installed previou...

Using retired Backup Exec 12 Media (LTO-2) in a Netbackup Server

I have a bunch of used LTO2 tapes that were created in a Windows Backup Exec 12 environment.  These tapes have been retired from that server, and I would like to be able to scratch/erase the tapes & use them again on a Sun server running Solaris9 and...

Resolved! Status 800 when duplicating images on tape

We recently moved all our tape drives from our master server to a separate media server, leaving the old mster server in place.  We are trying to duplicate a set of images from old tapes from the old media server/master to new tapes on a new media se...