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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Poor Performance After setting Concurrent I/O mode on AIX OS

Hi Guys,    We have an AIX NetBackup SAN Media Server backing up a 8TB SAP-Oracle DB, normally it takes 10 hours to go through but after we change the filesystems to a Concurrent I/O mode (due to a SAP suggestion) the same backup takes about 22 hour...

Netbackup reporters report broken

 Hi Experts, My issue is:- Client is having Symantec Netbackup for tape backup. We also have the Netbackup Reporter to create advanced reports of the backups, the amounts, etc. What we need is a report, broken out by individual policy, for total amou...

FlashBackup and F5 ARX file virtualization

Hello all, IHAC who has recently implemented F5's ARX file virtualization solution and we are now facing a rather interesting backup/restore problem.   This customer has several CIFS shares that comprise a particular ARX managed volume with about 2...

chad_wansing1 by Not applicable
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Resolved! NDMP Backups failing

Greetings, We recently moved two of our NetApp filers to a new datacenter and now when I try to backup some of the larger volumes I am receiving the error NDMP backup failure(99).  The detailed status shows the following lines. 12/15/2009 2:24:21 P...

Rwigg by Level 3
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Resolved! Pushing a *nix client for a *nix master via jnbSA

Hey Fellas, I am  trying to push *nix clients out via the admin gui (select client - right click - install unix client software) it always fails. All of my *nix hosts have shared keys setup and we only allow 22 and no other ports to and from the Li...

Error status 47

Hi All, Anyone has error 47 "host is unreachable(47)" ?  , it's Image Cleanup , my NBU system is 6.5.3, running on Win2003. Thanks.

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! Tapes in status frozen, after maked the backup tape

Hi, i have the next problem, NB mount the tape to make a Backup, when the tape end use is in frozen state, then NOM send me an alert. I need to solve why our media server put on the tape in status frozen, please see the next message when i execute t...

NetBackup capacity

Hello, I am looking for the NetBackup FrontEnd Capacity measure Tool. It seems that this tool have been removed from ftp site. I am looking this tool for Windows ... Can anyone help me ? Many thanks, ElGrigo

ElGringo by Level 6
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Resolved! MSEO install media for windows

Can someone point me to the Windows install files required for MSEO? I already got a test key from support and they referred me to download  NetBackup_6.5_Winx86.tar.gz from Fileconnect. I downloaded the file but there is nothing remotely related ...

ROFPR by Level 4
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NOM using smtp authentication

HI ALL I was installed a NOM server on windows 2003 32x , and filled smtp server name / port / email sender id . But the smtp server must use a authentication account . I have the account and password , but I can't find where to config it. I know how...

jasko by Level 3
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NBU Multiple Media Servers & Fibre Channel Tape Library

Hello,   I am still at the planning stage for NetBackup, these are two options we have come up with.   Scenario 1:   - 4 x Servers with Media Server and Client installed sharing tape library connected through fibre channel, they should backup themsel...

NetBackup Setup Incorrectly

We recently (6 months) switched from CA to NetBackup, but when we did it was incorrectly done.  We currently have 6.5.4 installed on Windows Server 2k8 Enterprise x32, which is our issue.  After speaking with a Symantec support rep about some issues ...

Resolved! OracleRAC RAW file system backup through BCV server

Hi, how to take RAW file system backup of oracle RAC from BCV server with following scenerio Oracle RAC with two node cluster and EMC DMX stroage using ASM for storage management custome will take BCV of this server and post BCV split it wil mount...

Prithvi by Level 3
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Oracle Restores : best practice?

hi, I have a question concerning Oracle restores... We use the following backup scheme for backing up oracle databases via the Netbackup Agent for Oracle (talking to RMAN): - Daily incrementals - 2-hourly archivelog backups - Weekly full Inital bac...

Stefaan_M by Level 4
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