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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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unfreeze media script

does anyone have or know of a script that you can run to unfreeze media in NBU without having to run the the bpmedia command manually , i would think there is a script that you can create or someoen have that you can run beside the GUI and command li...

r1 by Level 5
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Resolved! How to take volumes out of volume pool

Hi, I need to assign a volume in a exiting volume pool to new volume pool. It have some data's in it.How can I unmount that volume and assign it to new volume pool.Data's are not that much important.And I want to know how to erase the data's in the ...

Resolved! specified network interface

I have 1 nics on the client , the client OS is a windows server and the master server is a unix server . i have been having name resolutions issues with different errors , 57 , 48 ..etc bplclntcmd The client has 2 nics cards one is use ofr apps a...

r1 by Level 5
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Resolved! NDMP for NetBackup 6.5 not functioning

I have a Windows installation of NetBackup 6.5 (with the optional NDMP Option) and am trying to perform a backup of my NetApp FAS 2020 filer using NDMP. I have configured my NetApp to allow NDMP, but I cannot get my NB media server to connect to the ...

DR solution for NetBackup

All I was wondering if anyone has some best practices for a DR solution for NetBackup as an application. Currently we are trying to put together a DR solution that will allow us to bring online or switch over to another console and media server shoul...

Resolved! Check out the IDEAS tab, and VOTE!

I added an IDEA to allow users to save and or define views/sort/filters in JAVA admin console so you can share a view, or load the display to match another, then switch back easily, check it out and VOTE if you like it... Also I encourage you to rev...

Resolved! Oracle RMAN backup descripency

We have an oracle RMAN LV0 backup policy configured for a database called TESTDB on SERVER1.  The same SERVER1has lot of other DB's running which also has RMAN backup's configured. Policy name: SERVER1-ORA-TESTDB-LV0-rmn3pen1 The issue is, when we ...

Sriram by Level 6
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NBU 6.5.4 issue of backup the lotus (invalid magic number)

Hi,   My backup server OS:   Solaris Sparc 5.9  64bit     ,     NBU Version 6.5.4    lostus agent OS      :  AIX 5.3 64bit  with Lotus 8.0  . NBU agent : 6.5.4    It 's OK to backup the filesystem.   but backup the lotus ,it failed. anybody can help ...

__bug by Level 3
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Services are not running on the media server

Hi All I have faced on problem during the backup When i have stsrted the backup backup is going into the quieeeand it shows the  message waiting for the resources. I have check the services on the media server some of the services are not running....

um_umesh by Not applicable
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Resolved! Hot catalog backup and ALTPATH

When you move your images database using ALTPATH, you must configure the new location of the images db on the files tab of the cold (offline) catalog backup dialog. However, there is no such files tab for the hot backup method. How does the hot backu...

bpup by Level 4
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File List windows

Hi, i have windows 2k3 with netbackup 6.5.3, i cant scroll the scroll bar on the 'activity monitor' job details windows under 'job overview' tab. thanks

mahmedp by Level 3
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Command to Identify agents

Hi everybody! Someone knows how can i do to get a list of agents installed in my enviroment of backup? Regards

Resolved! NetBackup V5.7 Detecting New HCART Media

hello, I am running a Standalone unit with NetBackup V5.7. I had just been running 1 tape for a long time since we had alot of room on it with a retention of 2 weeks. Just now we have run out of room and need to get a second media detected and confi...

Resolved! SQL Restore problem on Netbackup 5.1

 Hello dear all. I´m trying to make a restore on a SQL Database. But when i run the script i get this error: # This batch file was created for an operation on host SVEV0055 using # the SQL Server instance <default>. # Move this file to the Ve...

kapotes by Level 4
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Resolved! Using a CIFS share as a basic disk storage unit

I created a CIFS share on a NAS device and want to use the CIFS share as a basic disk storage unit for a Windows 64-bit 2008 R2 Netbackup Media server. The OS can see the CIFS share and map the network drive.  However, I keep getting a 83 error code...

Reagan by Level 5
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Resolved! NetBackup 7 and VMware Vstorage API

NetBackup 7 supports directly backing up a ESX server using the Vstorage API, which eliminates the need for the VCB server. Has anyone out there implemented this yet.  I read through the NetBackup 7 VMware admin guide and it says a backup host is re...

Reagan by Level 5
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Upgrade to 6.5 and nbpushdata Sequence

Hi We are upgrading very shortly and although I've read the manuals several times it is still very vague about when to run nbpushdata exactly. It doesn't tell you when to populate the EMM from the media Servers side i.e John - 1 Master/Media Server...

Backups are continously failin with EC:58.

Hi All, One of my windows 2003 client backup's are continously failing with EC:58. connectivity between master, media and clinet is fine. When i check the detailed job status, it shows like.. 01/28/2010 16:15:05 - Error bpbrm (pid=27888) cannot conn...