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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! DB2.CONF file missing

All, We have Netbackup for our db2 backups.The backups are running fine without any issues but I cannot find db2.conf file in /usr/openv/netbackup directory. Is it possible to have backups without db2.conf file by just having the policy name from Net...

Restore "overwrite" won't work on VM 3.5 client.

I have a netbackup masterserver (6.5.4) running on windows 2003 and trying to do a FULL-restore on a VM-client (3.5). The restore process would complete. However, it would not OVERWRITE old files.  Anyone else having this problem?

Can multiple robots be configured on one host ?

Hello All, Running Netbakcup Environment and have couple of questions: 1) Currently I have a media server with large ATL attached to it, the target is to swap this large ATL with smaller one to save some DC space. For the reason of swapping...

Grundel by Level 2
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Can any one explain, what is catalog backup?

MS SQL Server backup quits with Status Code 1

Dear Team, NetBackup Version - 6.5.1 Master Server          - HPUX.B.11.11. Media Server           - HPUX.B.11.11 Client                         - WindowsNET  - LCCDB056 Client                        -  Windows2003 - UCCNETP MSSQl backup's which is...

Tape media - how many uses?

How many uses is a tape good for? A tape may be rated for, say 30 years. This depends on the type of media and the manufacturers specification. But how many times can that media be overwritten? After how many uses should media be retired and replac...

sybase backup scripts

Good day,   I run netbackup 6.5.1 on windows 2003 ent. Server.    I need to configure netbackup to backup Sybase server on an AIX partition.   I need the Sybase backup and restore scripts because the installation does not give me this. thank you.  

ayodeji by Level 6
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Netware 6.5 SP6 hang after load NetBackup 6.5.2

Hi Group, We have a problem with NetBackup Client for Netware version 6.5.0 and 6.5.2 on our new Netware 6.5 system (We try to run both versions of NetBackup) We have a quite new server with Novell Netware 6.5 Service Pack 6. After load BPStart.nlm...

danyboy by Not applicable
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Resolved! Status code 84/800

Hi All, My daily incremental is failing with status code 84 & incomplete jobs showing with 800. We have master (6.5.2) & media server in one box runs on  Win2k3 Data is backed up to storage unit using CIFS and datadomain box. Actually the backup go...

Rithesh by Level 4
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Window2003 failing with the socket error 24

The backups for the windows server is failing witht the error " socket write failed  24 " " could not send server status message" The windows client is having NB 6.5.3. and master server NB is 6.5.3. When is reraned manully the backup complete fine,,...

DLO 6.1 False Alerts

I am running Netbackup DLO 6.1 MP4 and I am getting false alerts. If I respond "OK" to any or all alerts and delete them from the alert history, they reappear in the alerts. When I check a client in the "History" tab to verify a client has not backed...

XJ37 by Level 3
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Resolved! How to check what are the files are backed up.

Hi I would like to know what are the files are backed up against a client and against a policy on a particular day or particular period. I have tried to use bplist and bpflist commands.  But the strange thing is i am able to see the images using BA...

Can't connect to Admin Server

I can't connect to my Admin server with a new laptop I'm setting up.   I'm using all the correct credentials as used on the old laptop. Any ideas of where to begin the troubleshooting?

benefits of adding a media server

Hi All, Are there any benefits of adding a seperate media server if there is no issue with load on the one master/media combo? The backups are running extremely slow but it appears the bottleneck is on the master/media interface.  Is it better to...

BackupJ by Level 3
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