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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Hyper-V backup

Hi guys, can I verify if the following is correct to perform a Hyper-V snapshot backup? 1) License required: Enterprise Client 2) Software required on Hyper-V host server: NBU Media Server 3) Policy type: FlashBackup-Windows I tried configurating a...

Resolved! status error 40 on linux client

Hello, Today i installed to client with netbackup 5 1.One client on linux is working fine but other is giving error status code 40.What would be reason? I have compaired all file and folder on linux between two clients all are same,what aim doing wr...

DB2 restore on same server but different database name

Hi All, I have read through the Admin Guide for DB2 agent on a Unix machine (i am using a RHEL5 actually), but i can't seem to find any information on restoration of a database on the same server but with a different database name. E.g. i have backu...

Jeffrey_Ong by Level 3
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EMM Database Relationships

Hello All, You are my last hope. Does anyone have information/chart/??? showing the relationships between the 60+ tables in NBDB_EMM? ANY info would be greatly appreciated. Regards, Patrick

Resolved! NBU 6.5.4 on Win2008x64

Hello Running Netbackup 6.5.4 on Win2003 (32bit). Have bought a new server (Dell PowerEdge R610) and my plan was to run Win2008server x64, and Netbackup 6.5.4 x64. OS install looks good. Then I install 6.5.4 x64. Looking good: ...but after this w...

VCB Proxy Documentation (specifically for MultiPathing)

Hi, I'm setting up a VCB Proxy server to backup virutal servers. The server is an IBM 3650 with dual port Emulex HBA cards. This document here: ...

ADDODD by Level 4
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NDMP restore on to CIFS share fails

We are facing problem in restoring a file backed up using NDMP volume backup. We are tryinig to restore on to CIFS share, buts its a vain. Did any one aware of how  to restore this.......... Thank you. Regards Sreekanth

None of the files in the file list exist (Status Code 71)

Hi, I see "None of the files in the file list exist" message as the exit status of some backup policies that scheduled to run over night. sometimes it succeeded and sometimes failed. Note that I am only including one single file in the backup selec...

kadi by Level 3
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Resolved! Termination requested by administrator (Status Code 150)

Hi, I see "Termination requested by administrator" message as the exit status of some backup policies that scheduled to run over night? What can be the cause of such a problem? which log files exactly I need to review? Application ver: NetBackup ...

kadi by Level 3
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Resolved! Recovering Catalogs (Cold Backup) from Solaris to Linux

Hi All, This is my first post. Hope to get a response on this one. We are trying in the process of changing a Solaris System running NBU 6.0 to a Redhat Linux system with NBU 6.5. Can the catalogs be recovered onto the Linux system? Has Anyone tried...

SF-6900 by Level 2
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Resolved! BMR Support for Windows 2008 64 Bit Edition

Does anyone know if Bare Metal Restore is supported for Windows 2008 64 Bit Edition when running NBU 6.4.5 server and clients?   Our file system backup are completing without errors but when collecting BMR data the logs show the following details: ...

WalterPPK by Level 3
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Resolved! Drive scan host is not active

Hello world, I've got a question and I want to see if you might be able to help me. IHAC that is seeing some strange behaviour that I cannot immidately explain. Let me elaborate, his primary backups are running to a VTL. At a later stage this vtl ...

Remco by Level 2
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Backup failing for E Disk alone.

Hi All, Backup failing only for E disk alone in client server(windows)with File write failed(14). could any one help me? Thanks all

NBFREAK by Level 4
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Image Cleanup Job..

Hi All, Can any one please let me know how to run the Image Cleanup Job manually,if it is not running by default. Thanks, Jaya

Resolved! LPAR - Migration concerns with IP address

Current Environment : NBU 6.5.3 OS = Solaris 10 We are in progress in migrating our current environment to IBM AIX 6 (utilizing LPAR). Our Sr. Network Admin has one concern. Please read the following: "Each p570 has 4 network connections, each are...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Need client for NT4 machines

Hi, We are currently running 6.5.2 on our master and media servers and we are migrating some servers off other backup systems. Well, two of the units are NT4 servers and can't be upgraded. I understand that there are no clients in 6.x and I would ne...

Resolved! login details in Netbackup

Dear All, We have NBU 6.0 on Solaris. In console we have to set other user except root are able to login. Where it can be logged that which user are login to NBU admin console ? Regards,