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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Some Problem with status code 41 in netbakcup 6.5.3

Hi all some times I have problem with a backup exit with status code 41 Description Netbackup Netbackup 6.5.3 O.S. windows server 2003 R2 X64 Policy backup policy type SAP client ora-clust SOLARIS Solaris_x86_10_64 backup selection  /script...

Howto recover Catalog without DR file

How can i recover/restore the Catalog without a DR file ? what command will i use ? 1.) My Catalog backup is on single Tape Cartrige. My catalog policy name is Catalog-Policy. i have one full backup with 5 differential incremental backups. How can i...

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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How to share the drive in netbackup 6.5

Hi, We have two SL 700 PTL library, one master server and 4 media server in our environment. all the servers are running in win 2003 with services pack 2. i am facing the problem in PTL library. problem is one drive is not sharing and it configured t...

Ram_drk by Level 3
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how to share the drive

Hi, We have two SL 700 PTL library, one master server and 4 media server in our environment. all the servers are running in win 2003 with services pack 2. i am facing the problem in PTL library. problem is one drive is not sharing and it configured ...

Ram_drk by Level 3
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Resolved! netbackup installed drive getting full

Hello All, I have netbackup6.0MP7.The binaries are installed in C drive. C drive has the capacity of 12GB. Everyday I am facing the problem that the drive is getting full.I am removing some logs to make the space.because of the space problem the al...

Point in time Oracle DB Restore problem

Hi, I tried to restore the oracle database to the specific point in time which is used the cold backup approach on Netbakcup 6.5.4, and I used the netbackup restore wizard with the specific SCN: 1005400 (backup set: bkxxxx969). After the restore com...

vandajoey by Level 2
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NBU 6.5 RESTORE SOCKET READ ERROR 1 Master 4 SAN Media Servers

Hello Gentelmen, I have a problem with one of my M5000 Enterprise NBU SAN media servers in regards to NBU restores that I hope you may have a solution for.  The file systems for the restores to this media server are Veritas managed (vxvm and vxfs 5....

alwindc by Level 2
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Starting NBU Windows Client in Safe Mode on Win2003

Hi, We were having problems with a server which wouldn't allow us to log in when booting up normally, but once in Safe Mode with Networking we were able to log onto the domain. The registry was corrupt, so we thought we maybe able to restore when in...

NBU RTP Usability Focus Group this week!

The Symantec User Research team is interested in collecting some feedback on NetBackup RealTime Protection during a 2 hour remote usability focus group. We believe that the only way to build truly useful products is to ensure that our users have ...

Read only user in java console

Hi all, netbackup version 6.5.4 Hp UX 11.23 We want to create a user in veritas which will only be able to check activity monitor and check status of drives through java console.. user should not be able to delete a job,cancel a job or start new po...

NBU 6.5.4 and Win2008 CPU Utilization

Environment: NBU 6.5.4 for Windows I am testing the client backup of multiple Windows 2008 SP1 x64 servers.  Some have have applications installed, some have just the O/S.  One thing in common though, in that doing a "standard backup", NBU is pushi...

How to do migration of NBU6.0 AIX to NBU6.5 Linux ?

Dear members, We intend to migrate master NetBackup6.0 on AIX to master NetBackup6.5 on Linux system. I would like to know if this is possible, then what are the prerequisites, steps and full procedure please to do this migration. Thank you.

fizbak by Not applicable
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Media Server Migration - Solaris

Hi Expert, I've a NB 6.0 MP4 media server running under Solaris 10 and would like to move over to a new server running Solaris 10 too. What are the steps that i need to do to have the same configuration back onto the new server ? Thanks

ahlude by Level 3
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Netbackup 5.0a gui confusion Solaris 9

Hello all :D So i was asked to create a process to automatically check that each of the server we run is capable of restoring from tape each month. this has been done but one little point niggles me. Here is an example of the command i use to resto...

Warning in DBclient log "differs from NBU config name"

i am trying to restore a backup image but i am facing the below WARNING in the DBclient log of SQL  13:09:18.582 [5912.1040] <8> VxBSAQueryObject: WARNING - NBBSA_CLIENT_HOST name= <PC-1> differs from NBU config name= <PC-2> Thanks in Advance

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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How to report queued & active jobs in NOM?

Hi There, I'm trying to use NOM to report on jobs that are currently not "Done" - i.e. Queued, Active, Waiting for Retry, etc. On my installation it seems like the "Job" and "Job Attempt" data views only contain jobs that are "Done", even though I ...

Netbackup licensing for lab/training purposes

 Is anyone aware of any licensing options for netbackup for use ina  lab/training scenario? We have licenses for our production install(utilizing lto4 drives), but I would like to setup a small lab environment(we have some ancient sun dds drives) so ...

Cross mount points functionality

Is there a particular reason that in a backup policy, when you enable the Cross mount points option, the backup process still detects if a particluar directory is a mount point?  We have several servers that each have tens of thousands of file system...

dbd by Level 2
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