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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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VCS global cluster option.

 Hello. Once again a 3rd party consultancy company has been bought in to configure our backup architecture. We have three major sites all on a one gig redundant connection each serving around 300 servers. Their recommended plan is to put in pl...

AlGon by Level 6
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secure access to folder via backup selection from master

hello, i have an important server to backup. i have installed netbackup 6.5 in linux, as you now i can acceed to all files from master in backup selection. please, can every one tell me if there solution to secure acees to files which are not backup...

louacif by Level 4
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active media

Within a volume pool named with 'data', I have an  media A  with 'active' status,  how can I remove it out of 'data' pool and let it not used in the next backup run ?

Resolved! "pulling" NB 6.5.4 client as opposed to "pushing"?

I have a set of "restricted" servers in my environment (linux and AIX) that I don't have accounts on (and will never be allowed to log in to). I'm wondering how I can distribute NB 6.5.4 client software to them. There's a documented procedure for "pu...

stan56 by Level 4
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interdir l'accès aux fichier d'un client via backup selection

bonjour, j'ai installé netbackup 6.5 sur un client linux. à travers le master, je peux accéder à tous ces fichiers(backup selections) mais c'est génant parce le client est top secret. comment faire pour interdire l'accès à ces fichiers except ceux à...

louacif by Level 4
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Vault Catalog backups

Anyone know details on the Vault Catalog backups?  The Vault admin guide says: Vault creates its own catalog backup with up-to-date information; Vault does not duplicate the NetBackup catalog. and Perform the catalog backup step in Vault. Vault crea...

Moving to a new netbackup server

I have what I think will be a very quick series of questions, which I am asking here to avoid interrupting working production backups.  Bear with me as I am still learning NetBackup which I inherited from the previous admin who was, for lack of a bet...

Airbourne by Not applicable
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Resolved! Need help with NetBackup UNIX Install

We keep the software on a NFS share that we mount as needed.  It has always worked fine until today..... This is what normally happens: Symantec Installation Script Copyright 1993 - 2007 Symantec Corporation, All Rights Reserved.         Installi...

How to make disk2disk2tape policy on NBU 6.5.2

Hello NBU Gurus, Please let me know what is the best policy for disk2disk2tape. I have Solaris 10 SPARC server with STK 2540 storage and LTO3 (400/800GB) single tape unit. My data size is less than 500GB. Is synthetic backup is best or just Sunday fu...

unixlife by Level 4
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Resolved! Use of Exclude list to Exclude selected directories

Hi, I am running Netbackup 6.0 Server MP5 I need to exclude certain directories under /var/ directory on Linux RHEL 5 client while taking backup of var directory and include all other data of /var/ for Backup. My current exclude list content is: /* ...

Resolved! Is NOM supported in a non-global Solaris Zone?

Hi: I want to install Netbackup Operations Manager an Veritas Backup Reporter, but i've been asigned jus one solaris server. I've read that Backup Reporter is NOT supported on a non-global zone, and that both products doesn´t get along, so, can I i...

peter12 by Level 4
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Resolved! Moving back to Netbackup

Hello all, I have a couple of concerns regarding our return to Netbackup. The first one is, can Netbackup 6.5 read / restore from tapes formated /created by CA arcserve r12 ?  Second , if the former is not possible, can both Netbackup and arcserve co...