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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Upgradation

Hi All We are dealing with the project which use to upgrade now to 5.1 MP7 to 6.5.3 and having 10 drives at present and th LIB is STK T 9940 1.35 and initially need to take catlog backup and maintain copyof policy, storage units, drive path and a co...

VEN by Level 3
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Anyone have any Comments on Memory allocation

Setting the memory allocation on the windows server? set to System cache or programs??? Windows server 2003 16Gb memory with Netbackup enterprise 6.0mp7 Memory performance differences??? any comments or experience in this setting and how Netbackup pe...

DEJohn by Level 4
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Resolved! nbu 6.0 and dlt2 cart issues

I am running nbu 6.0 with pv-136t, sdlt2 tape drive.  The issue is the cleaning tape is not being detected.  True,  NBU sees the tape.  It can be placed into the none volume.  I've setup a tape rule for CLN, DLT2 CART, tried tape, inventoried it.  Lo...

spj by Level 3
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identifying tapes for restore with netbackup oracle agent

I've been able to successfully backup to take using the oracle agent and an rman script, and I can see the tape listed in the job details window when the backup runs. But I'm confused about how to do a restore. If I go into the restore window and cho...

bahr by Level 2
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Resolved! Netbackup 6.5 Media Server Console login Error

I have just installed a new media server. But when I try to run the Netbackup Administration console from media server. It states an error.  "Unable to connect to selected Netbackup host "masterserver". Do anybody have the idea about the problem?...

soofy by Level 4
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PBX goes down and EMM hangs in stopping state

OK here's the scenario.  Two virtual machines running Windows 2003 server.  Baking up the VM's using option 3 (Full VM and File) causes the bpbkar32 process handles to jump over 2 million.  Immediately afterward, PBX goes down.  Then, EMM goes into a...

Android by Level 6
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Resolved! RegEx help

I want to back up a few files, and split these into separate streams. The way my files are split up are into A-Z. I was wondering if the following would work. NEW_STREAM /myfiles/[A-PM]* NEW_STREAM /myfiles/[PN-ZZ]* or does it need to be /[AA-PM]* ...

em23 by Level 4
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SAN Client and VTL's

Can anyone tell me if the SAN client can be used with a VTL yet? Is this on the roadmap if not currently supported?

Backup and Restore to a different Server

Hello We are using Netbackup 6.5 The backup of oracle database was taken on Server A. We are trying to restore the oracle data files to Server B. Server A and Server B have the same set of Media Servers in the bp.conf file. However netbackup comp...

jkmanda by Not applicable
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Status 1 Error

is there any way to set the netbackup email alerts to not notify when jobs complete with status 1(the requested operation was partially successful(1)The job was successfully completed, but some files may have been busy or unaccessible. See the proble...

Evan by Level 4
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NOM 6.5.4 disk layout

Hi: I'm thinking about setting up a Netbackup NOM server, i've been trough documentation but is not very clear to me about the disk layout for best performance on a Solaris 10 server. I've got available 4 disks which i'd like to be RAID protected,so...

peter12 by Level 4
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Resolved! Calendar Schedule

Hi all, We want to backup our master server every Sunday directly on tape. The last Sunday of every moth, the tape has to be assigned to a volume pool other than the volume pool of the policy (--> for longer retention time). My idea is to create two...

NB_IT by Level 2
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NDMP qtree size

Whats is the max size of the qtree which can be backed up using netbackup NDMP ? , is there some recommendation from symantec on this ? do we have some document for the same?

Resolved! back up via fibre

Hi all pls: i'v netbackup server (solaris 10 sparc) 3 client 10 (sparc) one fibre TL  all connected to the switch. in the client i configured each client like a media server and i share the the drive of the TL. when i configured the netbackup 6.5 fo...

Yiwen by Level 3
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