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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Oracle on Windows

We have discovered we have a single wintel system with an Oracle instance on it.  The client version is 6.5.    It has been determined we need to back it up, so we want to upgrade the client to NBU client to be current with the rest of the en...

How do I get client license details

I've inherited a net backup system, and I need to find out how many client licenses we have available.  Under help/licenses I see that we have 5 additional client packs, but I cannot figure out how many clients are licensed in each pack.  I could not...

jsasso by Not applicable
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Client Backup Report // Excel Spreadsheet

Does anybody have an excel spreadsheet into which they paste the raw output of bpimagelist ? I know I can run the report in the GUI and copy and paste it over to excel or export it ... but if I had an excel spreadsheet that would convert like the ct...

Silent Jobs

Is there anyway to run jobs (backups/restores) silently so they do no appear in the activity monitor? Just assume we have a reason to do so ;)

Methos8 by Level 4
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Resolved! No inline copy for SLP?

I am at NetBackup Enterprise, running on Solaris 10, backing up a mixture of windows and unix clients, as well as several database agents. All my backups go to a VTL with a one week retention, and copied to tape via SLP. some backups get mu...

Resolved! interview questions

 hi everyone   i recently attended one interview on netbackup. i did't  answer to the following questions. so can anyone plz help me . 1)If you wanted to know what IP address netbackup was using to perform backups what command would you run an...

Resolved! snapshot options

I'm trying to understand the snapshot client. Is it only available with a license? Is it only useful to make sure open files are not skipped? Is the Veritas Snapshot provider the same thing?

dz3000 by Level 4
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Resolved! Oracle Templates

Hi, May I know where I can find the templates? After I've created a template (via /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/jnbsa) and after I choose save, where can I find that template that I saved? or before I save the template, I'll be the one to specify where t...

Ingram by Level 4
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Activity Monitor Job info for 6.0MP7

Has anyone seen issues with Admin console by keeping the activity info for 28+ days. I have been seeing some strange things going on with Console. any best practices documentation would be helpful...

DEJohn by Level 4
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Is it possible to restore Windows to Solaris

I have 2TB of data on a Windows 2003 server and I want to move it to a Solaris device.  Can I use NetBackup backup/restore to accomplish this?  If so, how?  I can run another backup in a different manner if necessary. Thanks, Randy

rsamora by Level 5
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Resolved! nbpemreq in 6.5.3

I used to be able to specify "bpconfig -tries 0" which stops all scheduled backups (in 5.1), jobs near completion (while tries are set to 0) will allow the library (robot) to remove the media from the drive and into its perspective slot in the librar...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Bare Metal Recovery - restore of master server?

We are looking into some options for BMR and I am unable to locate this info on the website or admin guide. If we are using a server as the netbackup master and media server and want to implement BMR on this server as well, what are the options to p...

Resolved! Help!!! : ERROR in share Document Level backup

Hello friends-- I am trying to take granula backup of my sharepoint farm. I have 2 different server in which one is sharepoint2007 web portal and the other is sql2005 DB. While I am trying to take granula backup ( by enabling document level restore...

mohanty by Level 4
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Resolved! unable to backup lotus notes

Error msg : an extension package is needed, but was not installed. Version : 6.5 Client : Domino server Operatin system : Linux AS 4

Resolved! Anjan

Hi Friend need your help. can i retrieve data from expire tape.if yes then how.

Just to let you guys know ...

(& so you don't get any further confused with some of my posts! :D) I've posted an entry in the "Inside Symantec" forum in the hope that a minor flaw to the Connect site will get addressed: BUG? Post Titles disappear when editting.

Resolved! SQL DB Restore Doesnt Start in Netbackup

Hi All, Before starting let me tell you what i have: 1. Master server with 6.5.4 with Windows 2003 2. Client server with windows 2003 and SQL 2000 3. backup scripts created on the client server and backup are working fine. (number of DB's backed up...

MOIMOI by Level 4
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RMAN backup script - RELEASE CHANNEL dilemma

Hello, We've got over 100 Oracle instances with Netbackup for Oracle agent installed.  We backup using RMAN scripts that are quite similar across all instances. The thing is as observing Oracle backups, sometimes we encounter a nasty issue we don't...