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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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RMAN backup script - RELEASE CHANNEL dilemma

Hello, We've got over 100 Oracle instances with Netbackup for Oracle agent installed.  We backup using RMAN scripts that are quite similar across all instances. The thing is as observing Oracle backups, sometimes we encounter a nasty issue we don't...

NBU status: 800, EMM status: Disk volume is down

Hi All, Recently i configured multiple copies for for tier1 servers. For second copy i assigned new storage unit. For this week i gettin Disk volume is down error for few servers that too different servers. The storage unit is up & running. I susp...

Rithesh by Level 4
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NBU 6.5.2 on Windows 2008

Hi, I'm running NBU 6.5.2 on Windows 2008. All File-system and Systemstate backups work fine, but SQL backup has issues. In fact, I can't create backup script from the client... Is this a compatibility issue? If so, what version/patch will i need to ...

Resolved! Netbackup OpenStorage

Hi Guys A cuastomer wants to use a Data Domain DD530 Appliance as a VTL and deduplication option. He wants to know if NBU can encrypt and manage encryption in this appliance without the MSEO or NBU client encryption, would it be necessary to use the ...

camus by Level 3
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Resolved! Error 156 (snapshot error encountered)

Could anybody help that how to resolve 156 error and tell the process to resolve the snapshot issue.Please give it in stap by step so that it will be easy to resolve.

VEN by Level 3
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Listing Full media only.

In the NBU GUI you can easily go to each robot and list full media. I need to be able to do this command line, anyone know which command the GUI is using? bpmedialist does show FULL, but not in a usefull way. It presents the data in 3 lines per tape...

slevans by Level 4
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Resolved! Windows client backups hang on /VRTS_IMAGE_SIZE_RECORD

i've seen a few threads re: this issue, but no resolution.  Anyone know how to fix this? We're running a master and the clients in question are 6.5.3.  The Shadow Copy Components streams of a couple of our Windows clients run well until they ...

jazzno by Not applicable
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Need a command

Hi, Could someone help me on getting a command for " getting the list of media id's that are used for catalog backup" . Netbackup Version is 5.1 and the platform is Solaris 10. Thanks & Regards, Teja..

TV82 by Level 3
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NetBackups in Windows are taking too long

I am currently have scheduled a Full backup and the Policy has been running since Sunday. Based on file size it is only about 1.9 TB of data. I have a HP tape library 16 with two LTO-4 tape drives with 800MB tapes. Not sure why it is taling so long t...

Resolved! NB 6.5 - Delete files after a successful backup

Hi All, Someone mentioned to me there was an option to remove files/directories from the source host after successfully backing them up. I realise I could probably write a script to execute after a successful backup to do this, but I'd like to know ...

subs by Level 4
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Netbackup Vaulting Concept

Hi Everyone.. I am very new to this forum. Could anybody explain the vaulting concept in netbackup 6.5 in brief? I need to understand this. Thanks in advance. Rgds Amit

Resolved! Apply Exclusions to policies

Good morning, I would like to apply exclusions to one of my clients but no policies show up in the drop down list ( I do have policies created) am I missing something here?  I could manually type them in but it worrries me that something else is wro...

mrtba by Level 4
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bpbkar32 on Red Hat Enterprise Linux AS release 4

Hello   I have trouble with one of my linux server, sometimes interrupts the backup with error 41, and I have a ghost service with the name bpbkar32 witch use 99% of the CPU, I can’t kill this service with Kill -9 PID,one of you has experience with t...

oezkan by Level 4
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Linking Oracle 10g to NetBackup

Hi to all, I have a question. Can I link Oracle 10g to NetBackup even though there is no inetd/xinetd installed at the clients side? or do I have to install the inetd/xinetd package first before linking them? Thank You.

Ingram by Level 4
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Moving images from 6.0 to 6.5(Without Import)

Hi All, We Upgraded netbackup in our master server from 6.0 to 6.5.4  2 weeks back ,installation was succesful and backups were happening perfectly alright   how ever due to java console issue we rolled back to 6.0.. which was on different disk.. 6....