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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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NDMP backup Failure 99

Hi, I am trying to take the backup of a fcp share /vol_fcp_01 of a san filer by using ndmp. I have successfully taken backup before. But now I am getting the error NDMP Backup Failure (status code=99)

Netbackup Error 40/42 after upgrading to 6.52 from 5.1

Hi,   We have 4 data centres, each having 1 master ,2 media servers running Solaris 10.  After upgrading from 5.1MP2 to 6.52 at client side and 6.53 at master/media servers, I often get errors 40/42 during Weekly backup. 99% Daily backups are fine. ...

RMAN backup speed

Hi, I am using veritas nect backup server 4.5.3 and same version client is installed on my Linux (Red Hat AS 4) and windows clients (database servers). I take RMAN backups from my windows clients and speed i get is more than 30 MB/ps but from my Linu...

Status code 58 for MS-Windows 2K3 Box

Hi, Windows server backup is failing with status code 58. Checked hosname to ip address resolution in both master, media and client servers. Everything is okay. I made an host entry in the all the servers(master, media and client servers). Excuted...

SAN media server

Hi All Pealse some on can explain for me what is this issue: i'm using SSO with SAN media server /////////////////////////////// 08/29/2009 03:13:40 - requesting resource Minsatcs01-hcart-robot-tld-0 08/29/2009 03:13:40 - requesting resource netba...

Yiwen by Level 3
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Critical Please Help - Exchange mailbox restore not completing

I hope someone can help me.  I'm new to NBU and have very limited knowledge. I'm on NBU 5.1 MP7 (I know it's not supported but, I'm trying to upgrade). I am currently in the process of restoring three Exchange mailboxes from three different tapes to...

TimothyB by Not applicable
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Oracle status 6

Hi there, First of all I'm a real nooooob about oracle backups. I'm trying to backup an oracle db, and i 'm getting Status 6 I 've checked the date and no more that 2 minutes of diference between servers. I none even know witch log I should loo...

SQL Backup is failing with error code 58.

Hi, One of our critical MS-SQL server backup is failing with error code 58. Master server(HP-UX) NBU Version: 6.0 MP6 Client Server(Win2K3) NBU version: 6.0 MP4? Can you pls help me to resolve the issue as earlier?  

Max Jobs per Policy

I know there is a max jobs/client but does one exist for policies?  I just upgraded to 6.5.4 and I've noticed I have identical policy/schedules running at the same time.  Example, I have a policy that runs at 0700, it runs WAY outside the window beca...

Status 24

hi guys, all of a sudden i started getting status 24 on my backups.  can anyone tell me what the problem is? Thanks

Quick / Long Erase Fails

Software Verison: Netbackup Verison Hi Chaps, I am running in to a problem trying to erase tape, it keep saying that no drives are available for this operation. See the log below: 28/08/2009 15:28:28 - begin Erase 28/08/2009 15:28:28 - s...

MaxDB Backups via Netbackup

Hi everybody,   I need some assistance setting up a backup for a MaxDB.   I am using Netbackup 6.5 running on Windows 2003 and the MaxDB is also on a windows 2003 server.   I need to know how to setup this backup from scratch and I have no idea where...

NolanE by Level 4
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Resolved! DSSU Import

Hey Everyone, I am taking backup to disk from NBU. There are some expired backup images on the disk from I want to restore some data. I want to BAR GUI but there isn't anything listed as these backups has already crossed their retention period. I ...

Netbackup are running for too long time

I am using Netbackup 6.5 to backup my database with RMAN. I am using their script to backup to tap drive. I got the problem related the elapsed time is 2 hours to backup a 300G big datafile... ******************************...

hugo_lkp by Level 3
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Backup in Queue

Hi Friends i am facing a problem in netbackup. i create storage unit and i am going to take backup through that storage unit.once i initiate backup backup going in queue in activity monitor.nothing showing in detail status of job.Drives are avilable...