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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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socket read failed : status code 23

bpbrm logs 13:00:11.609 [22442] <2> bpbrm main: INITIATING (VERBOSE = 0): version NetBackup 6.5 2007072323 13:00:11.610 [22442] <2> logparams: -backup -S ggnbkp -c ggnfms01 -ct 0 -ru root -cl ggnfms01_daily_incr_backup -sched Daily_Incr_backup -bt 1...

Resolved! Netbackup catalog recovery

Hi, We are planning to backup our catalog to disk instead of tapes. Is it possible to perform the catalog recovery from disk instead of tapes? When we launched the catalog recovery wizard, will Netbackup know that the catalog files are residing on...

MohdAlim by Level 5
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Exchange 2003 - failed mailstore backup

Hi I recently received an error a failure on one of your mailstores - the error is below. We use Netbackup 6.0. “Error bpbm - error failure <message location> the backup of the items is bad “ What is the best way to deal with this corrupt item? T...

Resolved! Anyway to Pause backup jobs?

Once a month on a Saturday I come into work and reboot all my servers. Of course this interferes with the backup jobs currently running (4 of them).  Is there a way to pause the jobs then reboot the servers and unpause the job. The Netbackup server...

Sbadmin by Level 3
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Win 2008 x64 client

Hi, Where can I download Windows 2008 x64 client ?  Can I have Netbackup Entreprise server 6.5.1 and a windows 2008 client ?

Resolved! RE:Adding new tapes in SL500

Hi All , Whats the procedure for adding new tapes in SL500.I have some 15 tapes in it currently installed by the implementing team.But there are currently  5 more tapes in tape library but they are not detectable.Is it something to do with SL500 lic...

Resolved! Accidently expire all images on a tape

If I have a backup image that requires three tapes in the following order: A, B and C. I have accidently expired all images on tape B. Do I still need to do import stage 2? Or if I simply do an initiate import of tape B, would that be sufficient?

Netbackup dont backup all files on a LUN

Hello everybody, i have some problems with my backup. when i start a backup from a lun from a netapp filer i alway get the information the job has succesfull complete. But when i go in the restore manager i find only one folder to restore. the rest...

mmantl by Not applicable
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nbinst blank error on upgrading 6.0 client

Hi All - I am rec'g a nbinst blank error window when trying to upgrade a 6.0mp5 client with the 6.5.2 client via install.  I have seen this error before, years ago and I can not remember what needs to be done.  For some reason I am thinking that a s...

Denda by Level 5
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Duplication Job showing 0 Current Bytes written

Hi all my first post so be gentle :) I have a duplication job that runs every evening and in the Job Details the file list is populated with the correct list and it says Completed.  But in the detailed status Current Kilobytes written is showing as ...

ullmanio by Not applicable
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Resolved! Netbackup Solaris 10 Media Server issue

Hi guys just installed a Netbackup media server. However I have hit a problem and cant seem to resolve it. Media server is installed and can be seen by the master backup server though Host properties. It also connects and shows the correct versi...

Nizmo by Level 3
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Resolved! Calander based backup issue

Hi Everyone, Does anyone know if its the case that if you run a calander based backup during the day on a client that in the evening when the backup window opens the client wont run as it has run during the day already? I have some failures of full...

strange RBAC ISSUE

HI gurus, I am using solais 8 . I am planning to implement RBAC . is it  possible to give netbackup permissions Why because it is thirdparty tool.  it does not have default profiles.

Netware server Failing with error (42) Network read failed

I am running 3 differen netware servers in 3 different policies. 2 of them is backing up just fine, exept the last one, it gets the error 42. All the servers are running on an esx. What to do? Here is the status log 13-05-2009 20:00:00 - requestin...