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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! BMR boot server

Hello! I have NBU 6.5.2 master server on win2003 x64 and need install BMR boot server on other machine with win 2003 x64. But in x64 distributive i not found option BMR, only x86 distributive have BMR. I correctly understand - BMR boot server not sup...

NetBackup DLO - Best Practices

Hello All, I am implementing the NBU DLO for 400 users in coming week. Can you guys share the best practices / tips / recommendations configuring the DLO server.  

Deepak_W by Level 6
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Resolved! Archive by query?

Hi, I apologize if this question has been asked recently, but my searches on this topic haven't really turned anything up. I have a few directories that total over 2TB in size.  I'd like to run an archive of all files that haven't been modified sin...

A__Hoeben by Not applicable
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Device Monitor 'refresh' errors out

Master Server: NBU 6.5.3 Solaris 10 After 1-2 hours of keeping my Java Console up (windows or unix box), I click on the Device Monitor tab to see if all drives are on UP status. I then click on the REFRESH button, and this is what appears below the ...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Resolved! NetBackup Vault Catalog Backup and DR Image File

Does anyone know if the DR Image File is copied to the same tape as the Vault catalog backup is written to? It's not clear to me from the NBU Vault Admin Guide whether it is or not. Without vault, doing the offsite procedure manually, I copy the DR I...

NetBackup SharePoint 2007 Metadata restore

Hi There - I have NetBackup backing up our SharePoint 2007 farm successfully or at least I thought...  Went to test the backup/restore process today and noticed that 2 things happen... 1) To restore a very small 5k file, it takes over an ho...

Denda by Level 5
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Resolved! VRTSicsco install problems when upgrading from 6.0mp4 to 6.5.3

Hi, I am trying to upgrade a NBU master server from 6.0pm4 to 6.5.3. server is AIX 5.3 TL7 sp3 I have downloaded the software from the symantec s/w repo and created a filesystem to contain the binaries. The first part of the install works fine, ...

Givgov by Level 3
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Backing up Lotus Notes

Hi, I am quite new at Netbackup, so I will be using this feature from now on. I have installed Netbackup 6.5.3 and is working fine with standalone units that are connected to two media servers on diferent sites. If possible, I would like to now som...

JCotelo by Level 3
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Netbackup and SQL 2005 - ndf files

Hi, We have SQL 2005 (SP3 CU3) and use Netbackup (v6 MP4) to backup the sql files to tape. There are about 16 databases with SQL primary, secondary and log files on different drives on SQL server. These database files are copied on to Backup server...

Inconvenience selecting files for restore

I have a big probelm! I got a request to restore some files from a particular folder. I happily browsed to to the folder which has about 7000 files totalling just under 60 GB. I wanted to restore files from a range of dates with about 1200 files. The...

Resolved! NBU Vault 6.5.3 Unable to create new profile

This is my first time using NetBackup Vault. We have version 6.5.3 installed. I created the vault OK but when I highlight the vault and go to Actions, New, the Profile option is not highlighted. How can I create a profile for a vault? Am I missing so...

Resolved! Catalog Recovery (type)

(NBU 6.5.3) I am currently running Hot Catalog backups. I have tapes ready, in the library, to do Cold Offline Catalog backups. Since the upgrade from 5.1 to 6.5, I have never used these tapes. The job appears in my Activity Monitor under Type colu...

Jay_Son by Level 5
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Problem with Image Cleanup using Storage Lifecycle Policy

Hi all i have a Problem with Netbackup 6.5.2 regarding the Cleanup of Backup Images. I am using a Storage Lifecycle Policy at the Monthly Backup Schedule to create two copies of the same Backup Job with different retentions. One to keep the Image 4 ...

Resolved! Slot number does not appear in Media List GUI

I use Aptare to report on my NBU setup.  I am trying to run a report that will send me an email every morning listing the number of Scratch tapes available.  I have a report configured to show me all Scratch tapes that do not have null listed in the ...

rsamora by Level 5
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