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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! Re-using frozen barcodes

I currently have about 191 Barcodes that nebackup froze out that I would like to reuse. We took the barcodes and applied them all to brand new tapes. I've taken the necessary steps to unfreeze the media id and expire it. In netbackup the media looks...

Resolved! Virtual Machines not showing up in "Browse for Virtual Machines"

Hi All, I am running 6.5.3 and have a vcbproxy setup.  When I browse for my virtual machines then it shows me 90% of them, but there are still quite a few that aren't showing up in the list.  As far as i can tell the list uses dns entries, so I've c...

Fischer by Level 4
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This version of Red Hat supported? 2.4.21-27.ELsmp

Hi All, I am attempting to stand up a media server on a Red Hat box at this level: 2.4.21-27.ELsmp.  The package I'm attempting to install is: NB_65_LinuxR_x86_20070723 When I go to install the server software, I get the "NetBackup server software...

C_J_Hund by Level 4
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Backups are failing with EC:81

Hi, All my backup jobs are failing with EC:81.. when tried to check the processes found this.... Results NB Processes ------------ root 29842 29759 0 06:52:59 ? 0:09 bptm -w -c -den 6 -rt 8 -rn 1 -stunit chpcfas1 root 29759 1 0 06:...

Resolved! DOWN'd tape drive due to very long waiting time

Hi guys, I need your help. I have been experiencing an DOWN'd drive for quite some time now. The exit status is 800 and it is due to a down'd drive. The only log I found that is the reason of the down'd drive is this.. Event Type: Error Event Sourc...

rclegarto by Level 4
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VMware vSphere 4 with Data Recovery where does that leave VCB?

After reading about the new ESX 4 (vSphere) solutions and Data Recovery package there was nothing mentioned of VCB within this and thought that it was to be dumped, and this new framework implemented. However,... read the following discussion.... (I...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Reboot Master Server without Media Server

Hi, Just wondering whether you can reboot the Master while the Media server is still doing running backup ? The tape library is connected to the media server. Thanks. 

Puffy by Level 6
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Flash Backup Error on Windows

 Hi, I have a flashbackup-Window policy. It works fine last few weeks. I have this problem for 2 successive backup. The backup will complete with error 1. But I couldn't see any data when I browse for data restore. Couldn't find out what went wrong...

Puffy by Level 6
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NetBackup MSEO Datastore protection question

Hello, Playing with MSEO 6.1 and getting ready to implement it. It's going well, but one last thing is making me hold off on it; proper MSEO Datastore protection. The user guide says be sure to backup the datastore regularly unencrypted because if...

NB Java 6.0 MP7.0 is unable to display Media information

Hi, I was using the using the Veritas NB Java MP4.0 console with not problem. I upgdare from MP4.0 to MP7.0, and when I tried to display the information from Media, it is not able to do it, just the Veitas symbols is active. Please, do you have any t...

Removing NULL cipher support from NOM

A recent vulnerability scan of our NBU 6.5 Master server (running on Server 2003) revealed that the server allows cleartext communication (NULL Cipher Support).  I suspect this is because of the presence of NetBackup Operations Manager. How would I ...

Resolved! Multiplexed backups

I have a media server and when jobs use it to backup multiplexing works fine.  When this media server is a client and a backup is run the job just goes one stream at a time.  I have two other media servers in the same policy and they use the multiple...

Reg: Netbackup details

Hi,   I am working on  NetBackup (Level 1 support )  but i like to know more about Net Backup. Any one suggest me to how to proced....... Regards, Aravind

156 Snapshot error while enumerating ...

 Hi All, On a windows 2003 client I am always getting 156 errors that say 'Snapshot error while enumerating [ .... ]' . The file is not the same everytime.  As per the link below, I have tried turning of open file backup by going to backup gui ::  N...

kbrandt by Level 4
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Resolved! Re using Expired Media - how to do a report

Our weekly backups have an expiration date of 1 year, these go offsite each week. I need a way to produce a monthly report to list all those tapes that have now expired and can be re-used. Of course, as little manual intervention as possible is requi...

upgrade 6.5 - Java console hung

Hello, We recently upgraded our 5.1 Netbackup master/media servers to 6.5. After upgradation we are unable to view few options under media and device management section and they are going to hung state. Do we need to change any settings like time ou...