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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! BMR - Modifying the Restored Registry - hanging

I've been testing Bare Metal Restores on 6.5 - the restore looks as though it's going to complete but just gets stuck at the final bit where it's Modifying the Restored Registry I have completed some BMR's successfully using the same ISO as the one...

i am confused in few concepts plz help

what is netbackup device control manager what is the benifits thats why i use advance disk option why do we do the load balancing of media servers what is the major benifits what is open storage what is data classification?

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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Resolved! unknow issue

hi I m new to netbackup. we have netbackup 6.5 with sl500 library, my most of backup are failing with diferent errors mostly 14, 6 41, i have observed some time services got stuck or got down itself. i have no clue whats going on plz let me know how...

basker by Level 3
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Resolved! NetBackup recycler

I am trying to generate a process script to recycle (start or stop) the Netbackup services, but it is failing for some reason. Can anyone identify the problem? @echo off net %1 VxENE net %1 Veritas GDM Information server net %1 NetBackup Client Ser...

Resolved! How to Stop a Service with bpstart_notify.bat

Hi, We are experiencing a problem with DFSR: I am triyng to stop the "DFS Replication" service befor the backup begin, and start it again when the backups end. Can you help me with a simple  bpsta...

BernardoK by Not applicable
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What do I need to make Netbackup 6.5 SAN Client runing

I have a Netbackup 6.5 Master/Media server on a windows 2003 R2 server.  Now we need to backup a large data from SAN to the tape. We have a HP msl6060 tape library with 4 drivers and connected via Fibre with Netbackup master/media server. Now we ba...

Slow flashbackup performance

Hi Im using Netbackup Enterprise server with the flashbackup license installed. Im trying to take backup to disk of our fileserver a win 2003 server who has to SAN disk attached, the disks are about 350 and 400 GB large and we have about 3-5...

SQL DB Restoration via Command line

Can anyone help me to restore a SQL DB from Command line. I tried to use this below command but getting some errors. bprestore.exe -S Master -C Client1 -D Client2 -t 15 -cm -md -L "C:\Program Files\VERITAS\NetBackup\logs\bprestore\progress.log" "Cl...

MSEO Auditing

Hello, Using MSEO, trying to use MSEO audting and was wondering if anyone out there has any knowledge of this; specifically how to get Netbackup values into the MSEO log files in Event Viewer. I have modified the netbackup.xml audit template to say...

Resolved! Fragment number -2?

I'm used to images having a fragment with fragment number -1, but I have an image that also has a fragment with number -2.  I've not seen one before and am interested if anyone knows what that means. It's the very end of a large backup.  The backup ...

save reports as csv files

I have a customer running Netbackup 6.5 with the vault module. They are emailing a report of the media that has been used for backups and needs to go offsite. Is there a way (automated way) to create a text file of this report and put it in a specifi...

Resolved! how to set up new media to inject in Scratch pool

Hi All, I have quick question, my system is 6.5.3 running on solaris 10 master server , my library is managed by  ACS server. Anyone know to set  up new media to inject Scratch pool ? I'm using LTO IV tape drive, my media start with ST0000 , thanks.

T_N by Level 6
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Error 85 on media import phase 1

Hi Everyone, I don't see many details out there in google about this, and definitely nothing really useful in the admin guides. I am going back and re-importing our tapes that came from our historical retention offsite (they use the same tapes tha...

nbemmcmd -updatehost not working please help me

Hi, I have problem with command nbemmcmd. I try to modify app_cluster.    xbmedia, and abmedia  are  a virtal name of app_cluster, and my question is haw to use nbemmcmd -updatehost to modify NetbackupVersion and Active Node Name Active node for ...

Cleaning tape drive

I have ultrium 4 drive , there are 4 drives attached to the master server out of which 2 are shared among media server and VCB server , cleaning tape is on the slots i pulled the tape and inserted into the drive by mv command tape is in the drive but...

Hot Catalog Duplication

Hello, I wanted to know if there is some way to automatically run duplication of media after completion of Hot Catalog backup , right now we do it manully using GUI in 6.5.3

how to add node to cluster name on aix media serwer ??

Hi, Anybody knows how to add node to cluster name on aix media serwer, I have many NIC's and script cluster_config not working because this script writes me: bmedia4@/usr/openv/netbackup/bin/cluster> ./cluster_config NetBackup High Availability - ...

Resolved! Deleting Job Log Information under Activity Monitor

Dear Experts I have a Windows Netbackup System, I would to ask you it is possible to Delete Job Log Information from the Activity Monitor under DosBOX with a command, and it is also possible that I can give a filter to this command, example ...

oezkan by Level 4
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Newbie to Veritas Netbackup - Backups Failing

Hi, I am completely new to Veritas Netbackup and have been given the task to monitor the scheduled backups on a daily basis. The backups work just about once a week instead of every day of teh week. On most days the backup hangs and is still runni...