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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Duplication Jobs - can I run a report

I made some changes to my Tape Storage Unit and want to see if the speed of the duplication jobs has increased. I was silly enough no to note what the speed was before but thought I could run a report to see. I know i can run reports for "client" bac...

Resolved! need help with the duplicating tape images please.

Hi there, I need your help team. I am trying to duplicate 1 tape into a new tape. However, my situation is, we only have 1 tape drive available for use. My plan was to duplicate the image on the local disk space (since no disk storage is connected...

rclegarto by Level 4
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Using the Admin Console (non-java) through a SOCKS connection

Hi all, Has anyone ever had to get their admin console working through a SOCKS server?  The IP address of our SOCKS server is in the master's bp.conf file, but still I'm unable to attach to the master using the admin console.  The user/password I'm ...

C_J_Hund by Level 4
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bperror - slow output

I've found that tool used in VBR to collect skipped files and errors is bperror command... Without "Skipped Files" and "Errors" jobs are collected very fast but when bperror is used jobs are collected very slow. I've found bperror output is slow.. It...


Hi Can  anyone let me know how are LPARs are addeded in the netbackup console? I have unix netbackup version 6.5.3.


Hi Users, I'm new to scripting, I need netbackup scripts which sends an email to users about the backup directories being backedup every month... If anybody has that script can you pl. share that script so I can run that script every month to updat...

ms-sql backup option

Hi, can anyone tell wheter netbackup 6.5 for unix supports the ms-sql server option all i can seem to find points to windows netbackup servers. thx

password protect tape (netbackup 6.5.2a)

On restoration of data from a tape for security reasons, i would like to be prompted for a password, assigned to that specific media before restoration can begin. I have a netbackup server with a robot libary attached to it. I am struggling to fin...

disaster recovery report does not send.

Hi there, When i set up the disaster recovery send email attachment , it wo'nt send out. What i did is : - Installed blat and tested - Configured the nbmail.cmd file to send out reports which works fine - Made a policy to write a hot catalog to d...

Backing up Outlook PST personal folder files

Hello, A large number of our Outlook users have PST files which are stored on a network file server.  I am well aware that Microsoft do not support the use of PST files on servers accessed over a LAN or WAN, but we have what we have. When NetBackup...

Tape Encryption

Hi everyone, I backup up all my systems everynight with full backup.I want to do baremetal on my tape that stays on site and do encryption on tapes that goes offsite.What is the best way to do this? Thanks in advance

Error bpbackupdb(pid=1536) Offline catalog backup FAILED

hello All, I have netbackup6.0 mp7 and while taking the catalog backup i am getting the following error.infact my hp ux client is shutdown and every time i am getting the same meassage as below. could anyone tell me how to eliminate the error? ...

Upgrade from 6.5.1 to 6.5.3

Hi Folks, Netbackup Platform: 6.5.1 OS: HP-UX 11.11 We have one master server which is 6.5.1 and runs around 6000 - 6500 jobs daily and backup approx 40 TB daily. Before upgrading I had checked all the lernel parameters as per installation guidelin...

Resolved! Error 84 on IBM ULTRIUM 4

Hi All, I recently had four IBM ULTRIUM 4 (ULTRIUM-TD4 7BG2) tape drives zoned up to a Win 2003 Server (SP2).  I didn't install the drivers for these tape drives on the box, and the drivers that got installed were: Dell Inc. 1/16/2007 So ...

C_J_Hund by Level 4
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Backup Infrastructure Upgrade/Restructure - Netbackup

Greetings: We have a project to upgrade our backup infrastructure which currently consists of a single Master/Media Server running NetBackup v.5.1.  Currently it backs up our LAN and SAN connected servers to a StorageTek Tape Library. We are going ...

Jack89 by Level 2
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VCB and Vmproxy

How can i add a new esx server to Vmproxy server in the netbackup ? And how can i look list of the esx server added in the vmproxy servers?