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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Backup failing with SC24/25

Hi All, I have sql cluster in which i am taking backup of flatfile running on win2k3 R2 X86 machine. One of the node is continously failing with status code 25 or 24.sometimes it shows Status code 58 I done the basic troubleshooting,but connect for f...

Rithesh by Level 4
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Duplication logs

Hi All, Where do we get duplication logs from .. (Not a part of vaulting process)    

NB 6.5.3 and Exchange backups

NetBackup 6.5.3 provides the following: NetBackup 6.5.3 includes the ability to restore Exchange mailboxes, folders, and messages from a storage group or database backup. This type of backup can serve both kinds of recovery situations: from the same ...

jtunn by Level 3
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Backup, Archive an restore problems with NBU 6.0 MP7

Hello Netbackup users, Need some help with the following problem, I got the following scenario: Master server: NBU 6.0 MP7 OS OS: Suse 9.0 SP3 Clients: Solaris 10 Since I have installed the last mantenience pack MP7 I can´t restore any backup of my c...

NOM report data selection

Does anybody know why the data view selections of 'catalog/Cleint Media/Combined Job and Image/Hot Catalog Backup and Image are greyed out when I go to create a new report? I would like to create some catalog reports using NOM but the option is greye...

Individual File Restores VCB virtual Backups

Hi All, I just recently setup our virtual center backup environment using a vcb proxy server, and backing up over san.  I  am running netbackup 6.5.3 on both my master server and my proxy server.  I am able to backup virtual machines with no problems...

Fischer by Level 4
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Prevent backups to start every month

Hi,   I'm using Netbackup 6.5 on 300+ servers. Everything works fine. But I have a little problem :   I'm doing a full backup every Month (1st), a full backup every week end (with a lower retention period) and a diff backup every evening.   Most of ...

Resolved! copy images from tape to tape

Hi all, I have to copy images from a old tape to a new tape with bpduplicate I have tried with "bpduplicate -id <media ID> -dp <destination pool>" Netbackup start and exit the job with EX 144 -> invalid command usage. What is the appropriate bpduplic...

paho by Level 2
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Reset HBA in Red Hat?

My master (RH 4/NBU 6) is normally attached to four fiber-channel LTO-3 drives.  I was trying to do some troubleshooting of a tape drive that's not normally attached, and moved the cable over to that drive.  But I guess the OS "knows" that it's a dif...

Find out which tape an expired backups was written

Is there any way to find out which tape an expired backup was written.  The backup data is no longer in the catalog and I can't remember if there is a report I can run which will list what tapes the backups are on. We have a large volume of scratches...

Pam_Daniel by Level 4
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Resolved! DSSU basic disk cleanup.

Current environment is 6.5.2 master server is HP-UX 11.11 with two media servers both HP-UX11.11 as well.  We run disk staging using basic disk. We are seeing our disk reaching 100% full and jobs begin failing with 129's.  From what I have read and u...

Netbackup DLO

I am going on on-site to review a Clients DLO implementation; I will need to perform a Mini-health check with a specific focus: 1. Evaluate their storage capacity for DLO; Make Recommendations 2. Evaluate their load balancing for DLO; Make Recommen...

zenworksb by Level 4
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Virtual Tape Library

I have installed one VTL, creating one robot and two drives, DLT3 type. I have configured a policy with this STU, but it doesn´t work, it remains mounting the cartridge and doesn´t finish nor write data. I have Netbackup Enterprise 6.5.3 Can anyone h...

Script to move tape to cap

Hi, is it possible to create a notify script that will take the tape media that was used by that backup job and move the tape to the cap? This will be used to move monthly vault backup tapes out of the robot. If this is possible anyone might have a c...

DLO issue

Hello I am having a problem with DLO for one of my customer. When I was going to open the DLO console from start>all programs, it was showing "Symantec Netbackup" there but when I open the console there it was showing "Symantec backup exec 10d". My q...

Satvir by Level 3
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