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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Anybody use compression with VTL's?

I'm currently using an Overland REO 9000 with three VTL's. When I initially set it up I chose not to use compression because I thought it would be too slow. The REO's OS handles the compression and I've always heard never to use software compression ...

todis by Level 4
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looking for NBU 5.1 client software

Hi All I'm looking for NBU 5.1 unix (solaris) client software? Anyone know where could I download it ? I couldn't find on Symantec website

T_N by Level 6
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Resolved! Splitting a directory

Here's one you may have heard before. I have a 2 TB E: drive on a Windows 2003 machine. Most of this is taken up with one directory called "Images".  In this directory are a number of sub-directories; one for every day over the last two years and th...

Cicero by Level 2
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Client Backups Report

Good Morning, In the Client Backups report from the GUI, I am curious if the 'Backup Date/Time' is the start or end time of the backup? Thanks so much, Jocelyn

BackupJ by Level 3
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client hostname could not be found

Environment: Windows Server 2003 64 bit. Issue 1: Last week I removed a server from my network and Active Directory I then Opened Netbackup, Netbackup management, Policies and selected my taget policy. In the policy, I selected the clientname tha...

MJS by Level 2
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Veritas Net Backup 3.2

Hi we are upgrading HP UX to 11.31 We have Veritas Net Backup 3.2 installed.  is Veritas Net Backup 3.2 is compatible with HP UX 11.31.. if not can you please tell me which version of Netbackup is compatible with HP UX 11.31 Thanks Akhilesh

WAN spoke - hub - replication

I have spoke WAN sites backing up to Netbackup disk storage at each site. WAN sites has no tape drives and no techies on site. Each site has dailys, weekly and monthly. Retentions are 1 week, 1 month, 3 months repectively. The WAN site local disk st...

NBU 4.5_FP6 - Lotus Notes back up issue

Hi guys, our NBU 4.5_FP6 is currently scheduled to backup 4 servers running Lotus Notes. LN agents are installed on servers. We have no issues with A and B servers but facing problems with C and D servers. The LN backup job for C and D initialise, c...

ixat by Level 4
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Resolved! Netbackup Communication Buffer configuration - NET_BUFFER_SZ

Hi, I need to optimize the speed of the backup on all the clients in my infratructure. I have set the communication buffer on all windows servers to 256K and created NET_BUFFER_SZ in UNIX servers to 262144. I need to know what is the highest (best...

How to expire an image manually?

Hi All, I have basic disk storage of 10TB. Now its showing 97% of disk full. So i deleted some dupilcate yearly backup images from the storage. But this is not reflecting on Nbu. So please help me how to reflect this changes through catalog. How can...

Rithesh by Level 4
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Silent install for clustered Netbackup

I'm trying to perform a silent install of Netbackup 6.5 on a Veritas Cluster with 2 nodes. I have scripted a silent install for a single server but I can't see how i can perform a silent deployment on a cluster. I've tried a few ideas but I'm not get...


Hi All, I have one netbackup client windows 2003.. i have set multixplexing to 15. to most of the windows client all of them seems to work barring one particular client.. but actully it does not mount media while same media is being used for other ...

Resolved! Issue with McAfee

HI, Does anyone have seen issue with McAfee like after applying VSE 8.5i patch6/patch7/ VSE 8.7i, NetBackup jobs fails with errors 13,23,41. currently we are following the workaround stated in the below Technote

Back up is failing with error code 73

Hi experts, I am trying to take backup of a server but i am failing with a error code of 73. ie. "bpstart_notify fail " . Can anybody please help me with the solution. Regards, Vinod

vinod by Level 2
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Issue With Media ID Creation -Restoration Please Help!

Using Veritas Version - 6.0 MP5  on windows 2003 sp2 , Its been observed that the media ID is getting changed every time a tape is inserted into tape library eg: the tape initially having media ID A00001(Auto created) the next time when we insert t...

Boban by Level 3
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directing a backup via single media server

Hi How can we direct a backup through a particular media server in a policy. Do i need to take out the media server entried form all the clients which are in those policies and keep only those from where i need to direct a backups.My master server i...

Allow Multiple Data Streams on a policy

We use disk staging and then duplicate to tape. It's not 100% clear in the PDF's but from what I have read the option on a policy to Allow Multiple Data Streams seems to be valid only if backing up direct to Tape, so is not valid if backing up to dis...