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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Advantage of several policies to backup a MSCS

Hello,we have configured one Policy to backup physical Microsoft Cluster Nodes as well as the Shared Disks? What are the disadvantages in this configuration? Why is it better to configure one policy for the physical node (shadow copy components) and ...

oschneider by Not applicable
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Resolved! Exit Code 69 on Exchange 2007 Information Store backup

Hello Everyone! We are running Netbackup 6.5.3.  All master/Media servers are running Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.  All Windows clients are running version 6.5.2a.   We are experiencing a problem with our exchange 2007 backup on one specific Informati...

Resolved! External Scheduler Backup Retries 5.1 to 6.5.3 change ?

All our backups are initiated via an external scheduler running manual backups via bpbackup -i. When running 5.1, backup failures, i.e. status 86 media position errors, were automatically retried 3 times. This appeared to honour the global attribute ...

itsnjh by Level 2
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Backup not listed in backup history in BAR

While trying to restore backup for a client I could not find all the backups taken (the client has a weekly backup schedule). There were no failures for any of the backups. But I am unable to see all the backups for the client. For example, if I want...

s11 by Level 4
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NDMP restores fail with (NDMP_ILLEGAL_ARGS_ERR)

Hi, I'm trying to restore some data from a filer but keep getting the below error. I have tried restoring various different folders to various locations and all fail with the same error. I have disabled/re-enabled the SCSI ports on the filer - ensure...

moez by Level 2
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Looking for netbackup client code.

I cannot seem to find the true Linux netbackup code that works for (2.6.18-53.1.14.el5 #1 SMP).I need version 6.0 client for now. Will upgrade server to 6.5.1 later. 

Jerry1 by Not applicable
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Netbackup 5.1 MP6 - CLI Syntax

Hi Ladies and Gents, I have been rather thrown in the proverbial, through various reasons that are connected to the Credit Crunch in the UK i am now looking after our Legacy Netbackup Server, unfortunatly no cash to upgrade...  What is good I am a Un...

bprecover -dhost question

So what would happens if you run a bprecover -dhost on a NBU master server that has an exisiting EMM database on it? For example:  NBU1 has a 1 GB catalog that is backed up via cold back and on tape.  NBU2 has a 2 GB catalog file. NBU1 takes a dirt n...

Status_Code_0 by Level 4
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Millions of small files only adding up to 500gig

Hi All, I have an email archive system that contains 500 gig and tons of very small files.  I know that this is a problem for Netbackup speeds.  I have tried to split the data into as many seperate backup selections as possible to allow multiple stre...

Fischer by Level 4
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SSO Configuration to share a drive to multiple master server.

We have a Quantum library with 17 drives. We have created six  partitions and connected each to one master server.  Now we want to share a drive to multiple master servers.  IS it possible?  Netbackup Backup : 6.5.1 If so please let me know the proce...

Kana1975 by Not applicable
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Issue when Upgrading NDMP drives to NetBackup 6.5.3

Hello One month ago I tried to upgrade a NetBackup 5.1 to NetBackup 6.5, with 15 Media Servers, but I had no success.I know we can have a mixed environment with Master Server upgraded to 6.5 and Media Servers as 5.1.I executed the command nbpushdata ...

Silvio_Reis by Level 3
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Resolved! New Overland 2000 not being used.

I'm am new this and this has been dropped in my lap. We added another Neo 2000 LTO3 to our exsiting Neo 2000 with LTO2, along with a robot to handle tapes in between the two. In Netbackup the drive are listed under the Device Monitor and under the ro...

problem installing 6.5.3 in a VCS cluster

Hi, current setup:2-node VCS cluster with Netbackup 6.5(clustered master server) I want to upgrade to 6.5.3.Froze NBU group in VCS and installed 6.5.3. on the passive node. -> this works When I try to install 6.5.3 on the active node it fails.The CLT...

Stefaan_M by Level 4
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Resolved! Single mail restore in 6.5.3

Hello I have now successfully upgraded to 6.5.3. How can I get Single Mail Restore to work, and how do I do this?For the moment I take only backup of the mailstore. Need I to do Exchange_mailbox backup as well to get this to work?  

BMR Restore - bpinetd service will not start

Hi I am trying to get BMR to working, I can get the client to connection, but when the restore get pass thedisk configuration option I get the following Error message. "The restore has stopped due to the following error unable to start bpinetd servic...

Netbackup does not ask the tapes from Scratch pool

my netbackup attached with tape library. i given my 2 tapes to Scratch pool. when my any pool needs a tape after it gets full capicity of tape it takes the free tape from any assign policy but not from Scratch pool :(  ThanksZahid Haseeb

Zahid_Haseeb by Moderator
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