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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Resolved! More media server on netbackup

I have a questions. I have 6 physical server with HBA Emulex connected to Tape Libarary have 1 tape drive. On 6 Servers i install media agent. May i add 6 media server on Netbackup for backup every client. I have license san client, but i reading doc...

Resolved! File Read Failed (13)

Master, Media, Client all - 7.6.04 - Windows 2008R2Using - multiple data streams 7 shares all successful except 1 - (Home)  error's out everytime with file read error (13). I created a separate policy with only that 1 share... same error. Enabled log...

emdlove by Level 4
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Resolved! Media upgrade to 8.0--space issues

We recently upgraded our NB Master Servers (Unix/Linux) to 8.0 without a hitch. We're starting our Media Server upgrades soon. The Media server I am testing with is also Unix / Linux. I was attempting to get some prework out of the way when I ran int...

DoubleP by Level 5
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Resolved! Backup VM's when 2FA is in use

Hi,At present I have multiple VIP policies for our VM estate which have been working without issue for a few years now, we use the vcentre for connectivity to the VM estate throiugh NetBackup.Our VM administrators are now looking to introduce two fac...

Resolved! The backup failed to back up the requested files (6)

Hello Team,We are getting error on RMAN Backup.. please suggest what is the issue with it and what can be done to resolve it..Thanks.Master, Media : SunOS 5.10 - NBU 7.6.1 Client : SunOS 5.10 - NBU 7.6.0Details Status :01/23/2018 03:34:13 - Error bpt...

YAG55 by Level 4
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Resolved! How to Add a Tape Drive

Hi everyone,I have a problem with add tape drive to NetBackup.OS Media server: Linux Redhat 7.0Tape Library: IBM TS3100OS master Server: Windows 2016When I configure storage device, i have trouble. I had install driver tape on Linux media server and ...

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Pre and Post script for SQL agent backup

Hi Guys,Good Day.I am looking for Pre and Post script to the netbackup (sql agent backup using .bch) job to disable the antivirus (this means when SQL agent backup running during the xx-hours to xx-hours i don't want to run Symantec Antivirus and onc...

billvel by Level 3
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Existing with error 84 - Freezing Media (Backup to tape)

Hi,This problem has given us headache as our production backup is keep on failing for months already. already contacted Veritas support but seems the issue still cannot been solve. please anyone can help us to rectify this matter for once and forever...

TsAdmin by Level 3
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Exchange 2013 CCR native protection or Netbackup

I'm not an exchange admin so i apoligize for any lingo missteps, etc..My company is doing Exchange 2013 CCR/DAG with a production and a DR site.  Currently we are backing up passive copies of exchange @ our DR site with Netbackup.  Doing a non GRT ba...

Tape Drive Licenses

Hello,I'm adding 2 tape drives to my library and requested a quote for NB licenses. The supplier sent me the quotes below:2 X SYMANTEC NETBACKUP OPTION LIBRARY BASED TAPE DRIVE - ON-PREMISE LICENSE - CORPORATE - PC XPLAT 1 DRIVE ONPREM STD PERP LICS2...

Resolved! migration 7.6 to 8.0

Hello, I will have to migrate an NBU master from version to netbackup 8.0.I use this doc: currently have an MSDP media and a "classic" masterWould you have any advice or exp...

Resolved! Current storage device is no longer available

Hi,How can I troubleshoot this error when I open the emv8001-hcart-robot-tld-0? I want to make sure the TLD(0) is up and running but it does not have option to select with, thoough I can see the TL(0) robot  do exists.Thanks for your help. :) Regards...

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Help needed adapter config

Hello,I am on:Appliance Model is NetBackup Appliance 5220.Appliance Version is 2.5.2.OS: Suse linuxI am trying to re-configure already configured bond0 adapter as explained in:

RMAN Netbackup to tape - How to get more than one file per job

We're running a full Exadata 12c Rac. Tape guys complain about the number of jobs saying there's only one file per job. We backup to the flash recovery area and from there to tape. Even changing the filesperset parameter when going to tape doesn't ch...

safedba by Level 3
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Netbackup For Exchange 2016 CU8

Hi All,I'v netbackup 8.0 and exchange 2016 cu8 ,can i take backup for this exchange while it is not in scl .when can i know that cu8 is supported .

Resolved! Add linux client Netbackup to master server Windows

Hi everyone,I have a questions. My environment have master server install on Windows, client install on both windows and linux. On client windows, when install have CA and token authen and i had config job backup for it. But on client linux when i in...