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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Netbackup Issue Tape Drive

Hi...Friday Morning with Error 1: (96) unable to allocate new media for backup, storage unit has none availableThe media was found frozen so we unfreezeed the media and after some time the media was frozen. Then the media was changed with the barcode...

NDMP error 99 and 114

Hello,What causing the error 99 and 114 ?Sometimes backups are running fine and sometimes not.I already cancel all corrupted SLP's and run a full-force as a baseline but still same error persist.Do i need to delete the track logs first in media serve...

Resolved! BPCD and VNETD multiple processes on Windows client.

Hi,It's normal that windows client has multiple vnetd and bcpd process instances active, during backup session.On client server is installed software CrowdStrike, and it block these process if them inject more process sessions"C:\Program Files\VERITA...

bpimagelist scripting

Hello, i need to check if one ore more backup images, written in a text file, have been duplicated from a media server to another. Some jobs were interrupted and i need to extract the images to be duplicated again. So i'm thinking about cycling the s...

How to import into NBU a Data Domain mtree replication

Hello Team, We just completed a remote Data Domain mtree replication to local Data Domain.mtree.  This mtree to mtree replication was completed outside of NetBackup.Q: What are the steps to import the local Data Domain mtree data into the local NBU c...

Deleting SQL availability group

HiI'm unable to delete SQL AG getting following error"error deleting availability groups - status code:1953 unable to delete the asset.Backup images exists for image."Is it beacause backup imagesexists in catalog ? 

paulantok by Level 4
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Vmware backup job size is bigger than expected

Hello,I have a problem with vmware backup. The job size is bigger than the used size in server. I think NetBackup is saving all provisioned storage instead only changed blocks. I have enabled in policy: - Enable file recovery from VM backup - Enable ...

RMAN channel and streams at Netbackup end

Hello Experts,At script end DB team has set 2 channels but at Netbackup end RMAN backup completed successfully after generating 280 streams.How Netbackup generates streams for RMAN backup and  is it mentioned anywhere that Rman backup will be complet...

Kak4_12 by Level 3
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Configuring SAP Maxdb

Hello, I am trying to configure a backup of SAPmaxdb, but the information that appears in the Veritas manual is very little and the same is true of the SAP manuals.Has anyone made this configuration that can help me with the details?  

Resolved! Removing host certificate NBU 10.1.1

Hello,based on different post from the forum - - is there any possibility in NetBackup 10.1.1 how to completely remove Host certificates for the servers that ...

Migrating Master from 5240 Appliance to RHEL

We're trying to migrate the Master Server from a 5240 Appliance with NetBackup 3.1.2, into a RHEL with NetBackup 8.1.2. Both servers have the same hostname. We backup up the catalog into a tape and tried to recover it from the target tape. We skip th...

Alexis_Jeldrez by Level 6
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Sybase backup failing

/sybase/CRP/OCS-16_0/bin/isql -Uxxxxxxxx -Pxxxxxxxx -I/sybase/CRP/interfaces -SCRP -X < ./syb_CRP_dumpCS-LIBRARY error:        comn_cryptolib_load(): user api layer: internal common library error: Failed to load library '%1!'.CT-LIBRARY error:       ...

Abhi10 by Level 2
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Resolved! Renaming Netbackup BasicDisk Storage Units?

Hi,Is it possible to rename BasicDisk storage units? They have the media server hostname in the name and I would like to mount them with NFS from another media server. I haven't found a reference for it. Not in the docs, not in Java or Web UI or comm...

AdN by Level 4
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saving WEBUI user access during upgrades

Upgrading from to ( I have solaris master/media, that is as far as they go :(  )Seems the new improved webui does not retain users when upgrading. Anyone have thoughts on backing up/copying the users for the webui, or will they get de...

Genericus by Moderator
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backup failed with a stange message

hii m using netbackup from time to time i have some backup of vm that failed.Here is the message i got on the console 16 mai 2023 02:55:59 - Critical bpbrm (pid=30614) from client FTL - cleanup() failed, stat...