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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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I need to find a command that shows the "start and stop" time of a job

I need to find a command that shows the "start and stop" time of a job or one that shows how long each job took to run. Thanks  /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/admincmd/bperror -U -backstat -s infoSTATUS CLIENT        POLICY           SCHED      SERVER     ...

zippy by Level 6
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EMC Celerra & NDMP

Is anyone using EMC's Celerra product? Are you backing it up using NDMP? Are you doing vbb or tar backups? 

Tape Allocation

Hi All Since my problem last week with all my tapes being allocated, I just wanted to check the following 2 screen shots. the differential storage unit policy's seem to be working fine with allocating the correct images and are completing with no err...

ibakes by Level 3
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MS SQL Server backup failed

Hi, Since yesterday, I have this message in activity monitor.  I don't understant why backup failed, because, last week, it worked fine.  The Sql server is behind firewall.  Nothing has changed. Someone can help me ? 3/10/2008 10:02:22 - requesting r...

NetBackup - Performance Advice

Hi I am in the middle of trying to resolve a performance problem on our backups at the moment and could do with some advice.... I am conscious that just posting a message saying 'its slow' isn't much help so have left this as a last resort. This is w...

blaneypj by Not applicable
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Evaluating Netbackup for Domino

Hi, My company is looking at getting a new backup solution for our Domino Servers. Wondering whether Netbackup is suitable for such requirements.  Just wondering whether any of you have used Netbackup on Domino and any feedback.Thanks  

Puffy by Level 6
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VCS GEO Cluster - Broken Master - Reinstall one side only.

Windows 2k3VCS 5NBU 6MP6Master is not a media server.Shared drives fail over.Shared master name fails over, and the IP for the shared name is different on both nodes in the cluster.  Cluster online now on both servers - NBU is running on one side, th...

slevans by Level 4
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Deassignempty fails with "Could not build host list"

I'm getting an error when trying to run deassignempty: # bpexpdate -deassignemptySearch for empty media that meet the following criteria:        Host: All        Media id: AllContinue? y/n (n)yCould not build host list: the requested operation was pa...

How to restore a 500 SQL databases to an alternate client

Hello to you all,I have a 500 Microsoft SQL databases on a single instance.I need to move all 500 databases to a new instance on an new server.I will keep the same drive letters that is on the actual production server. Is there a easy way? Thanks in ...

Resolved! Host Properties returns - "invalid error number"

Hi, I have just installed the netbackup client on some new Linux servers. Netbackup 5.1 MP4Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.1 When I try to do the Host Properties it timesout with "invalid error number" The bprd log shows - 15:55:10.609 [9913] <2> bprd: soc...

SAN Catalog restore slow and failing.

Has anyone had issues with their SAN catalog backups going slow, and have a solution for it? We do Hot Catalog Backups inline to tape (off-site - copy 1) and disk (on-site - copy 2).  We are now testing the restorability of the on-site SAN based copy...

File Deleted?

Hi all Please help me I dont know what I did, but now I cant see a file on Backup, Archive and Restore Console. What should I do? Thanks very much

Gera by Level 4
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Is their a NetBackup Client for OpenSuse 10.x?

As the subject says.There is the SuSE2.6 client binaries I installed, but nothing seems to work. No startup scripts installed. Anyone got this working under any other Linux client binary?

Anonymous by Not applicable
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Resolved! Help: Backing up to disk not tape

I'm using NetBackup 6.5 and am a new user to boot.  I need help backing up to disk instead of tape, but all the options I see point to backing up to tape.  Where do I go to configure backing up to tape instead?  Any help would be greatly appreciated,...

jehlp by Level 2
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Copying Disk Image

I have a netbackup 6.5 copy to disk image that I would like to copy to tape.  Disk image is on basic disk and disks are directly attached via fiber channel.  How can this be done?  

Resolved! Netbackup newbie

I am looking at Netbackup. A few questions. They have probably been answered. Please be patient. If you purchase a SAP agent, does this include a Client license?I have a Tape library with 5 drives. It is connected to a SAN. Do I need 5 LIBRARY BASED ...

Catalog Backup and Recovery Inconsistencies

We are in the process of replacing our Master Server (sun T2000 - Solaris 9 - NBU 6.5.2a /w nbpem binary replaced) with a new server (clustered Sun M4000 - Solaris 10 - same NBU version) and need to do a catalog recovery to complete this upgrade (Yes...


Hi all, We just went through an upgrade from 5.1 to 6.5 on Red Hat.  We had a case open with Symantec and used NBCC to make sure the db was clean, and the upgrade went fairly smoothly. However, now searching for restores takes FOREVER.  After selecti...

TimmyT by Level 2
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