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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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MS SQL Licenses???

I have NB 6.5 and a number of clients.  All the backups work fine.  I used the SQL agent on one of these clients to create a file to backup all SQL databases on it.  The problem is that the backups keep failing (error 29).  I noticed that I do not ge...

old catinfo files

when you do the hot catalog backup it makes a file/opt/openv/netbackup/catinfo/Hot_Catalog_Backup_##########_Full it then mails it to you. is there a "proper" way via netbackup to cleanout old files in this dir or can I just setup a cron to remove fi...

Backups failing with Status 239 since upgrade to 6.5.2a

A month ago I upgraded our Netbackup server from 6.0MP5 to 6.5.2a.  We were told this was necessary to support new hardware (VTL), and addition of some new clients (MAC and Unix).  My Netbackup environment has been in place working flawlessly (more o...

ewadmin by Level 4
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Unbalanced CPU Utilization taxing server in 6.5

We did an "upgrade in place" (I know, I know...) of first the OS then after a month NBU from an older version as well as all of the agents.  A few more months later we start investigating and discover our 2 socket hyper-threaded processors show all 4...

CogDog by Level 2
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dowload NOM

Where can i download the NOM? i tried the licensing portal and i cant find it there. Thanks

EricEvoIX by Not applicable
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NOM support for 64 bit WIN2K3

I have been reading the Netbackup 6.0 Operations Manager Getting Started Guide Revision 1, and I have a couple of questions I hope someone can answer: On page 14, it states that there is no support the 64 bit for Windows Server 2003 SP1 as on OS that...

IBM TS1120 (3592) drives missing tape drive parameters’ tab

Anyone had experience of IBM TS1120 drives? Successfully connected IBM TS1120 drives to a Windows 2003 server and installed with the IBM drivers. Ran a Veritas ‘scan’ command and can see all of the device details, configured within NetBackup and all ...

h_m by Level 6
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Resolved! new to NetBackup, have question.

We have just made the move from ARCServe to NetBackup 6.5 I have created 2 backup policies that both have multiple servers.We also have a ADIC storage unit that has 2 drives. I would like to be able to specify that each policy only use one drive.Curr...

HutchMD by Level 3
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DSU vs VTL with NetBackup 6.5.x and OSO

Disk based storage for backups Current Environment: NetBackup 6.0 MP4Master - HPUX 11.i3 Media - HPUX 11.iL700 w/ 10 LTO3 (fiber) direct attached to media serversNDMP Near Future: NetBackup 6.5.xMaster - HPUX Itanium 11.23 +1-2 Media serversDisk base...

dukbtr by Level 4
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2 Hot Catalog Policies

Hello, just wondering, I have 2 data centers, with backups that seem to run 24/7, and I have a hot catalog policy set up that runs only at 1 of them. I been thinking of at least backing up the catalog to the other data center once a week, in case of ...

Managing Disaster Recovery file.

Hi,Im new to both Netbackup and Linux so I thought that someone must have done this before. Running SLES9 and Netbackup 6.5.1 What Im looking for is a solution to send the Disaster Recovery file out of the masterserver to another server and delete DR...

netbackup 6.5 for vmware

Hi, I have a question about netbackup for vmware solution, I setup the linux virtual machine, but I can not backup the image, could you anybody can share the setup guide how to config the netbackup server to backup the linux virtual machine, have it ...

luka by Not applicable
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SAP Data restoration in the different client

I am using windows 2003 Netbackup 6.0 master server. i have  SUN solaris 10  with SAP (orcale10G) client.I want to redirect the data restoration on different client. i am using the brrestore command, but it was completed the restoration with error 5....

NETBACKUP Segmentation fault after install NB_60_5_M

Dear All, After installed NB_60_5_M, I got the following errors when restart the deamons: # /usr/openv/netbackup/bin/goodies/netbackup startNetBackup Database Server started.NetBackup Notification Service started.NetBackup Enterprise Media Manager st...

Upgrade and hardware migration

I will be upgrading from 6.0 mp3 to 6.5. I will also changing from a Master and a Media server to just a Master/Media.  The reason behind this is my Master server is quite old and the Media server is fairly new with a lot of horsepower. Any recommend...