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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Error during Phase 2 Import

Hello to all, I am using NBU 6.5.1 on a master server and I am trying to import media from a 5.0 master server but I get some erros and the process does not finish. The platform is Solaris 9 Sparc. I get the following errors on the administration con...

fblanco by Not applicable
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Unknown media servers appear in restore log

Actually I don't have any restore problems, but there is something in restore log that bugs me.Here is an excerpt from restore log: 12:39:59.412 [13532] <2> restorefiles: Restoring from image = client_1216080872 (browse_client = beesql-web, requestin...

VCB and san lun

Harlow i am planning to startup an installation of vcb and integrate with nbu 6.5.2.  As the environment is small and i have sufficient disk spaces. Therefore, my priority is to optimise the backup performance.   There are 4 virtual machines (vm). i ...

ekay by Level 2
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Licensing Question for Netbackup on HP-UX

Hi, I have two rx6600 running HP-UX 11i ver 3 clustered with oracle, both of the servers are connected to SAN storage and one of the server are hooked up to 10 slots autoloader. May i know what is the appropriate license to purchase for my case? Plea...

mark0411 by Not applicable
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Duplication 1 drive

Hi there 2 questions about duplication: Is possible to duplicate a set of images in a volume group with only ONE drive? Or should I have to duplicate to disk and then another duplication to another tapes? If this is possible, how can I automate this ...

DSSU - HowTo configure Job Size

NBU 6.0MP6 on Windoze 2003 SP1 When my DSSU's reach the full state or when the schedule kicks off a number of jobs show up in the queue. These jobs all have various ammounts of data, and I am trying to figure out if I can define how much each can hav...

slevans by Level 4
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Creating SRT Error Message

I am currently in the process of setting up Bare Metal Restore on our Netbackup 6.0 MP4 systems. I have installed the Boot Server Assistant on the server that will be the Boot Server. I have started to create the SRT that will be used with our WIndow...

ConnyS by Level 3
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Server independent Restores

When restoring from a server independent restore, I recieve an error message stating "Unable to determine encryption version on client xxxxxx" . Is this because when I do a restore, it must be the same client name?

daren755 by Not applicable
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Resolved! Online Catalog Backups failing with status 2 and 25

My online catalog backups now fail with this message 12/08/2008 17:00:42 - requesting resource tedc-xn-nbm01.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS12/08/2008 17:00:42 - granted resource tedc-xn-nbm01.NBU_CATALOG.MAXJOBS12/08/2008 17:00:42 - begin Parent Job12/08/2008 1...

dami by Level 5
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Resolved! NBU_Catalog backup using 2 tapes

All of a sudden my catalog backup is using two tapes.The parent job starts the two child objects.  The first job completes in under 1 minute.  The second job loads another tape and completes in just over 5 minutes.  Up until the 5th of this month the...

wcs by Level 3
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Strange Retry behaviour on bpbackup 6.5.1

Hi, HP-UX 11.11 MasterVarious client OS's      Since we upgraded from 5.1MP2 to 6.5.1 over the weekend we are seeing strange behaviour when client backups sporadically fail with status 26. (We are investigating why we are getting these. We didnt get ...


Ok I know this is fairly simple but I am looking for some validation. I know all services in NBU can run under local system. But... what permissions are needed to backup system state and exchange and SQL? Does the login account have to be in local op...

How to Define CD-RW Device as Storage device?

Hi All, I have the version 5.0 of Netbackup and i must manage backup storage in my company. Now, I want to know how I can define DVD/CD-RW Device of the master server as storage device. When I try to configure the storage device with the netbackup ad...

Netbackup DSSU Error

I've inherited a Netbackup system from someone who didn't believe in documentation or recording configuration changes, and I am having a MAJOR pain with it. Here's the config; Netbackup 6.0 MP6, LTO3 tape drive, appropriate clients on all servers. Th...

moldor by Level 2
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The physical end of the tape has been reached

My backup jobs have failed.. It appears that I have reached the end of physical tape, and now I am wondering what the best course of action is. I am using netbackup 6.5. In the job details of the activity monitor I am receiving a error 252. Under the...

LooseHip by Not applicable
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code 191 on vault policy

I am getting a Code 191 on the Vault run with Media manager killed by signal as part of the error message.  Duplication is turned on in the vaulting set up.  If anyone has an idea what may be causing this, I'd appreciate a response.  Thanks.

dafrancis by Not applicable
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Netbackup 5.1MP4 Drive staying down

Hello, I am having some issues with my drives on one of my media servers staying down.  I recently had to rebuild the drives using the wizard.  It found two of the drives and they are working correctly.  The other three are down.  When I do scan.exe,...

Jason_NB by Not applicable
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New Netbackup for hp-ux 11.23

We just upgraded our netbackup to 6.5.1 in our hp-ux 11.23 servers. Compared with previous version it has nbclient installed for system start up and shut down. It shows it runs nbftcht, which checks the SAN of the system. But I can not find the proce...

Tingli by Level 2
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Compressed Data

I'm running Netbackup 6.5.2A on SLES 10 with OES2. My data in on NSS volumes with compression enabled. Netbackup decompresses the data during the backups. I can't figure out why. Any ideas?