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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Migrating Servers

We currently run NetBackup 5.1 on Solaris 10.  We're looking to upgrade to 6.5, and switch hardware to Linux (SUSE).What's our best upgrade path?  Should we upgrade our older Solaris server to 6.5 first, then migrate to our new Linux box?  Or is ther...


Hi, In our environment we are using a dedicated 1GB backup lan and we are using IBM LTO2, LTO3 tape drives. While taking the backups for some wintel clients the tape drives are writing with very less speed like below 1mb/sec. Any one could you please...

PARDHU by Level 2
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License for SAN Media Server

Hi all,We have one NetBackup Master server on windows with Netbackup V 5.1 MP5 and HP MSL6060 Tape Library (with 4-LTO3 Drives) Now we need to configure AIX 5.3 4 LPAR's as a SAN Media Servers by using existing master server and tape library. the cri...

DanielG by Not applicable
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Migrated from 5.1 to 6.5 using different servers...

Hi,         I want to know someone's opinion on this, we have migrated from an old Solaris 9 Server with NBU 5.1 to a new box Solaris 10 6.5, we didnt perform the upgrade because is huge environment and even Symantec strugle with this without a succe...

Resolved! NetBackup and Monthly backups...

A question to all the NetBackup Gurus.... I want to schedule a policy with only monthly backups on it.  I want it to run on the last Friday, Saturday and Sunday of every month.  Am I correct in assuming that if I just select the last Friday of the mo...

Consolidating 2 masters and 2 media servers

We currently have 2 Netbackup servers.  Each one is a master/media server.  The plan is to remove one of them as a master so we can have 1 master server and 2 media servers.  One is running NBU 6.0 MP4 and the other is NBU 6.0 MP2, and both are on Wi...

DTReg by Not applicable
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Support for Dell LTO4 tape library (ML6000)

We've got a Dell LTO4 ML6000.  It contains two fiber tape drives.  According to my tape library GUI, they are "IBM ULTRIUM-TD4".  I can't find that exact model number on the support matrix.  We're looking to check support for NetBackup 5.1 and Netbac...

Exclude list

Hi, I have few new windows clients added to Netbackup.Now i need to exclude few files for these new clients.Instead excluding it from GUI i want to do through command line. i have kept all the exclude file list in a file called can i add ...

IBM 3494 Library support

Hi,according to the "Veritas NetBackup Enterprise Server and Server 6.0 Hardware Compatibility Lists"  only SCSI-Interfaces are supported for the Robotic of the IBM 3494 tape library. Does somebody knows, if Ethernet is also supported? ThanksH. Urwer

HU by Not applicable
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SAN MEDIA SERVER Configration On 4LPAR aix mechine

hi all, Can you pls suggest, how to configure SAN Media server on AIX 5.3 ( 4 LAPR). We have a master with windows 2003, 10 san media servers ( windows) witha Tape library MSL 6060.With four LTO 3 drives. Now we got a request to install the san media...

EOM and stat 87

   IIN MY NBU6.0MP4, all tape cant reach the FULL state.   when the tape cant be written because of the no space, the NBU give the error code like this: 2008-3-21 0:48:39 - positioned D127L3; position time: 00:02:322008-3-21 0:48:39 - begin writing20...

lamp_box by Level 3
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Question on 2 jobs with different retention but same backup window

I'm trying to configure a backup with 2 different retention period. Weekly and Monthly. Weekly means last Friday of Week. And Monthly means last Friday of Month. My intention is that monthly backup should precede weekly if both jobs are scheduled to ...

Puffy by Level 6
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