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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Replacing Master Server

My Netbackup 6.0 Master server is 5 years old, I'm looking to replace it and wondering about best practice. Is there a documented migration procedure for this, googling didn't seem to find much. So far I'm thinking of something like:1. Install new se...

d_bergen by Level 4
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Commands for solaris

I would like to know the path where to find bpmedialist command.And comman commands to handle netbackup on Solaris Platform.

Can My Lto3 tape be filled up to 1.6T a tape?

I have check the media with the available_media script, buti am really confused with my result:there are some parts of what i getted: media   media        robot   robot       robot      side/         ret      size                  statusID          t...

lamp_box by Level 3
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Definations and usage

I would like to know about frozen tapes and what reason.Even multiplexed tape.  Message Edited by Hemant on 01-31-2008 01:23 AM

How to get Old backup report

Hi, I want to get the old backup report eg:2 months back.Whats the command to generate old backup report?bpdbjobs didnt help Any help? Thanks,P.Rajeswari

After restore of media server unable to login to domain

Hi all,i need some help on this. I have setup 4 machines. 1 as netbackup master server, 1 as doman controller, 1 as 32bit windows media server and another as windows 64bit media server. All 4 machines were in the same domain. After a full system back...

corona by Level 3
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Redirected Restore Not Working

Hi all,Trying to restore data from a decommissioned windows client to a different active client (Netbackup 6.0MP5).  I've set up as follows:1. added touch file no.restrictions on the master server2. changed the hostname of the active client to the de...

FlashBackup (Raw Partition) Restore

We are using NetBackup 6.0 MP5 for Windows... The manual specifies that doing a Raw Partition restore to a partition of a different size could have unpredictable results.  I understand this if the partition you are restoring to is smaller than the or...

bpmedialist entries.

current setup:master and media server are the same. Issue:I need to freeze some tapes from the scratch pool.When I runbpmedia –freeze –m <media_id>it says media id not present in the NB or volmgr database. I suppose bpmedia looks up for the tape id i...

DLO 6.1 "Restore to an alternate computer" Question

Hi, I'm using DLO 6.1 in a Windows 2003 environment, and am trying to redirect a restoration to Restore to an alternate computer from the console. The problem is that the "Restore to an alternate computer" option when attempting to restore files is g...

Merge Catalogs

Hi All, I am already aware I need to get Symantec Consulting if I need to merge the catalogs and have it supported... But we have three decommisioned master servers all NB6.5 and all with catalogs of about 10gig on each. Al the clients have already b...

Sturt by Not applicable
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Job Status

Hi, I am having NetBackup master server and 6 media servers all of them are on windows environment. I want to find only the status of the last executed backup job. Can anyone help me out with the command for the same. Thanks in advance RegardsP.C.

can we used DSU (Disk staging Unit) via select storage pool

Dear all, I used Netbackup 6.0 MP4 and need to setup DSU (Disk staging unit) for faster backup data. I found some previous message that DSU can be used in multiple policy  So i need to make sure DSU can use with multiple storage pool.  and in each st...

Linux Client closes connection right away

Hey Fellas, I just installed a linux client and in verifying the install I get this from the server to the client:telnet forums bpcdTrying to ( character is '^]'.Connection closed ...

Error: Allocation Failed

System is Netbackup 6.0 When trying to do a restore through the Backup,Archive, and Restore gui. I am getting error messageERROR: valid archive image produced, but no files deleted dur to non-fatal problems.  And at different times I get Allocation F...

performance issue --- transfer rate dropped down not cames back

Hi all, I recently got involved in a backup requirement for 20TB data from one unix client in 40 hours, I tried to split each job around 30G or 80G, and I got handreds jobs to run. my network band width is about 2 GB and I don't know the disk transfe...

redfox by Level 3
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Netbackup GUI Interface

HiI have installed the java gui on a new windows XP machine, with SP2.I have installed the 5.1 java and then the mp6 pack on top.When I try to start the gui, the command window opens, and then it just sits at the dos prompt, nothing happens.Does anyb...

Recovery without import

Hi,I have to do one import for one domain with veritas netbackup 5.0 to other domain with 6.0 mp5. I'm reading one post in archived forum to do this, but i don't know if it's posible.I know that i have the option to import all my medias in my 6.0 dom...

VSP Cache Files - doing something weird

Hi Guys,I use VSP to snapshot my client backups and for the past few days one client has a cache file left on one of its volumes, which is not unusual. I've dealt with these before and know how to delete them etc and know that AV exclusions need to b...