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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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How to identify size of folder or file selected for restore

I'm using NetBackup Backup, Archive and Restore 5.1. I'm trying to understand how to identify the size of a folder or file that is marked for restore before executing the restore. I've currently had an issue where a folder was restored which exceeded...

Download ICS and NOM CDs?

Hi,I'm new to my organization and the last System Admin only had the Netbackup download, no media.I was trying to setup a NOM server, but Symantec said I needed the Infrastructure Core Services CD and the NOM CDs.Can I download them from somewhere, l...

still waiting for ZFS status

hi all,what is the support situation of ZFS filesystem with netbackup?can we assume backing up a zfs filesystem with Netbackup is supported like it is for ufs/vxfs..?Has  anyone got experience on puting  the netbackup catalog on zfs to take advantage...

Selim by Level 2
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does vault eject wait on Duplication?

6.5 Windows 2003 Master,Media Servers  AIX 5.3 DSSU media Server   I am researching moving the duplication from the DSSU staging schedule to the vault duplication. There is a tab that you can uncheck 'skip duplication step' and configure your duplica...

NOM 6.0 issues

I setup a NOM 6.0 MP5 server, Windows 2003 SP2. I am only seeing some of the information in the NOM web console.  The only thing I see are my drives and media.  I see no jobs, alerts, services etc.  My master server is shown as partially online.  I f...

ctate by Level 4
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DLO Maintenance service - unattended install

Hi,How do I do a scripted unattended installation of DLO's (6.1 MP2) maintenance service?the "setup.exe" & "Symantec NetBackup DLO.msi" do reveal their options.Also the setup.exe will not run if the host does not meet the requirements for the DLO adm...

FraserS by Level 2
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Flashbackup Restores

Background info:Master/Media Server:Windows 2003 SP2Netbackup 6.0 MP4Client:Windows 2003 SP1Netbackup 6.0 MP4I've started testing with Flashbackups as we are backing up 560GB on a 680GB drive of typical user data (mainly Office documents) Previous to...

Restore single image and backup image to specific tape

I am restoring a single image from a scratch tape which had multiple images.  The scratch tape was imported and appears to be intact and the restore process appears to be working.  The image contains data only and is being restored to a windows serve...

jamison by Level 3
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Handheld Scanner?

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a 3rd-party (or built-in, but I doubt it) suite that would help manage offsite tapes. We have a set of 1200 tapes in a pool.  To make it simple, each weekend the fulls run, they go offsite for 3 months but expire afte...

Media Sharing in NetBackup & Encryption – NetBackup 6.5

Hello guys,With the new change on NetBackup 6.5 regarding the sharing of medias between Media Servers can you guys explain to me a couple of things:Firsts, what happen if we have a mix environment? Those media servers on version 6.0 would still own t...

NBCC Assistance

I am working on the nbcc results and I have a list of media that belong to media servers that are no longer in production.  The media servers were simply powered off a couple of years ago and that's all that was done.  The data wasn't migrated to new...

NOM 6.5 loosing connection to Master Server

We just upgraded to 6.5 from 6.0 MP5. The NOM box is on a seperate server and first off, it does seem the web interface runs faster, however every morning the NOM box has indicated that the master server is offline or partially offline, when the mast...

Kev_J by Level 2
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Backups not starting

Running Netbackup v6 on Solaris.  When we kick off a manual backup, the job doesn’t start nor does it even appear in the activity monitor for up to 15 minutes.  Backups run fine once it does appear.  Has anyone seen this behaviour before?

Netbackup Upgrade 5.1 mp6 to New Hardware

Greetings, My company wants to upgrade our Netbackup 5.1 mp6 server to new Hardware.  Unfortunately, they will not go for starting with a fresh catalog (our current catalog is around 110 gb).  When restoring the catalog to the newer hardware from tap...

cbruehl by Level 3
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BMR part of NBU6.5?

I am getting ready to test the upgrade from NBU5.1MP6 to NBU6.5 and thought the BMR product was integrated into 6.5.  I can not see the options in the policies to use BMR and wondered if I have to have a license for it?  Is there a cost associated wi...

Bubbwe by Level 2
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Vaulting question

I have a Netbackup 5.1 mp6 windows environment.  I recently installed a parallel Netbackup 6.0 environment.  I am using my old 5.1 master server only to look up tapes for restores.  My robot is no longer connected to the 5.1 master.  I thought I coul...

ctate by Level 4
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New 6.5 AIX Client is not releasing memory

installed last Wednesday. Backs up through a DSSU Media Server. The hobbit monitor tool shows a steady trend upwards on the swap memory. it was flat line before the client install. IS there a possible bug in BPBKAR in 6.5 for AIX ?