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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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Creating a Netbackup environment only for Legacy backup

Hi Everyone,I am implementing a Netbackup environment for our client which will host  legacy backup of the client data.All longer retention data will be added to Netbackup enviromrnt using image import and it will be used only for restores in the res...

Protect your Nutanix AHV data using NetBackup

Veritas NetBackup now lets you back up and restore Nutanix AHV virtual machines. You can use the Nutanix AHV plug-in for NetBackup to back up and restore AHV virtual machines.The following diagram gives an overview of the components in NetBackup and ...

KedarK by Level 2
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Understanding Perpetual Licensing

Hello,I am quite new to perpetual licensing model of Netbackup. We are going to purchase below license for backing up data of 57TB(57 licenses) NETBACKUP PLATFORM BASE COMPLETE ED XPLAT 1 FRONT END TB ONPREMISE STANDARD PERPETUAL LICENSE QTY 51 to 15...

Resolved! Moving Existing NBU Jobs to SLP

Hello!  Quick question about NBU SLP:I have MANY backup jobs / policies configured for non-SLP fixed retention to disk.  I have full backups of all the data to disk storage and nightly incrementals that have been running for two weeks.  I want to ena...

NetBackup error code 96

HI everybody,I'm using Netbackup 8.0. It's about a week that I have error 96 on my policies that backup the data straight on the tape.since last week the error 96 appeared. I have checked everything but I couldn't find any reason for the error. The e...

MP4 for NBU 6.0

Hi, I'm installing NBU 6.0 after a disaster and I need the MP4 (mantenence relece 4). Anyone knows where I can download it or where I can get it.

Accelerator for a VMWare Backup Policy with AIR

Hello Experts,I am using NBU 7.7.3.I have a VMWare policy querying a cluster for an annotation to backup some clients.This policy has 4 schedules. Each Schedule has override policy storage selection checked with a corresponding AIR (Automated Image R...

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Restore Exchange failed error 2810 and 5.

Hi Team,We are trying to perform a granular level restore of few mailboxes in our environment but we are running into the below error and we are not able to recover all the mail items but the mailbox gets populated with some objects. Also the recover...

Re: License information for netbackup

Hello Guys,My Linux client version is REDHAT Enterprise Linux 7.4 Kernel 3.10Which NBU client version is compatable for this Linux hardware. my master server is 7.7 and i am looking for the client software.

SLP not duplicating

Hi.So we got a problem with our SLP doing duplications.We are currently running Netbackup 7.6.1, one masterserver, and 3 media servers. Windows 2008 R2We are running all duplications to tape, a dell TL4000.We run 7 different SLP's where 2 of these du...

Missing history in backup archive and restore including CLI

Hello,After changing slp policies to expire after copy our backup history is only available for the last month or so.I think this it could be due to an issue as explained in ===> some kind...

unkn0wnn by Level 4
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Shadow Copy with a MS-Windows policy disk space

Hi everyone,Yesterday we had a problem with a windows virtual machine. The technical support about this machine called to our group to say that they had a problem with disk space by VSS (Volume shadow copy service).Yesterday I checked the backup (MS-...

Arturo_Lopez by Level 5
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Data encription

Hello All,We are using Netbackup Version 7.7.2 with windows 2012 Master and Media Server. Does the Netbackup perform encripted backup by default. ?. Do we have to manually enable the backup encription for each policy. Please advise ?. Thanks,rova

OpsCenter Server AD account change

Greetings,I currently am running Veritas NetBackup OpsCenter server 8.0 on Windows 2008R2 with Microsoft AD authentication.  The original configuration was setup by using the procedure outlined in the administrator's guide and there has been no issue...

The Impact of Hyperconverged Infrastructures on IT

The emergence of hyperconverged infrastructures (HCI) over the last five years has coincided with IT teams needing greater simplicity in supporting specific workloads while providing appropriate levels of processing and storage performance and capaci...

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Resolved! Backup failed with error code - 86 on hyper-V media server

Hi,Setup Details:Master server : Windows 2012NetBackup Version : 7.7.2Tape library : Dell Powervault TL2000( 2 IBM LTO6 tape drives)Media server :  8 Windows media servers share the 2 tape drives ( 6 physical Media servers and 2 Hyper-V Media servers...

best way to transfer NBU directories

in a few days, i'm getting a bigger (hooray!) hd for my backup the current setup, i have "/NBU" xfs filesystem where catalogs and backup images go (i presume coz that partition goes smaller when there are backups running). the size is 9TB a...

manatee by Level 6
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restore from disk fluctuating speed

i have an RMAN restore going on since last night. fortunately the requirements are still on disk as duplication hasn't started yet. however, i noticed that the restore speed fluctuates. it was at 45KBps a few while ago and now it drops to 15KBps. but...

manatee by Level 6
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