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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Resolved! migrating from networker to netbackup

Hi, I will shortly need to move a lot of data (hundreds of teras on many sites) from medias backup-ed with another backup software to netbackup.I was wondering if anyone might know of companies which specialize in such tasks (It would require many re...

password reset..

Hi all!!can any body help me out for resetting the command central service password . I tried a lot of time but invain, Is it because the account is locked up due to multiple tries ?I am selecting the correct options at the login page . But i am damm...

Bug_2 by Level 2
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NetBackup Design Strategy - (resources)

I need some advice about designing the best backup solution.  Our current environment:SAN: HP EVA5000 (recently upgraded to 24TB total storage; 8TB used, data spans 19 LUNs size varies between 200-530GB); Brocade FC SAN switches7 servers (1 master/me...

SQL Restore to remote host

Hi, I have issues with SQL remote restore. I follow SQL restore instructions profided my Veritas and I received folowing errors: In restore status window:INF - Created VDI object for SQL Server instance <server name>. Connection timeout is <300> seco...

gethostbyname failed -- no data of the r (0)

Hello I am curious if anyone may tell me what this error I see in my NB 5.1 bpcd log means?  i don't believe I have come across it before.>bpcd valid_server: comparing server1 and server206:43:57.514 [5104.4080] <2> hosts_equal: gethostbyname failed ...

1PSS by Level 3
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new Linux client - 25 cannot connect on socket

hi,we have win. 2000 master server in which we want to add a linux RHEL 4 client. am not tech-say in linux env. but the linux people installed NB6.0 in the client box. but we are not able to connect the linux box from the master server. added the hos...

Ryan_2 by Level 3
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NDMP + Catalog Size?

Hello All, Thx in advance for any help.SITE SPECS:HP-UX 11.iNetbackup 5.1 (no MP's)1 master/media + 5 media servers - all HP-UXNAS = EMC Cellera - NDMPMaster server is NDMP Host using 1 LTO1 and 1 LTO3THE QUESTION:How does NB record the NDMP backup m...

dukbtr by Level 4
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Checkpoints question

I recently began using checkpoints for a couple of our larger, more troublesome backup policies.  One in particular is about 2TB of data total.  We do a full backup on the weekends and cumulative incrementals during the week.  Last weekend, the backu...

No MBR when restoring to same machine

I am doing a BMR test restore. I installed windows 2003 Standard edition on a dell 2950 server, then installed veritas netbackup 6.0 mp4. The backup completed fine. I then tried a BMR to the same server following steps as listed in the documentation,...

A socket could not be opened

I am using Netbackup Ver. 6.0 MP4.I have a Master and Media server both on Windows and a client on SUSE 9.3.The SUSE client was backing up successfully untill I migrated the VM that it runs under.At that point the backups failed with a Status code 21...

Backup status report.

Hello All,  Can someone help me with following? I run# bperror -backstat -Uand I get fields like client name, policy name truncated. How can I increase column width? Then I tried using# bperror -backstat -lIt gives me everything I need but time is in...

Writing multiple policy's backups to the same drive

We have 5 backups that take place each night, which are staggered to start at 3 different times (need to wait for the RMAN to complete, so if there was a way to do this on one policy i would be even happier!).  These jobs are writing to an robot with...


Not sure if everyone has seen this or not, but skip searching for your MP, etc downloads and get them here:

NBU 4.5 MP6 upgrade to NBU 6.0

Hi, IHAC on NBU 4.5 MP6 and planning for an upgrade to NBU 6.0. I believe this requires a hop at V 5.0 or V 5.1.Can someone please confirm this and also is there a TN describing step by step guide to this process. Cheers.

KVS02 by Level 4
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Backup_Exit_Notify.CMD and Status 1 errors

I've played with backup_exit_notify and it is now telling when I get a status 1 error.  I was curious if anyone had a way for it to include what files were skipped when it gives a status 1 error.  we have worded it into our Sarb-Ox documents that we ...

Migrating proprietary backups to netbackup

Hi everybody, My company is about to migrate a very large amount of data, on several sites, which was backed-up with an in-house application to netbackup. The naive migration solution would be to use our application to restore the data and then to ba...