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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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How to duplicated images to anohter appliance and then delete them.

Hi guys,I need to remove one storage shelf and take it to remote appliance, before that I need to duplicate all images to another applinace and them expire or delete those images in order to perform a factory reset.To duplicate all images I`m using t...

AndresV by VIP
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SQL Server alternate restore failing on trxlog

 Hi folks,I'm having a slight issue trying to run an alternate restore from one SQL Server environment to another, but only on the transaction logs. It'll restore the full and differential backup fine but fails with 'They system cannot find the file ...

Backup Oracle Failed

Hi Everyone,Today, I have configure Netbackup for Oracle but I have issueThis is my step config Oracle:Step 1: I create link Oracle with Netbackup [root@DC-DOCDB01 ~]# su - oracle Last login: Mon Jan 29 15:02:10 ICT 2018 from on pts/1 [...

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Resolved! Deduplication pool

We have a master server and 3 media server in our enviornment all windows based.All media servers have a msdp configured (pure disk). On one of the pools we are running out of space.Can we increase the space of the pool ?How can we check if cleaning ...

Resolved! BasicDisk going down / up every few minutes

Hey Kids! Old guy here with an *old* system on its last legs that's causing me a little grief before it's shown the door permanently & me being me I just want to get to the bottom of it before our final farewells.Master / Media server Solaris 9NetBac...

Directory where .img files are kept

Hi, We have netbackup version 8 with few RedHat media servers MSDP storage for backups. Running duplication and image verification but job is failing with error 83. Detailed bpdm log shows that it cannot find the .img files. Where does .img files are...

Amaan by Level 6
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Duplication to tape using SLP is runing very slow

Hi All,We have SLP used in backup which has duplication to tape operation once backup completed. Problem is duplication to tape is running very slow causing SLP backlog to increase. I have increase the buffer setting on media servers but no much impr...

CLI commands for specific backup information

Hello,First I apologize if this theme was already discussed, but I did not found anything was helped me.I am trying to find out CLI command which would give me for <client>:1. jobid's -jobs which already finished, failed, completed etc with status co...

JARKUS by Level 2
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Partial Catalog Recovery Process

Hello,I am at a confused state based on the below scenario:got an all disk(appliance based 773) environment replicating to another master server at the DR another master which is an appliance which runs 100% tapes and nothing to disk except ...

VTL tapes are not expired on data domain

Hello,We have netbackup 7.1 which is connected to Data domain with VTL configuration. Tapes are not expiring after the retention and due to that Data domain is not able to receover the space after cleaning process.Last week we did quick erase of scra...

Error code 800

Hi ,I encouter the problem when run schedule backup , the error code 800, but i check the current backukp policy , it shows that three backup policy, one of them error code 800 without data backup, others backup successfully.  

NetBackup Status 14 for Linux client backup

We have an issue with agent base Linux machine backup. The backup seems to work and transfer data but the job would fail with status 14. Below is the job logs:25/01/2018 7:50:53 AM - Info nbjm (pid=4604) starting backup job (jobid=2945070) for client...

Kayhan by Level 2
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Unable to add credential on (New Virtual Machine Server)

Hi All, In My test environment, I encountered this issue while trying to add credential on NEW VIRTUAL MACHINE SERVER, on netbackup master GUI. (VMWARE CREDENTIAL VALIDATION FAILED, CLIENT HOSTNAME COULD NOT BE FOUND) (48) ,please see below the isola...

mark25 by Level 4
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Resolved! More media server on netbackup

I have a questions. I have 6 physical server with HBA Emulex connected to Tape Libarary have 1 tape drive. On 6 Servers i install media agent. May i add 6 media server on Netbackup for backup every client. I have license san client, but i reading doc...

Resolved! File Read Failed (13)

Master, Media, Client all - 7.6.04 - Windows 2008R2Using - multiple data streams 7 shares all successful except 1 - (Home)  error's out everytime with file read error (13). I created a separate policy with only that 1 share... same error. Enabled log...

emdlove by Level 4
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Resolved! Media upgrade to 8.0--space issues

We recently upgraded our NB Master Servers (Unix/Linux) to 8.0 without a hitch. We're starting our Media Server upgrades soon. The Media server I am testing with is also Unix / Linux. I was attempting to get some prework out of the way when I ran int...

DoubleP by Level 5
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