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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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bpcd logs

 Hi all,On the master server, bpcd logs are zero-lengthHow to configure the information to be included in the logs?Andrii

MSDP Configuration failed with login credential issue

We have NBU 8.2 clustered master server on windwos 2016rhel 7.9 as new media server which we want to setup for MSDP with local 5tb storageits been almost month i believe MSDP is not getting configuredWe are getting error of "login credentials verific...

VP8999 by Level 1
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Resolved! Unable to delete VRTSpbx log files

My sysadmin alerted me about space usage on one of our RHEL 7 based oracle servers. The logs for VRTSpbx were using 1.3 GB and files go all the way back till June 2021 (probably when the server was provisioned). The default log location /opt/VRTSpbx/...

X2 by Moderator
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Netbackup BYO Instant Access

My current config:Netbackup version: OS:  Redhat 8.5Media Server OS:  Redhat 8.5I'm trying to test Netbackup Instant Access in a lab setup and am getting an error.The activity log is showing:Dec 15, 2021 8:51:40 AM - Error NBWMC (pid=1...

Resolved! List Images from Backup

Is there a command to list the images created from a specific backup schedule?  I ran a SQL backup and want to list only the images for the last Monthly-Full schedule.  I see the bpimagelist command and can get a list by policy for a date/time range,...

Netbackup-Servicenow integration to fetch backup logs

Hi All,Our netbackup app is running at 9.0 version. Currently there are some scheduled jobs configured in Servicenow to fetch all the backup logs from veritas netbackup to SNOW.Servicenow team is looking to remove the scheduled jobs overhead at their...

Megha2 by Level 2
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Resolved! Verifying Images - How many should you submit at a time

Is there a limit to the number of image verifications you should run at any one time?  I have a SQL Server backup that generates almost 200 images.  I want to verify them and then, if successful, duplicate them to another media server.I'm running Net...

[NETBACKUP 8.2] Restore physical server

Hello,We have on one side VERITAS NETBACKUP 8.2 and on the other VERITAS SYSTEM RECOVERY 16 and 21.We need to restore a physical server with a backup done by NETBACKUP (Policy Type : MS-Windows) however it's, apparently, an absolute nightmare : https...

Virtuel machine backup Failed with 13 code

Hello  We face a problem with backup of virtuel machine that faild with error code 13, below the log :***********Dec 9, 2021 1:06:56 PM - Info nbjm (pid=12676) starting backup job (jobid=5495074) for client EMSW1205, policy PO_emfr01_Vm_prd_tag_EMCE1...

slomix6 by Level 3
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Failed to install Netbackup 9.1 master server

How to solve below problem ?+ 12-08-2021,18:51:13 : Failed to start service NetBackup Audit Manager with error 1068.+ 12-08-2021,18:51:13 : Could not start NetBackup Audit Manager service. Returning with error.+ 12-08-2021,18:51:13 : Action ended 18:...

msdp image sharing not showing import option

Hello,I have recently setup MSDP image sharing but on the Cloud Recovery Server Disk Pool it is not showing option to import the catalog/backups.Getting below error while browsing the disk pool.Cannot find any specific issues in the logs.


Removing OLD Expired scratch tapes from netbackup

Hellowe are on Netbackup 8.2 Redhat linux environment.. Using LT07 tapes now a days..  One server as both master/media.I have a bunch (over 200) of old LT05 tapes in our netbackup system that are scratched and not assigned...They will be destoryed ev...

bc1410 by Level 5
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failed trying to exec a command (29)

Hi,I have got SAP backup failure ending with error code 29. Could you please help me on this issue? Both the master & client server are in Linux platform with same NBU version (8.1.2)Regards,Radheesh 

Unable to migrate to 9.1 version

Hello,I have the following error when I try to run ./install (to do a migration to 9.1):not ok java_key_store: Missing the following jks files. Regenerate web service certificates.- /openv/var/global/vxss/tomcatcreds/nbwebservice.jksThis test runs wh...

oolmedo by Level 4
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Netbackup API: Pagination

Currently we are fetching the Backup logs via Netbackup REST API to Servicenow. This has page limit set as 100.  There are 6 scheduled jobs running, for a master server, in Servicenow to fetch its data.Servicenow team wants to reduce the frequency of...

Megha2 by Level 2
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