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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Moderator
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The discrepancy in "file counts" between replicated backup job

Hi,We have 2 Netbackup instances, one is at the primary site, and another is at the DR site. And, the primary instance replicates all the backups to the DR instance every day.And our backup system's auditor yesterday noticed that, even for the backup...

VM replication discrepancy.png

Resolved! About using "contains" in netbackup api

Hello,I want to pull data with contains filter in /config/policies/ in netbackup api. but I am getting the following error. can you help me? { "errorCode": 9401, "errorMessage": "The OData filter criteria is invalid.", "attributeErrors": {}, "fil...

Duplication: nbstlutil report numbers

Hello,I would like to ask you or better clarify command "nbstlutil report". What exactly is considered in the number of copies? Only "images to be duplicated" or  "images to be duplicated together with images that are already duplicated and waiting e...

bpduplicate help.

We are moving to a colo and I need to get off of our physical tape library before the move. To do that, I need to get our offsite data to another storage unit in the cloud. I was going to use bpduplicate but I'm getting confused. With what understand...

Permissions to Call Netbackup Schedule from bpbackup.exe tool

I was testing calling Netbackup schedules via the bpbackup.exe tool. I noticed that on a system with the agent installed I could call a scheduled assigned to that system from:The local SYSTEM accountAny admin user on the system (Domain or local user)...

shocko by Level 4
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Where can I find the latest version of the unix/linux client install scripts/bundles for NBU9.1.0.1?  Mine are dated Aug 2021. I'm looking for new AlmaLinux 9.1 support, as one of my admins noted start/stop scripts in the root directory (rcN.d direct...

nholtz by Level 3
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Duplication: Second Copies not expiring

Hello,I would like to ask you for a hint with SLP and duplication. On my environment, there are many images (only second copies, the first copies are gone already) that should have been expired days/weeks ago but nothing has happend actually.Example ...

Robotic library is down on server, Media server

SCENARIO - Backup to tape job went into Queued status after the replacement of new tape drive hardware, with error “robotic library is down”, but on all 3 NBU media servers, the robot status is up. Status Output02/14/2023 09:12:36 - Info nbjm (pid=33...

fauzan_heritage_0-1676431092347.png fauzan_heritage_1-1676431092353.png fauzan_heritage_2-1676431092359.png fauzan_heritage_3-1676431092362.png

Deduplication Engine not starting

Hi, All I am facing a problem, Following is the output of bpup /f /v, I have also attached the file with screenshot:C:\Program Files\Veritas\NetBackup\bin>bpup /f /vNetBackup 8.1.2 -- Startup UtilityStarting services> NetBackup Relational Database Ma...

Shehkh4 by Level 4
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Disk Dedupe is down - Authorization Failed

Please. I have little experience with this system. I have a netbackup 9.1 with a master server and 3 more media servers. One of them with disk dedupe Manager and is accusing disk failure. When doing the analysis I saw that the Dedupe Enginer and Dedu...

Separating backups through 2nd LAN

Hi,Currently we have all the backups going through LAN1 (PROD). We want to make separatation so that backups/restores use LAN2 (BCK LAN) when possible, as we have some clients/DBs that would still need to be backed up through LAN1 and due to hardware...

Resolved! CR Queue Processing stopped after restrat MSDP

We have upgraded NetBackup Master and media server (Target replication server) to version 10 , then backup and replication operations failed therefore server was restarted .It seems we have restarted the server during CR process and the spoold servic...

Getting an error while restoring a job

Hi, I am trying to restore a job using Netbackup Administration Console 8.0.In the details section of job, i am getting awaiting resource 006886A pending request has been generated for this resource request.Operator action may be required. Pending ac...

Full filesystems /var/log master netbackup 9.1

Hi all.We have a Netbackup 9.1 master server that has the filesystems (/var/log/) full. The files that occupy more are:core.usr!openv!openv!netb.xxxxmessages-xxxxxxCan I delete these files or is there a netbackup application that does a controlled lo...

Elangel by Level 3
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Resolved! "Manual AIR" (cmd-line) from BYO MSDP to Flex MSDP... anyone?

AIR between BYO mediaserver attached to Flex primaryserver -> FlexAppliance 2.1.3/NBU  Trying to "initiate manual" AIR, as Article.100009391, Status 174, 191. Detailed: Target sts server xxxxx does not have an lsu that could be a rep...

DB2 archive backups not starting after master server crash

After master server crashed, some of the DB2 servers are not automatically kicking off..I cannot find any error in the bphdb log. If you restart the DB the backups start archiving again. Is there somewhere I can check for a lock or error or something...

SAP backup Parent stream fails with code 29

SAP backup fails with Info bphdb (pid=27771) done. status: 29: failed trying to exec a command02/07/2023 05:00:16 - end writingfailed trying to exec a command  (29)  [09:45 pm] Barnwal, Subodh KumarBR0232I 248 of 248 files saved by backup utility BR0...

kdilli by Level 2
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