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Subscribe to NBU notifications

In case you are not aware - you can subscribe to NBU notifications over here: Hopefully NBU 9 will be added to the list soon.

Marianne by Level 6
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Copy tapes

I have a customer that has a strange requirement. They would like to use their NBU environment to back up to a VTL. After backups are done, they want to take a separate master server and copy the tapes from the VTL to physical tape. Is there a way to...

Pat by Not applicable
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Netbackup 6.0MP4 - View Licenses

How do you verify licenses on Veritas Netbackup Enterprise 6.0MP4?  I tried to view them via the manual and I do not see a count.  Instead I get a message, see license certificate.   

Symantec drivers for tape library's.

I am trying to remove my HP drivers and install Symantec's version on my LTO Tape library, but I am having difficulty locating these drivers on Symantec's website.  I am hoping this will help with a speed issue that I am currently having during backu...

64 bit linux agent

Hi all,is there any 64 bit linux Netbackup agent? I mean NB client compiled 64 bit for 64 bit platform?We have RedHat EL 4 and Netbackup Enterprise Server 5.1 mp6.I couldn't find any info about. Sorry.Thanks in advance.Andrea

HELP: Converting TapeAlert codes - back to school?

Just read the recent technoteDOCUMENATION: An breakdown of TapeAlert flags to assist with troubleshooting TapeAlert error decided to work out what some recent TapeAlert codes we received when we had s...

Anonymous by Not applicable
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MSSQL2000/Netbackup Ent 5.1Mp4/restore problems

Hi all,I am facing some problems to restore a master db from one MSSQL 2000 server to another (migration). Seems that 1st problem encounter was that the 2 MSSQL must be the same version+ patches, but after solving that I am unable to restore the mast...

fredfty by Not applicable
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How to remove mounted checkpoint files?

When our database HOT BLI BACKUP (using VERITAS NetBackup version 5.1 on HP 11.11) job failed, some of the checkpoint files which were created during the BLI Backup process were not cleaned up and remained active (files were mounted) after the job wa...

Mixing tape types in the same library - best practice?

I am about to upgrade to netbackup 6.0 from 5.1 mp6. Assuming this goes ok, I will then be adding6 sdlt600 tape drives into the library (an L700) The current tape drives are sdlt320.My question is how to best distinguish between the new tapes and the...

DSSU Images not expiring?

Net Backup Enterprise Version 6.0MP4Windows 2003 Enterprise Server I have a 140GB attached storage setup as a DSSU.  The Policy that writes to the DSSU is set to Infinite.  Using the Catalog Report tool, I verified that Copy 1 is on the DSSU and Copy...

Slow SAN attached Fiber backups, please help!

Hey guys, We have recently implemented a HP EVA SAN and we are backing it up to a ESL HP library that has 4 LTO3 drives and is attached via 4gb fiber. We are running Netbackup 6.0 MP4. We are currently snap shotting volumes on our SAN and presenting ...

DSTMEDIAIDoption in bp.conf

I need see which tape my backup is using, and I put this entry in bp.conf:BPDBJOBS_COLDEFS = DSTMEDIAID 15 truebut this commando show me nothing. What´s wrong ?

replacing 6.0mp4 media server running HP-UX

I have an HP-UX media server running 6.0MP4 of netbackup, this host also has my robot TLD1 defined on it and it is the robot control host. I want to replace the hardware with a new HP Itanium server, my plan is to keep the same host name. Do I have t...

Redesigning backup system

We are planning redesign our backup system, currently we are running Netbakcup 5.1 in a single solaris box and we have around 100 backup clients, backup library is IBM Total Storage 3584 which has 6 LTO drives and 113 media slots, total backup volume...

Easy Way to Determine Client Version?

Is there a centralized (easy) way to determine what maintenance pack each client is running?  I started to roll MP6 (Windows), found out web some web servers had issues with MP6, stopped the MP6 rollout, rolled back some of the web servers, and now I...

Restore not informing user that tape is not available.

I have NetBackup Enterprise version 6.0 MP4 installed here on a Linux (RedHat AS4) server attached to a Sun L25 tape library. When I run a restore [as a user] which requires a tape which isn't in the library the restore hangs at the point where it sh...

nmw by Level 3
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'OVLoop: Timestamp' entry in NetBackup logs

Hi.My scenario:* NetBackup 6.0 MP4;* client Win2003 with ShadowCopy to backup;I just applied tips described in Document ID 286954, but actually backups still are very slow from this machine.In client logs, I have these entries (dirs are intentionally...

Requeue jobs if media unavailable

I am using NetBackup 5.1 MP4. Is there any option to requeue a job incase there are no tapes available? I am aware of the option to reque a job incase the storage unit is unavailable. But wanted to know if this is possible even for unavailable tapes.

Netbackup 5.1 exchange restore fail error code 5

Hi,I am trying a restore some exchange2003 public folders using netbackup admin console 5.1.I get the error code 5, closer look at the logs show the following for each item.10:26:11 (26241.001) /Microsoft Exchange Public Folders/VFS Adelaide/Products...